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  1. Valek

    High GH help!

    Do you know your TDS? That GH seems unreasonable high specially with that KH and PH
  2. Valek

    Post Your Shrimp Pics

    One of my favorite pics
  3. Valek

    Aura blue tigers or Aura Tibees

    Thanks, I know how aura blue tigers look like. I was just wondering what else could they be.
  4. As my "aura blue tigers" keep growing they are starting to look like aura tibees. What do you guys think?
  5. Valek

    Baby aura blue tigers

    I'm wondering if that's the case.
  6. Valek

    Orange Sunkist / CARIDINA PROPINQUA

    Lots of bad reviews. They've been known to sell sick shrimps
  7. Valek

    Baby aura blue tigers

    Interesting, that's the only one with that coloration out of the bunch. The rest are light blue. The breeder I got them from tells me the colony is about 3-4 years old. Never crossbred with anything else.
  8. Valek

    Baby aura blue tigers

    It's just a baby. Different coloration
  9. Valek

    Baby aura blue tigers

    Bought them
  10. Finally got them after looking for awhile
  11. Valek

    SHRIMP LIFE My youtube channel!

    I'm a subscriber 😁
  12. Valek

    Looking for aura blue tigers

    I bought from another seller and will be getting them this Friday.
  13. Valek

    Looking for aura blue tigers

    I contacted Blue Crown Aquatics, they got them for sale but they breed them in caridina parameters. Parameters in my tanks are neo.