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  1. chappy6107

    Reliable pH Meter

    Ditto. I keep my probe(pinpoint) in one of my 10 gallons all the time. when I want to check the other tanks I just move it over since all of my tanks are on a rack and like Shrimple minded said the cord is long. I have had mine since the end of Jan 2017. It is still just as accurate as it was when it was new. I will buy this probe again when I need to replace it.
  2. chappy6107

    Help with identifying please?

    looks like a blue jelly to me too.
  3. The tetras are avid hunters of shrimplets. They usually dont mess with a full grown RCS but will decimate a bunch of new baby shrimplets. They might be hiding from that as well.
  4. chappy6107

    cloudy water

    it wont directly remove the bacteria bloom if that is what it is, but it will remove the organics that the bacteria may be feeding on.
  5. chappy6107

    cloudy water

    put a bag of purigen in that hob. purigen will help clear up the tank.
  6. should be just fine. just make sure to clean the sponge material often.
  7. chappy6107

    Greetings from Virginia

    welcome to the spot.
  8. I would suggest getting rid of the co2. that can cause swings in ph. your substrate might still be buffering. you could put some in a seperate bucket with new water and watch to see if it drops the ph. If it does you can swap it out with more play sand or something else that is inert.
  9. chappy6107

    keeping CRS sucsessfully

    for the future needs: https://www.discobee.com/collections/sl-aqua/products/sl-aqua-blue-wizard
  10. this is awesome! I may try to source some mango seeds to incorporate into my diy foods as well. Never did I ever think I would one day search for mango seeds. lol
  11. Very nice! I think the mango sounds good for me to eat. 🤣
  12. chappy6107

    keeping CRS sucsessfully

    you need to know what the gh & kh values are. this means alot more than the tds.
  13. chappy6107

    Cinnamon sticks

    possibly. I use mulberry leaves which bread down faster than indian almond leaves. Also the shrimp love to eat the mulberry leaf.
  14. chappy6107

    Cinnamon sticks

    never used cinnamon sticks, but mulberry leaves, alder cones and many other leaves have these same antiviral/antibacterial properties.
  15. chappy6107

    What shrimp should I breed with my tap?

    ph does matter, but I have had way better results when keeping my kh/gh in the correct range. I know you are wanting to use your tap water vs. using ro water and remineralizing, but I dont think the crystal reds will thrive in your tap water.