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  1. I have a 4 gallon tank with both a mini HOB and an in-tank sponge filter. Since I don't remove that much water when doing water changes it's difficult to totally clean the sponges within the removed tank water. Do you think it is OK to add primed tap water in order to have enough volume to properly squeeze out the sponges?
  2. Just bought a Cobalt 25watt from Amazon. Temperature was stuck on the default setting so I returned it. Back to using a Hydor, old standby. Sent from my LG-K425 using Tapatalk
  3. Hi - anymore of these packs available? Sent from my LG-K425 using Tapatalk
  4. Hey bobthesushiguy, Thank you for your advice. Yes, at this point I'm really not sure how to proceed. I haven't done a water change since July 28th and have just been doing small 1/2 cup topoffs as needed which is raising the TDS. This week I started getting berried shrimp, maybe that's because of the increased TDS? Last night I noticed there are 3 berried females.
  5. Thank you for the advice NotKelly which I will follow. I was pretty amazed to see how many eggs they start out with when the adult isn't that large herself.
  6. I have a Neocaridina var. Orange shrimp that became berried for the 1st time, pretty sure this happened last Sunday. Looked to me like there were WAAYYY too many eggs for her to juggle. Sure enough, today I see she's only carrying around 4 eggs, roughly 4 days later. I know shrimp often drop their young when they are berried for the 1st time. I haven't noticed any dropped eggs though and I'm sure they weren't ready to be released, no distinct eye on the eggs she's carrying. This particular shrimp was the largest female out of a group of 15 shrimp that were born in a jarrarium last November. I've since moved them to a 4 gallon tank. They've never been around other shrimp or fish, they are all siblings. The other females have distinct saddles but are not berried yet. Should I be concerned that more females are not berried? Would it be best to introduce other shrimp? I have juvenile Neocaridina var. Yellow in a tank that I could introduce to the sibling's tank. Or, should I just let nature take her course and not mix the original group. I've only been topping off their water lately, TDS is @ 171 which is the highest I've ever let it reach. Last time I did a water change was July 28th, about 3/4 gallon worth, their tank is 4 gallons. Does the higher TDS promote more berried shrimp? UPDATE: Just noticed another berried female. She also is carrying a large number of eggs. I'd like to clean the front glass and do a small water change afterwards but not if it's going to disrupt the most recent berried female. 045.MP4
  7. There are tiny clay pot saucers that are 2 inch diameter x 1/2 inch high. Would that be safe to use? travellife
  8. Hah, like a glass contact? OK that's going real tiny. I have a glass tealight candle holder that may work but has been used so if I boil it should be safe. It's smooth glass with a glossy surface, not a porous finish. Wish they made tiny Pyrex Petri dishes. travellife
  9. Thankyou for that suggestion. I found Snowflake by SL-Aqua that has very good reviews and people say their shrimp love it. The only problem is it's messy. I don't have a lot of space for a feeding dish in the vase. I'm on the lookout for a tiny glass dish I can use to put food in, no more than 1 inch diameter. travellife
  10. Just an update. Babies are doing fine, highest count is 15. Still have them in the planted vase which seems very balanced, water is pristine, no longer experiencing green buildup on the surface, 3-1/2 months old now. I'm considering buying supplemental food such as Bacter AE but am concerned with polluting the vase. Does anyone has suggestions for brands or type of food that doesn't disintegrate rapidly and promotes healthy molts? So far I've only fed an occasional Marineland Color Enhancing Flake which they love and it isn't real messy. Shrimp King spinach loops look interesting. travellife
  11. How old are the shrimp in your picture? travellife
  12. Very pretty shrimp, love the color, they almost look golden. travellife
  13. I've been feeding my shrimpettes an occasional Marineland Color Enhancing Flake since they were born. I'm new to the hobby and have been very careful not to overfeed. Since this is a very small vase jarrarium I'm also concerned about adding messy food. I like these flakes a lot, use them for my fish too in a Fluval tank, they hold their shape before disintegrating. The shrimp love them. I called the company to be sure no copper in their product and there isn't. travellife
  14. Nice shots Mr. F. What model/make is the new camera? travellife
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