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  1. chappy6107

    Giving up with oebt

    that is a great idea. wondering though if having that control valve restricting the aqua lifter will cause any damage to the pump?
  2. chappy6107

    Black in my red king kong

    I dont know what that is either, but I really like it!
  3. chappy6107

    Salty bee vs salty shrimp?

    I do not know any specifics but one website says the salty bee premium will produce a gh of 4 @ 90 - 100 tds another website says 200 Microsiemens (128 tds - i think) = gh of 6 not sure what salty bee premium would do @ 128 tds
  4. chappy6107

    New tank set up

    what are your water parameters: tds kh gh ph will you be trying to use tap water or will you be using RO water remineralized with a shrimp remineralizer?
  5. chappy6107

    Giving up with oebt

  6. chappy6107

    Giving up with oebt

    just curious, but what is a thermoplastic straw?
  7. chappy6107

    Blue diamond shrimp for sale

    looks like snowflake food
  8. chappy6107

    Hallo from Italia

    Welcome Giuseppe. We are glad to have you here. Blue dreams are my favorite. I am not familiar with Masapi shrimp, but typically here in the US we are near last to get what they have in Asia and Europe already.
  9. chappy6107

    Fissidens Splachnobryoides

    I like it. reminds me a little of Fissidens Fox
  10. chappy6107

    7.5G Bee Tank

    very good quality shrimps you got there. fun to look at.
  11. chappy6107

    justme's shrimp story

    welcome to the Spot! Very good looking set up you have put together. setbacks happen, it happens to even the best of us. just dont give up.
  12. chappy6107

    Stardust Shrimp breeding project

    nice. cant wait to see some pics of them in a few weeks to see how they develop
  13. chappy6107

    RCS, Snails and Salt?

    most inverts are not tolerant of salt. around here people use salt to get rid of slugs.
  14. Depending on the type of food you feed such as small pelleted food, you can drop it through a straw or tube to make it land in the dish.
  15. chappy6107


    mulberry leaves are my shrimps favorite as well. I always use dry leaves though. I have read that like Indian Almond Leaves, most leaves have anti - bacterial benefits.