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  1. Aquarium Creation

    Rare Red Racer Snail Preorder!

    Hey SS! We have a preorder going for these extremely rare red racer snails Vittina Waigiensis! https://www.aquariumcreation.com/products/vittina-waigiensis-red-racer-snail Checkout the link above and get yours before we run out! Prices are $8 per snail and the minimum is 3. Shipping within the US is $12 and Expedited is $45. All boxes come insulated. Bulk orders are welcomed, send us a pm if you're interested in setting up something for your shop. These don't require any special care, but they do prefer medium hard water. They will do fine in soft water but their lifespan will be shorter and you will need to provide additional calcium for their shell growth. Average size for them is 1.5-2cm. If you have any questions, please message us or email us at contactus@aquariumcreation.com
  2. Aquarium Creation

    November Shrimp Specials!

    🦃 Shrimp a palooza starts now for our favorite month of the year !(if you guess why it's our favorite and make a purchase we'll throw in a little extra something 😉) ● 6 Black/blue Panda - $47 shipped ● 6 Red Panda - $55 shipped ● 3 Red Panda & 3 Black/blue Panda - $55 shipped ● 6 Crystal Red - $32 shipped ● 11 Crystal Red - $42 shipped ● We are also doing Orange Eye Shrimp preorders via our FB Group https://goo.gl/H7BqJ3 click to join: ● 1 oe red devil aka blood diamond - $180 shipped ● 5 oe yellow King Kong - $100 shipped ● 2 oe red tiger - $60 shipped Please send us a message if you have any questions
  3. Aquarium Creation

    WTB Locally in LA, CA

    Hey! I'm in the valley area, Ventura county area too mostly. I have rcs and other type of shrimp too. Send me a pm or email at contactus@aquariumcreation.com. My shop is aquariumcreation.com.
  4. Aquarium Creation

    ISO Red Cherries

    I have some available here https://www.aquariumcreation.com/collections/neocaridina/products/red-cherry-shrimp. They are rcs/sakura mix.
  5. Aquarium Creation

    Looking for PRLs

    I have some PRLs available SS-SSS random scoop for $10 or if you want more white/less red I can do them for $12 each. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm available here or if you want to email me at contactus@aquariumcreation.com I'll see it faster.
  6. Aquarium Creation

    Wine red or other?

    It has the black patterns mixed with red. The old WR red color was lighter.
  7. Aquarium Creation

    Wine red or other?

    It's the dragon blood wr
  8. Aquarium Creation

    Our Shrimp Pictures

    Added some new pictures.
  9. Aquarium Creation

    Wine red or other?

    Definitely a Wine Red.
  10. Aquarium Creation

    WTB Caridina mariae “ Black Tiger” dark eyed.

    I got some from mo at last year's AE. I have a limited amount. There are other's that also have her shrimp in the states.
  11. Aquarium Creation

    Blue Steels For Sale

    Hi Everyone! I have 2 packages of homebred Blue Steels available. Each package is $200 shipped with 5 shrimp or I can do local pickup in Southern California. Thanks for looking!
  12. Aquarium Creation

    New from the Socal LA area

    Welcome! I'm in SoCal area. Valley mainly. There are other members in the area too.
  13. Aquarium Creation

    Sourcing large cholla?

    I have larger teddy bear cholla but not the branched type. https://www.aquariumcreation.com/collections/driftwood/products/cholla-wood-teddy-bear-regular Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  14. Aquarium Creation

    Our Shrimp Pictures

    A collection of our shrimp pictures.