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  1. I have been wanting to add Neon Tetras to my tank for over 1 year, but have always been scared off by all these posts of them savagely eating shrimp. I took a very risky venture. I purchased about $120 more in shrimp and added Neon Tetras. I have been monitoring them for 1 week and they can absolutely care less about the shrimp. So the real test was yesterday. Through a misunderstanding with the breeder I was sent 6 additional CRS. Very small this time and I was a bit afraid. I added them to the tank. As they were falling to the bottom the Neons went right up to it stared at it for a second and went on their way. In my experience I have successfully been able to keep them. I don't have any fry, so I guess we'll see then. I SHOULD NOTE I had a small issue with nematodes on the glass and ever since I added the Neons I have yet to see one. It could be that they have picked on them, not sure. Either way good. They were annoying to see. Just my 2 cents. Since there are a million threads asking this.
  2. I've been itching to add a small school of Neon Tetras to my tank, but my shrimp are important to me and not to mention very expensive. I'm not worried about MAYBE losing a shrimplet here and there because I have a mixed tank. However my main shrimp supplier ships very young shrimp and I am worried that a fish would want to make a meal out of a blue bolt for example. I know there are a lot of threads on this, but they are all opinions. Does anyone have a tank with both? Seen any aggression with the fish and the shrimp? Thanks!
  3. I cringe when I have to do water changes. I feel like my shrimp are the happiest without them. I'm at 15-20% every 2 weeks and I've been successful so far. Before I was doing weekly water changes and that would make them act strange with a death or 2 the following day. Who knows. Meanwhile my reef tank does better and better with constant water changes.
  4. The one on the back left looks like a green jade and the others look like tiger mixes.
  5. Hey guys, I run a mixed tank of bee shrimp and neos. It's a bit hard to keep a good balance of water parameters, but I've had varying success over the past year. I was telling my main breeder I buy from that I have a mixed tank and my pH runs a bit on the lower side at 6.6-6.8 because I use distilled water. He told me my main concern should be GH especially for neos. So I'm at pH 6.7 GH 4 KH 0 Everyone seems to be ok, but I have had 3 deaths over the past month and I'm trying to tighten up these parameters (all other parameters read 0). Keeping in mind that this is a mixed tank what would you think a good medium is? Should I buy Salty Shrimp GH and raise it to about 6-7? Do I buy GH/KH and raise them both a bit? Your thoughts please. Again, remember I'm trying to find middle ground I can't influence this tank completely for neos and kill my bees. Thanks!
  6. Been meaning to share this with the community. A few weeks back I had a fire red shrimp in my tank that I thought was dying. For about 2 days he would be upside down or swimming erratically. I tried to hold it out to see if he would bounce back, but I saw other shrimp start to nip at him and I wanted him to at least go peacefully. So I put him in a small tupperware container with very shallow tank water and put him in my tank supply cabinet overnight. Typically, in the mornings when I check on a dying shrimp they are already dead. Well, this little guy was still alive. Imagine, he was sick, he was in a shallow cold cup of water, and he was still fighting. So I decided to put him back in the tank to see if he would make it. Would you believe that it's been almost 1 month and he is perfectly fine? Lol Lesson learned here is don't give up on these guys. They might surprise you. I'm so curious as to what he was battling that caused this.
  7. I bought 6 and then I thought they were killing my shrimp so I removed them. Turns out it wasn't them. I must have missed one because months and months later I saw one. I couldn't believe it. They will literally eat anything it seems like. I really like them, but they are way too reclusive.
  8. I haven't even found them available online. Where are you planning to buy them from?
  9. I ended up giving them to a friend. I really liked them, but they do not do well with other shrimp. If it's going to be an Amano only tank go for it though. I saw them attacking other shrimp multiple times and my tank is peaceful so they had to go.
  10. Couple they be capable of killing other adult shrimp?
  11. Hi everyone, I have a 5-6 month tank with different species shrimp (bees, cherries, amanos, etc.) in it and I just can't seem to get a grip on die offs. The following is all my water parameters. What can I be doing wrong here? Can lack of oxygen be an issue? They are very still before they die. Underfeeding? I was feeding once every 2-3 days, but now I give a bit each day since theres many shrimp in the tank. My most successful period of time was this last summer where many shrimp were berried and doing so well. Nothing has changed and I just don't get it. 5 gallon Distilled water only ADA Amazonia Aquasoil No plants Filtration- filter floss and Purigen Nitrate- 0 (rarely goes to 0-5) Nitrite- 0 Ammonia- 0 (rarely goes up to 0.25) pH- 6.6-6.8 Kh- 0 Gh- 4-5 TDS- 171 Temperature- 72 ANY suggestions would really help me out here. Thanks everyone
  12. Hey shrimpers, I have a tank with all different species shrimp and recently I added 6 Amanos. They came as 5 adults and 1 juvenile. The adults are the most ruthless shrimp I have ever seen. All my shrimp get along so well and never fight. These guys will fight each other and other shrimp in the tank, if others are in their path they will shove them to the side, take the food for themselves and not let anyone else eat, they escape the main tank and go over into the filtration side and are just altogether insane. I have had some shrimp die and they will swim around the whole tank with the shrimp in it's grips to eat them. Is this normal Amano behavior? What is going on!?
  13. Hey guys, I purchased some TTs a couple months back and they all arrived as adults. Striping wasn't exactly that great, but there was something there. They all over the last few weeks lost their stripes and are just their plain tangerine color. I should note they were berried many times over the summer and recently have stopped for a while. That's when they lost them. Very odd and I couldn't find much info on this. Anyone ever experience this?
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