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  1. 5,5is my ph with help shrimp soil. i use ro water remineralized to tds 65-70 with salty shrimp gh+ giving me a gh of 4 ; tds in the tank is about 90-100 and my pinto shrimp thrive. Are active and breeed
  2. My ro water comes at tds of 1: y add salty shrimp until i reach gh of 4 and that gives me a tds of 65 to 70 . And that is what i use for water changes, the tank stay at a tds of 90 -100. . I used to add mosura tds up But have stopped doing it a long time ago, no molting problems and good baby survival
  3. Yes Ada releases amonía for 2 or 3 months, and as chappy said, using tap water will short en the life of your Ada soil. Want it out. Ada is superb. Mine still going strong after 3years
  4. If you pinto males are black you will get black híbrids carrying red. If your pinto males are red you will not get black crossing with red crystals
  5. Do you happen to know who fathered the clutch..?
  6. I treated my tank with Febendazol and it took 8 months before méritos survived
  7. Not going to buy something they are secretive about its composition!
  8. Makes you wonder what is dominant and what is recessive. I am at a losss
  9. The wider the gene Pool you Start with, the further you go before your línea stops evolving for lack of genetic variation
  10. Hoy to use pomeranate? Leaves? Fruit Shell?
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