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  1. Hi all, let me start off by saying that I'm not completely *new*new to the shrimp keeping scene. I've had two batches of shrimp that I kept several years back that failed miserably, mostly because I wasn't all that interested in breeding them at the time. Since moving and downsizing my fish room from about 70 plus tanks to 10 I've been more and more interested in having another go at keeping these little guys. They're pretty stinking cute! Anyways since the last two time I kept them resulted in mass casualties I figured I do my research this time and maybe have other help me along the way to avoid a repeat of those disasters. So, that being said I already have a ten gallon tank, sponge filter and UP aqua sand on the way. What else do I need for a new to shrimp keeping "starter kit", going through all the journals and posts and what not there's a lot of stuff that seems to be added into shrimp tanks.... So what exactly are the essentials for setting up a successful tank? Thanks in advanced everyone!
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