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  1. No real need in a shrimp tank, but if you need it for a period of time you could always add a bag of purigen hanging in the output of the sponge filter. Or you could look at utilizing Quanvee Sponge Filters.
  2. Landen rimless tanks are awesome! https://www.hanaquatics.com/
  3. If you don't see yourself going farther than 8 outlets, then Hygger Pumps have a good rep. (https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B075653ZL2/?coliid=IQTA2NMAUSKVG&colid=21UX9TH331DWV&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it) Hooking it up to a manifold you should be good to go. That being said, Linear Piston Pumps are fantastic for running several outputs. I highly recommend Jehmco/Medo pumps. While they may cost a bit, the technology is superior to Linear Diaphragm or Diaphragm Pumps overall & they require little to no maintenance to run 8-10 years. The LPH26 would do just fine for double your current requirements, but for the price you might consider the LPH45. You would want to bleed off the excess air. http://www.jehmco.com/html/central_air_pumps.html
  4. I always suggest picking up homebred shrimp when you can. As @Shrimp Life mentioned above, there are some possible diseases that tend to come from Imported shrimp. Homebred shrimp tend to travel less, end up less stressed overall & because they are typically bred by hobbyists they are generally better looked after.
  5. I like to use a large sponge as a pre-filter on my canisters. That or on my 150 that uses a Fluval FX5 Canister, I have a corner HMF as a pre-filter.
  6. wyzazz


    Never heard of her! 😂🤣
  7. Cut your water with RO, the active substrate won't permenantly lower the pH.
  8. So you're getting pretty much pure water (devoid of minerals) from your tap. The same thing many of us aim for by using an RO System. From here, you will want to add minerals back to your water to support aquatic life as aotf mentioned above. I use Salty Shrimp gH+ (for Caridina Parameters) and Salty Shrimp gH/kH+ (for Neo Parameters) to remineralize my RO water and make it suitable for shrimp. With Caridina Parameters, you need something to keep the pH stable, so active/buffering substrate is used. For Neo Parameters the kH keeps the pH stable, so you use an inert substrate.
  9. So my assumption is that you're using Tap Water? You won't want to utilize that with Active Substrate. Pick up RO or Distilled Water, or better yet an RO unit, then you can remineralize to your desired gH. Here is what will happen if you use Active Substrate with your water (I'm assuming your kH is pretty high). 1. You will exhaust the buffering properties of the soil very quickly and end up with inert substrate. 2. When you do water changes, your pH will fluctuate. Say that your pH in the tank is 6.7. You remove 10% of the water and add tap water. Your pH will swing up rapidly in to the low 7s' and the substrate will try to pull it back down to that 6.7. This will happen at every water change until the substrate finally exhausts. When it does your pH will swing rapidly up to that 8.8pH you mentioned above. Most, if not all of the shrimp won't survive that. You could look in to Sulawesi Shrimp, they may be a fit for your tap as it is. They require warmer temps and dine almost exclusively on Algae and Biofilm.
  10. That really depends on the soil you choose and the source water you utilize. You will want water with no kH (that pushes the pH up) so most of us use RO remineralized with a gH only salt. Some are lucky enough (Washington comes to mind) to have almost no kH in their water from the tap.
  11. I don't currently keep a tank just like that to take readings from.
  12. Water with no kH and no active substrate (or something to keep the pH stable) will have pH fluctuations. pH readings would change from night to day, especially in a planted tank.
  13. Controsoil and Akadama both last around 1.5 years for me, Stratum maybe 9moz. I have Brightwell running in a couple tanks for 1.5 years right now and it's still buffering to 6.3 or so. RO Water remineralized with gH only.
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