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  1. I guess the seller doesn't know what a fishbone pattern is?🤦‍♂️
  2. Shhhhh, you aren't supposed to reveal your diabolical plans publicly!
  3. There is now an option to put your real name on your profile. This way you can more easily figure out who is who!
  4. Welcome @Brew City Shrimp! Good to see you here!
  5. wyzazz


    Indeed! Welcome to the Spot!
  6. Quartz is safe too,as long as it is all quartz.
  7. Cuttlebone won't raise kH, it only provides a bit of calcium. Did you do a water change with straight RO water? What kind of rocks do you have in your tank? Seriyu Stone is known to leech minerals and raise TDS/kH.
  8. If it only raises gH, why do you have kH in your water? You should have no kH vs the 3kH you mentioned above? I'm assuming your RO water is coming out at 0TDS, 0kH, 0gH as it should be. Is something in your aquarium leeching kH into the water?
  9. Thanks for the extra info @Mino! Do you have a link to the remineralizer you are using? if you have a kH of 3 then you are likely going to see your soil exhaust pretty prematurely. Using an Active Substrate like Controsoil, you should be utilizing a gH only remineralizer and your gH should only be 0-1 at most. The danger in all of this is that you'll have pH swings. Once that soil exhausts the pH will swing up rapidly, more rapidly than shrimp can typically tolerate. How long has this tank been up and running out of curiosity?
  10. You'd be looking for failed molts, or a big ring right in the center of their bodies where the head and abdomen separate like the below pic. Were these homebred shrimp or imported shrimp? Imported shrimp (especially Neo's) typically have more issues because they are stressed and unhealthy due to their long journey.
  11. Not typically, no. And those aren't typical Neo parameters TBH. I've got CRS that do fine in Neo Parameters (gH8-9, kH 4-5, pH 7-7.8) Can you describe your setup? What kind of substrate? Are you using Remineralized RO or Tap Water? Etc...
  12. Looking good! I saw you posted this up on FB as well, let us know how it works out for you!
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