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  1. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Hey, sorry Wyzazz for falling off the thread but had a number of issues come up. Anyways, below are my current parameters & they're breeding out of control. TDS 138 Kh 0.3 Salifert pH 6.2 API Gh 4 API Temp 68-72
  2. Tibee Inc

    Heat Waste from Electrical Equipment

    Hey, those 2 elements alone provide more than enough heat for my indoor tanks. None have a heater & my shrimp appear to do better with that. In my setups, the magnetic impeller driven water filter generates the heat waste...
  3. What's up Jay, I've used them all without any issue. These days I go for what gives me the best value.
  4. Tibee Inc

    Post Your Shrimp Pics

    Happy holidays all; Here's a couple photos of a male breeder from the Black Taitibee colony... Colony Traits. Large size, well developed shell & sheen. Solid leg, body & tail coloration.
  5. Tibee Inc

    Post Your Shrimp Pics

    Here's a Backstripe Taitibee from one of my projects... This female is a 5th generation & breeds well. Below is one from my Bumblebee project. The darker head coloration is actually blue, enjoy.
  6. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    What's up man, glad you posted. Do you have any input on how to bring out the sparkling more on these guys? Also, I see you got snails living with them too. What's your parameters? When I get a chance, I'll post my current parameters.
  7. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Wyzazz, here's that girl we were talking about. Going off thread here, but its worth mentioning my Fancy Tigers breed true now & throw some very nice offspring too. Once again, I want to mention that members can find some great shrimp, supplies & knowledgeable people right here on Shrimp Spot. Finally, remember these projects take years to stabilize & accomplish. It never happens in just a few generations....
  8. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Ending on a positive note, my Aura Tiger colony has established itself quite well & are breeding well. ;)
  9. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Moving on, things have cleared up & the main colony continues to grow. Personally, I think Stardust are a very hardy shrimp & keep easy. With that said, I ran into some more issues trying to Xbreed these guys. So far, it'll take me at minimum a year+ to get any strong variation in the offspring.
  10. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Well everybody I apologize...… Since my last posts, I ran into some real bumps with the project see below. :( Actually, these pics make it look good compared to how bad it got. This lasted for atleast 3 months & caused by diatoms.
  11. Tibee Inc

    Fancy Tiger parameters?

    Hey, beware of catching the bug these cool little shrimp can give you... Parameters: 120-150 TDS (Gh 3-5 degrees) Ph 6.2-6.8 (Temp: 70-75) I don't use heaters. Check out my page here for further details bro. These guys, I've been breeding them for years....
  12. Hey, if they're breeding then I'd leave the heater out of that equation. Totally, I agree w/the others about the temp swing. However, if you can keep it under 10 degrees then no worries.
  13. Tibee Inc

    Giving up with oebt

    From the looks of it, that dead 1 pictured above doesn't appear to be diseased. From my experiences w/Tigers, you'll see color fade & broken antenna if they're sick. On feeding them, mine get fed every 3 days. Any more, caused my Tigers problems every time. Likewise, I agree on powder foods causing multiple parameter issues too. Another thing, I'd suggest looking into some Newstone Mironekuton chunks. Find it on Amazon, $20 get's you 2.2 pounds of this wonderful stone. Finally, don't give up on them yet!
  14. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Hey, thanks for checking out the thread & I'm working on that. The main hold up is they're still very tiny Ron. On getting some, TGOE has a colony & I totally recommend you reach out to him.