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    Cycling first tank with olive and tiger nerite snails.

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  1. TFC


    HI! yes. post some pictures!
  2. TFC

    First Shrimp Tank

    sorry I have crypt flamingo too! cycling two tanks the first is for Neo shrimp and the second I'm cycling for Bee's. The fist tank is still cloudy from driftwood.And my crypt is so small you can't tell what it is lol. On week 2. I have nerite snails in to help with bioload.
  3. TFC

    First Shrimp Tank

    are you talking to me??? if so yes it is LOL...
  4. TFC

    First Shrimp Tank

    Hey Mike, nice tank... I'm starting my first shrimp tank too.. mine has been set up for a week. How long did you cycle and how did you cycle? Thanks, TFC
  5. TFC

    black hair algae

    With a low tech tank, have you thought about organic liquid co2??? Prime excel works great to contend with black algae and of course the amount of lights... give it a try.
  6. I have ordered from Blooms and Branches . A few manzineta pieces and some driftwood. I bought sandblasted and red branches, I soaked both and they are awesome in my 6" L 150 gallon, awesome wood you can actually prune too. Be sure to get the free shipping deal though. My fed ex shipping charges were as much as what I spent... almost 20.00. Rip off. so FREE Shipping... go for it !
  7. TFC

    New to inverts....

    So do you suggest fish???
  8. TFC

    New to inverts....

    OMGosh...Thank you. They are less than a week old. I'm going to start with some snails... I have a number of fish in other tanks to help cycle... I read an article recently saying how important snails can be in the tank, to keep them in throughout ,even after the cycling.. Should I put a few fish in as well??? I have plenty of ember tetra's or neon's. I'm so flattered by your compliments.. I had some great support and of course using the tissue culture plants from Dennerle. But again , Thank you, TFC
  9. Okay, Update...I went by my LFS and talked to them , they prepared the water for me and yes it's way to high.. evidently I should have talked to them about it being a shrimp tank. Generally they only do it if you request it. I had ask about it, I guess I wasn't very clear.. He replaced the water and I do have the shrimp salt I need. I feel stupid LOL... I didn't occur to me to double check with the LFS.. But, Thanks to all.... It's nice to have some feed back. so yeah its all good.... TFC
  10. TFC

    New to inverts....

    They have been set up two days now.. hope y'all like! My fist time aqua-scaping. The 2nd tank is for the shrimp.
  11. TFC

    New to inverts....

    Hey and thanks!!! I'd love to share a pict or two with you Chappy. Can you tell me how?? !! LOL...still learning the website.
  12. OK.... long time fish keeper here, first shrimp tank. I know I am probably just over thinking everything. I really thought I understood but, now not so much. So here is my Q: I decided to purchase RO water from my LFS. They informed me that they re-mineralize there. So after collecting all my plants and rocks, moss etc... I get home with my RO water and begin to test it. My TDS meter reads it at 600. My GH is at 8 but my KH is over 22 ppm. Ph is 6.4 . Now, at the same time I have an aqua scape tank same size 10G, for this tank I purchased distilled water for the initial set up. Here my TDS meter reads at 144 GH is 6 and KH is 3. I am soooo confused. Answer me this... did they over re-mineralize the RO water. At first I thought maybe they gave me the wrong RO water (marine) but, they know me and know what I am doing. I'm certain he gave me the correct water. Can anyone help me understand this and, maybe I should just be using distilled water. IDK like I said this is first attempt at setting up a shrimp tank.
  13. TFC

    New to inverts....

    Hey y'all. The Flower Child here. AKA TFC. I have a 150 gallon, a 5 and 10 gallon tank. Love my Nano tanks. The interest in building a shrimp tank came a couple weeks ago, I attended an aquascaping workshop by Dennerle. It was awesome. They have really invaded the states with their new shrimp tank and aquascape tank set ups. My LFS hosted this event and offered special pricing on the tanks. So needless to say I purchased two tank. i got some plants, co2,fertilizer etc....for the aqua scape tank. They sell everything you need for shrimp tanks. Special substrate, start up salts and shrimp food. I know nothing about shrimp so, this should be fun.... Can't wait to keep y'all updated . I will say this, I'm not allowed to start the tanks till xmas- that was the deal to get hubby to buy them for me lol. So my plan is to read your blogs etc....learn as much as I can and be ready by the first of the year....Looking forward to know all you guys... Say hey sometimes... Xoxo Flower