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  1. Help me please!!!! I gonna usefor firts time no-planaria in one of my tanks . Its a 55 gallons so how much i have to dose the tank? Im scare to over dose and kill my shrimps . The instructions said 1 spoon per 50 liters so 50 gallons its aroun 189 liter , that's mind i have put 3 spoons the firts day ? And another question i have to take of the carbon from my filter ?
  2. Omg. What a beautiful shrimp great job ... I hope one day i can get there in this hobby
  3. Thanks for all the information Vpier
  4. Hi im intereting in buy your green jade shrimps .i living in windsor ontario canada , you can make the shipping here ?
  5. Hello , i am new here so i dont know how this works . But im looking to buy some shrimps .
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