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  1. wyzazz

    Shrimp Food - Pros and Cons

    Once they eat all the biofilm, they will begin to consume commercial shrimp food.
  2. wyzazz

    Fry Problem

    I'd start removing them as soon as you can, once they can fit a shrimplet into their mouths they will eat them.
  3. She's got some great color! I've got one berried in my colony right now and a few more on the way! Once I grow out the colony a bit more I'll try some crosses.
  4. wyzazz

    Crystal Red Shrimp for Sale!

    Still have these available for anyone that is looking!
  5. wyzazz

    Hydra and Planaria

    Move the snails to a bowl, dose with fenbendazole (Panacur C) and you should be good to go. I sent you more specific instructions via PM.
  6. Hahaha, that's rich!
  7. I use GE Silicone 1, haven't had it turn orange on me yet. I give it 48 hours to completely cure and then fill the tanks with water. I use it to reseal tanks and to put in braces for HMF's.
  8. I used silicone, it worked fine for me. I'd not add something like that to a currently running tank, silicone needs 24-48hrs to cure.
  9. wyzazz

    Help with identifying please?

    Blue Jelly is what I call those.
  10. wyzazz

    OEBT with brown spots!? I'm worried

    There is a brown spot/rust spot disease but I've not seen it personally. (https://skfaquatics.com/forum/topic/5052-shrimp-diseases-and-diagnosis/ , search for rust) I'm not positive this is it, but I do know that it is bacterial in nature. How is the spotted shrimp acting? Anything unusual? You may want to quarantine them in a breeder box or something to keep a closer eye on that particular shrimp, just to see if it develops any odd behaviour in time. That being said, some OERBT to tend to go rusty especially over time. I've not seen spots like this but I have seen some of mine go entirely rusty. (I actually really like it and have started breeding a small colony selectively for it.)
  11. wyzazz

    Water behind HMF

    Nope, it's fine. You can put a bit of Pothos back there if you want to, I do this in some of my larger tanks but otherwise, you can leave it be.
  12. wyzazz

    40 Gallon breeder tank divided

    I haven't had any issues in my 20L or 30 Breeders.
  13. wyzazz

    Tiger Shrimp

    Tangerine Tigers (Caridina serrata var. "Tangerine Tiger") get used for Cross-Breeding quite often as do OEBT's (Folks just love those orange eyes!). OEBT's are Caridina cf. Cantonensis. Both of these can interbreed.
  14. Gone for now! Thanks all!
  15. Yeah, I'd wait for sure! I keep these in Neo parameters, but they readily adapt to lower pH (Caridina) parameters as juvies.