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  1. Tibee Inc

    Fancy Tiger parameters?

    Hey, beware of catching the bug these cool little shrimp can give you... Parameters: 120-150 TDS (Gh 3-5 degrees) Ph 6.2-6.8 (Temp: 70-75) I don't use heaters. Check out my page here for further details bro. These guys, I've been breeding them for years....
  2. Hey, if they're breeding then I'd leave the heater out of that equation. Totally, I agree w/the others about the temp swing. However, if you can keep it under 10 degrees then no worries.
  3. Tibee Inc

    Giving up with oebt

    From the looks of it, that dead 1 pictured above doesn't appear to be diseased. From my experiences w/Tigers, you'll see color fade & broken antenna if they're sick. On feeding them, mine get fed every 3 days. Any more, caused my Tigers problems every time. Likewise, I agree on powder foods causing multiple parameter issues too. Another thing, I'd suggest looking into some Newstone Mironekuton chunks. Find it on Amazon, $20 get's you 2.2 pounds of this wonderful stone. Finally, don't give up on them yet!
  4. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Hey, thanks for checking out the thread & I'm working on that. The main hold up is they're still very tiny Ron. On getting some, TGOE has a colony & I totally recommend you reach out to him.
  5. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Well Mr. Wyzazz, here ya go. Need more time to get better pictures. Man, I had that girl in there for a long time. Plus, she's a domestic not an import bred by me. In the end, I don't have a 100% answer on why. For me, it looked like they couldn't X but I have no proof of that. At the moment, she's done thrown most of these eggs off already.
  6. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Just a small update. About 10 days ago, they hatched. So far, the fry have a distinct blue hue & look to me like a Aura/Stardust X. In 15-20 days, I should know for certian & pictures will be posted here. Some FYI, in this same tank was a female R Fancy Tiger that never berried. Days after she went in my TB tank, berried.....
  7. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Just wanted to stitch in a update. Here's some shots of another big girl berried out. A few power pointers I'll throw out that bring repeated success. First, these Tigers really like 73 degrees or less. On TDS, they really do great anywhere from 120-160 without any real issues. However, one thing I've learned is Stardust don't like tanks moves or TDS swings of 12ppm or more. Most of my other shrimp can handle a 15ppm swing (the Plamski Rule) not these guys. However, once they get over moving around everything gets back to hyper-speed with them. Oh, forgot to add-on to my closing thought above on X-ings. At the moment, I got one girl in a tank full of Auras & OEBTs berried out.
  8. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Well, the colony is really booming. Not TNT, but more like Nitro. Having thoughts of Xing some with a few Aura & OEBTS.
  9. Tibee Inc

    Post Your Shrimp Pics

    US Home bred OE Black Fancy Tiger. Sorry its a cell pick but check out them OEs..
  10. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Here's a few more Stardust shots! They go nuts for Sirius Shrimp bee pollen food....
  11. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Well.. Keep your eye on them & in a month you'll have a bunch of tiny ones all over the place. Yeah, the cell camera doesn't show them to good....
  12. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Hey, mine are like crazy tiny right now. I won’t know what they’ll look like for awhile. But, their out & about.. Saw some for sale in the marketplace earlier if you’re looking for more. By the way, hope things turn around for you now.
  13. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Hey I can get a gallon of distilled for 88 cents w/tax included. Likewise, I mix right In the jugs & toss them afterwards cause bacteria loves water & reuse promotes growth. For example look at a bath tub; even chlorine & chloramine cant stop that stuff totally... Well, my tank is full of babies & some of my females are fire orange/red inside & out getting ready to breed again. Oh, I crossed one with a pinto too..
  14. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Hey, I used Stratum in this tank. On water from any RO unit, remember they don’t filter out all bacteria and viruses. Personally, I only use distilled. All my Stardust came from members here including the 1 you mentioned above. Also, I like the idea of moving a few into another tank. On infections, most mycins or cyclines should rid the problem. Finally, I mix all my water as close to tank parameters as possible literally.... Oh, I filter with purigen and hypersorb but in small amounts. Over polished water kills shrimp too!
  15. Tibee Inc

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    Hey! If those guys aren't out you got some serious problems. During the first 2 weeks I got mine they were extremely delicate. However, when they get adjusted to a new home, they're crazy active with/without food. On parameters, were about exactly the same. How do you test your water & with what? How do you filter it too? On activity, mine literally raise all kinds of hell... By the middle of April, should have at least 100+ shrimplets at minimum. One more thing, you'll see electric blues/reds when they're breeding. What I'd also like to know is if you're using active soil & have you tested for NO2/NO3 and Ammonia..