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  1. chappy6107

    The Tank of Death

    dragon stone is also known as Ohko stone. it is clay based and has lots of nooks & cranny's. It could leach "stuff" if said "stuff got into the nooks & cranny's and was not cleaned out.
  2. chappy6107

    Doing water changes on a rack?

    they hold a tad more than .5 gallons of water. I do 10% water changes so on my 10g tanks I just fill it twice. I do 4 tanks at a time and have 4 breeder boxes. I dont mind the time it takes as I can do other things while the process goes on. I will never store a lot of water up high on a rack system. it makes the rack a bit too wobbly for my liking and this was with the gladiator brand racks sold by lowes/HD. I have already had one rack (that one) collapse on me due to one of the legs of the rack getting bumped and it folded. each shelf was rated @1000lbs+ and only had 3 ten gallon tanks on each shelf. Now I have a much heavier duty metal rack and i still dont trust it completely.
  3. chappy6107

    Doing water changes on a rack?

    I use hob breeder boxes to hold my WC water or topoff water and drip it in through an airline. I set the breeder boxes on top of the tanks.
  4. since you are having issues, just do a very small amount dripped in. say a gallon or less.
  5. chappy6107


    any shrimp in that tank? I do this in my fish tanks but was always too worried to do it in a shrimp tank.
  6. chappy6107

    The Tank of Death

    that'll keep her going
  7. chappy6107

    Thinning out some plants!

    pm sent
  8. chappy6107

    Hi from NE Ohio

    welcome to the spot. I have a couple of goldies ...only cuz the other half likes them. plus some multiplying super red calico bristlenose plecos. plus a couple of shrimp
  9. chappy6107

    Cory breeding?

    I think I read that during mating time the males become aggressive. I think it was this version of the cory and a few others.
  10. chappy6107

    List of fish compatible with shrimp

    azgardens have been around quite a while. I knew them more for their plants than their fish though.
  11. chappy6107

    TPShrimpers racktastic adventures

    I love rack system set ups. following
  12. dark substrate is better for deeper colors in my experience.
  13. I suggest dripping in both top off water and water change water.
  14. chappy6107

    The Tank of Death

    My thoughts as well. You said it cycled for 3 months...did you feed the tank/bacteria during this time with nothing in it? If not they bacteria may not have lived during that time.