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    Taitibee/Fancy Tiger project called "Yellow Jackets" & "Bumblebees."
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    Different Tigers, Taitibees, Fancy Tigers & others; the offspring breed true. ;)

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Tibee Inc's Feedback

  1. Critter Doc left Positive feedback   

    Really nice Stardusts, as well as a bunch of cool looking mixes that were thrown in for free. Excellent communication, clearly a hobbyist who loves his shrimp. Thanks again!

    Tibee Inc was The Seller

  2. Critter Doc left Positive feedback   

    Very cute and active little guys. Packaging was great, and all shrimp arrived alive. Thanks!

    Tibee Inc was The Seller

  3. addicted2shrimp left Positive feedback for a topic   

    2017 August Shrimp offer (SOLD OUT)
    Awesome Seller! Very accommodating and great communication. Shrimp are fantastic at a great price!!

    Tibee Inc was The Seller

  4. Shrimpo left Positive feedback   

    Great member, goes above and beyond. Highly recommended.

    Tibee Inc was The Seller

  5. MinusInfinity left Positive feedback   

    His Tibees are really good. Very good Genetics and definitely a very knowledgeable breeder

    Tibee Inc was The Seller

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