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  1. wyzazz

    Thinning out some plants!

    Quite a few, I've got a large mat 12" around or so.
  2. Boy , do I need more coffee this morning! You're welcome!
  3. wyzazz

    The solution to unwanded shrimps

    Send me the ones without the backline, I prefer them! I'm serious...
  4. There isn't really aren't any Con's unless you want to keep the two separate. You will get a mix of both in the tank (and even some blonde's) as time goes on.
  5. wyzazz

    Thinning out some plants!

    Just sent you a PM.
  6. wyzazz

    Neo Caridina Sale! Neos prices to move!

    No worries, Steve won't claim homebred if they are imported shrimp. With shrimp, it's all about stability and consistency. Most shrimp are in a fragile state after they are shipped & the most critical time for them is the first 30-60 days thereafter. A lot of importers get their shrimp in, then turn around and re-bag them and ship them right back out to the consumer/hobbyist. That is far from ideal IMHO. I personally think that it's the constant changing of parameters that does these shrimp in. They go from Overseas Shrimp Farm -> Bag/Shipping -> Importer -> Bag/Shipping -> Final Destination... ...this is usually within a relatively short amount of time and stresses the shrimp out. Hence the die-off's and other issues that occur.
  7. wyzazz

    Neo Caridina Sale! Neos prices to move!

    Steve does Import, and I assume these are from his latest shipment. He also breeds at home quite extensively and has a good rep in the "Shrimp World". If you don't mind buying imported shrimp (remember none of the shrimp we keep originated in the U.S., they were all imported at one time) then Steve is a great guy to do business with! He takes great care of his shrimp and quarantines all of his imports. JMO...
  8. wyzazz

    Neo Caridina Sale! Neos prices to move!

    Prodobio Supplements/Additives for the tank.
  9. Agreed for all of the above-stated reasons! And there is no reason you can't have both!!! You could quickly start up your new tank by adding one of the existing sponge filters to the new 20L with the Matten Filter in it. And replacing one of the sponges in your existing tank with a new one!
  10. wyzazz

    Thinning out some plants!

    Correct! Sure, just let me know how much you'd like. The anubias will have 5-7 leaves. I'm cutting from a pretty large mat.
  11. Time to thin out some of my plants! Salvinia Minima (Floating Plant) 1/2C for $5 Dwarf Water Lettuce 10X for $5. Anachris Elodea 5x 6" stems for $5 Anubias (barteri) $3ea Hornwort $5 for 5 6" pieces Crypts (Common run-of-the-mill) for $2ea Java Moss 1/2C $5 I've also got different colored ramshorn snails up for grabs. Brown/Leopard $.25ea Blue/Leopard $1.00ea Pink $1.00ea Shipping is $7.20 to anywhere in the US in a USPS Priority Small Flat Rate Box. If you're looking for more than I can fit into a small flat rate box I can ship in a 7x7x6 Priority Mail Box for not much more.
  12. wyzazz


    Here is about the best pic I have right now.
  13. Good packaging is a very important factor in whether your shrimp will arrive alive or not. And when it's really hot out "Hold for Pickup" is a great option. All that being said, you can't account for boxes being crushed or shrimp sitting hot in a truck our outside somewhere for an extended period of time. Sometimes sh!t happens! As long as the seller has a DOA policy, you should be good to go.
  14. wyzazz


    Yep, they are just not as common. I've got a small colony going, not enough to sell yet though. They are just a much darker variant of the Royal Blues, they have no blue hue to them at all and will typically have some metallic sheen to them.