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  1. Substrate in plastic tubs

    Update. This has been working really well. It's been 8 months, so I think it's safe to say this works, if it's your style. Some CRS enjoying fresh cholla.
  2. Orange Rili Shrimp For Sale

    I'll take a package.
  3. Substrate in plastic tubs

    I have this running in a couple caridina tanks since Feb, and it's working brilliantly. I started in Feb with 20 CRS in one tank, and now I'm up to probably close to 150 or more. And, the taiwan bee tank I have going has a ton of babies. I planted some java moss in the tubs, and it has grown to the point where you can barely see the tub at all. It looks good. My tanks are bare bottom, aside from cholla/leaf litter/etc., but you could easily put inert substrate in as well. When the active substrate in tubs no longer buffers, it'll be as simple as swapping out the tubs. I love the set up so far.
  4. Wine red or other?

    It's definitely not black though. It's a deep red color. I'll see if I can get a closer pic.
  5. Wine red or other?

    Due to its lack of white (looks like just one stripe), would this then technically be a Ruby Red? It's still only about a 1/2", so I'm curious to see where it ends up.
  6. Wine red or other?

    I've got a tank of very prolific CRS that have gone from the initial 20 to easily 120 in just a few months. But, I've noticed two that are significantly darker red with less white. Despite the terrible photo, you can see the difference here. It's right in the middle of the photo. Would you call these wine red? Something else?
  7. Activity on this forum?

    As a fish hobby forum owner (www.minnfish.com), I can tell you that traffic in summer drops significantly. The hobby in Minnesota almost shuts down, and it's much harder to sell livestock. But, fall comes around and it ramps back up. Traffic usually maxes out around January/February, which makes a ton of sense considering Minnesota weather.
  8. Substrate in plastic tubs

    @bostoneric - Read the top of the post.
  9. Substrate in plastic tubs

    Update on this: Turns out that my PH test kit went bad. It was never up to 7.6, so all of my panic was for nothing. In the 2.5 months since starting this tank, the CRS are doing great. Healthy, growing, reproducing. I counted 40+ tiny babies this week. A few more berried females. So far, the tubs are working great. I'm starting another tank with them today.
  10. Journal: The Quest to Not Kill All of My Shrimp

    Here's my current list of what I keep: 20 gallon high red rili 20 gallon long yellows/yellow goldenbacks 10 gallon A blue pearl 10 gallon B cherry reds 30 gallon A Crystal Red Shrimp 30 gallon B (divided) Section A: empty Section B: cull tank Section C: green jades Section D: fire red cherries Auction this weekend. Hoping to add a few groups!
  11. I documented how I divided a 30 long into four sections. It has worked really well. Three of the four sections are currently occupied with lots of wee tiny shrimp. Now, four sections is a little tight. The next one I do will be either 2-3 sections max.
  12. Substrate in plastic tubs

    Ok. This is off to a really bad start. I aged some RO water and remineralized with Salty Shrimp GH. I emptied a very established 30g with some algae growth on the sides bottom (no substrate). I added the water, and all was looking good. PH 6.5 TDS 120 KH 1 GH 6 I added two large plastic containers filled with Fluval Stratum (topped off with some java moss), figuring it wouldn't drop my ph much, but that's ok. It's really there just to add some stability. I was out of town for 24 hours. I picked up 20 CRS today to go into the tank, and I was thrilled to hear that the seller used almost the exact water parameters. I got home, ready to start the drip acclimation process. I thought, I'll test my water, just to be safe. Today, my PH is maxing out on my test at 7.6. That means it's potentially higher. What would have caused such a huge increase in PH in 24 hours? I had some leftover water in a bucket, and that's holding at 6.5ph. I left my lights on overnight, in hopes of boosting some algae growth. I know lights can affect PH a little, but that wildly? If so, will turning lights off bring PH back down to reasonable levels? I'd rather not kill off these CRS. They are nice.
  13. The red ones are tiny. Maybe 10 days old. They'll stay in this tank until they get up to a better (more catchable) size. They will be moved out well before they could start breeding. But, it's pretty crazy. The ENTIRE batch is solid red. There doesn't appear to be any blue on them, but of course, they are still small. But, there are no red shrimp in this tank. It's only been occupied for 2 months, and it's bare bones. I can see every shrimp in the tank. I don't know how two blue velvets produced 100% solid red shrimp. Shrimp genetics is fun.
  14. This stuff happens. I have a tank full of blue velvet, and I just spotted the newest batch of babies. They are all entirely red. Every other batch so far has been blue.
  15. Green Jades

    With my neos, it seems that just about all require some level of culling. But it seems to vary. I have red rilis that breed fairly true, but maybe 5% come out mostly clear. My yellows are proving to be the most challenging, but offspring are consistently yellow. But, the greens look to be fairly unstable. Of the 10 I got, I think maybe only 3 are really green. Two are berried, so I'll see if that percentage changes with the next generation.