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  1. wyzazz

    another dead shrimp Help!

    Here is what I'd do, keep in mind I'm just running off of the little information we've got here since you've just got test strips. I'd do 10%-20% water changes (slowly) with remineralized RO water every day until you raise your TDS to the 150 mark. I drip my water back into the tanks with a Tom's Aqualifter Pump or Dosing Pumps. This will do 2 things: 1. Lower your Nitrates if they are too high. 2. Bring your gH up to an acceptable level for the shrimp you are keeping.
  2. wyzazz

    Tropica Aquarium Soil

    What are you keeping in it? How long have you been using it thus far?
  3. wyzazz

    shrimp dying! What to do?

    That TDS is crazy high for your gH/kH still, not sure how it got that way. I'd ride it out at this point until you can check your TDS Meter and test kit to see if they are good.
  4. wyzazz

    Orange Sunkist / CARIDINA PROPINQUA

    I've never heard anything good about them, all sorts of folks getting dead/sick livestock, etc... ...buy from hobbyists and reputable sellers and you will be much happier in the long run!
  5. wyzazz

    Orange Sunkist / CARIDINA PROPINQUA

    I wouldn't buy anything from Aquatic Arts. Just my opinion though, YMMV.
  6. wyzazz

    shrimp dying! What to do?

    Are you using RO water with a shrimp specific remineralizer or just tap water? 300 TDS is super high for your gH & kH to be that low. If you are using tap water, what are your tap water parameters out of the faucet? That temp (77F) is also pretty high for shrimp. I'd drop down to 72F or below otherwise you will have issues with them, that could be why they are dying.
  7. wyzazz

    I am new to this group

    @Clear Robi Chan is a good dude and well respected in some of the shrimp groups I'm a part of. Robi, welcome to The Spot!!!
  8. What you have aren't PRL then, they were mixed with Taiwan Bees at some point.
  9. wyzazz

    SHRIMP LIFE My youtube channel!

    Me too, great informative vids!
  10. wyzazz

    Shrimps eating each other???!

    Ghost shrimp are fairly aggressive, I'd separate them from the dwarf shrimp.
  11. wyzazz

    Looking for aura blue tigers

    I've got probably 8-12moz before I'll have enough to think about selling. Lots of culling to do between now and then.
  12. wyzazz

    7.5G Bee Tank

    The 26 should do you just fine then. 👍
  13. wyzazz

    7.5G Bee Tank

    I do. The bubbles from the 26 lines it runs would drown out the minimal noise it makes anyway. How many tanks are you planning on running?
  14. wyzazz

    7.5G Bee Tank

    I have an lph45, super quiet!!!
  15. wyzazz

    RCS deaths, unknown cause.

    Good luck!!👍👍