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    I'll tell you one thing..... I don't like shrimp...... lol jk love them
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  1. I used to use Equilibrium.... I wouldn't recommend it. I now use mk breed blue diamond. It might seem expensive but it lasts a long time. one bottle can make 250 gal of 150 tds water. It also dissolves instantly b/c it is already a liquid.
  2. I'm planing on building a 24x8x8 aquarium out of glass. My question is would i be able to get a away with 1/8 glass or would i need to bump it up to 1/4 glass? Has any one done this before? Is there some sort of glass thickness table that some one could link me. Thanks my shrimp loveing friends
  3. I would recommend mk breed blue diamond b/c that's what I use. Its about 1ml per gal to get a tds of 150. So a 250ml bottle will last ages. Unless you have a really big tank or many small tanks. I would definitely use a liquid mineralzer. It disperses almost instantly. All you need to do is mix it for 2sec.
  4. Wow that's great Btw great website anyone that needs information about shrimp take a look into there articles.
  5. Does anyone have any experience with Tropica substrate. Would you recommend it for CRS. Also, how does it compare to ADA soil. I haven't seen much about Tropica substrates. I would most likely get the powdered type for my nano 8 gal.
  6. Yes, these points are definitely good things to consider Thank you
  7. I am relatively new to buying shrimp online. I have always received my shrimp locally. The problem is that the local shops carry mainly neos and usually only cherries. The purpose of this post is to hear peoples experiences with certain suppliers and to help anyone else with little access to a wide variety of high quality shrimp If you could post a link of the supplier of your choise and describe your experience with them and the quality of there product that would be greatly appreciated
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