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  1. wyzazz

    Looking for new shrimp

    You will want to lower the temps (I keep all my tanks under 72F). What are the gH and kH of the water? I do however, have folks keeping my CRS in tap water and I keep some in remineralized RO set to Neocaridina Parameters with no issues.
  2. wyzazz

    Looking for new shrimp

    I have CRS that I sell at $3ea. What kind of tank are you setting up? How large and what are the water parameters? How long has it been running for?
  3. wyzazz

    Inverts to keep with RCS

    I'd recommend a Tiger Shrimp (OEBT/OERBT or Tangerine Tiger) or some Snails. There are various shades of Ramshorn Snails that you could add, Nerite Snails, Mystery Snails... ...I don't however recommend Amano Shrimp. In a tank that small I think they might bully the RCS a bit. I'll also cautiously recommend Yellow King Kong or Crystal Reds. I've got both in Neocaridina Parameters that are similar to yours. I may get flamed for saying so, but the CRS have been doing well for quite a while and are breeding. The YKK I only had for a few weeks but they seem to be doing well too, I'll know more as time goes on.
  4. wyzazz

    Any low light “hanging” plants?

    I'd look around for some Buce or Anubias to put in a pot like that. You can surround the rhizome with some small pieces of lava rock.
  5. wyzazz

    'Sup from Wyoming!

    Here's my $.02 and it might be unpopular. I'm not a fan of Joe (Joe's Aquarium/9th Dragon), I've never ordered from him but have lots of friends in the shrimp world that have not had great experiences with him. I've ordered from Jose at Aquarium Creations and was dis-satisfied as well, mostly at the severe lack of communication. This seems to have been a trend with them as of late unfortunately. I keep my Cards at 4-5gH and 0-1kH, that's everything from CRS to various Taiwan Bee's, Stardust, Super Princess Bee's & various others. pH tends to vary a bit from tank to tank depending on which substrate I've utilized. As for adding the gH booster/remineralizer, I'd add it slowly with water changes. I tend to do 10-15% a week on all of my tanks. @TheGlassBox - I use a Brute 44gal trash can with a float valve installed to store my RO. I've also got a large airstone in there that feeds off of my air loop in the shrimp room.
  6. wyzazz

    'Sup from Wyoming!

    Shrimp Nation USA, Shrimp Nation USA Swap Page, USA Aquatic Plants Exchange, USA Freshwater Shrimp and Plants, USA Shrimp Keepers Shrimp and Plant Auctions, Shrimp and Plants Auction - USA, Aquarium Shrimp Keeping, Shrimp Haven, Shrimp Breeders of America, USA Shrimp Keepers. I never even knew there was a ShrimpSpot page! I'm Danny Robert on FB, feel free to look me up!
  7. wyzazz

    'Sup from Wyoming!

    I'll agree with everything @TheGlassBox said above. But I've never really been a huge fan of Aquabid. There is a very large Shrimp community on Facebook, I sell there as do many others. And looking here is a great place to find some high-quality shrimp as well. I prefer to purchase from other hobbyists as the prices are lower and the quality tends to be much higher! As mentioned, PRL are pretty consistent but they require lower pH and more acidic conditions. And I do cull mine for shell thickness and patterns though. Most shrimp will hide until they are comfortable in their surroundings. And typically shrimp don't like bright lights either, mine are all over the place when I have the lights out!
  8. wyzazz

    'Sup from Wyoming!

    I'm way less eloquent than you, so I'll just say Welcome to the Spot!!! As for Neo's, you can find some pretty decent lines that are fairly stable, but you won't find any that are completely stable. You'll always need to cull and you'll always have the random outlier. If you can find someone that has been culling and keeping a high-quality line of Neo's you may have better luck and fewer culls. For me, Bloody Mary's seem to be the most consistent. I got mine from @TheGlassBox. Hopefully your Panda's make it, just ensure you drip acclimate them slowly once you receive your salts and re-home them.
  9. I've put together some packages of my Shrimp Dust Complete food, Snowflake & Barley Pellets. These are 3 of the things I feed to all of my shrimp on a weekly basis. For $23.00 you will receive 1/2C (~60g) of Shrimp Dust Complete, a heaping 1/2C of Snowflake & a heaping 1/2C of Barley Pellets shipped to you via USPS. The Shrimp Dust Complete contains the following: Spirulina, Nettle Leaf, Moringa Leaf, Barley Grass, Kelp, Bee Pollen, Mulberry Leaf, Maple Leaf, Oak Leaf, Mint Leaf, Cherry Leaf, Catappa Leaf, Soy Hulls, Eggshells, Montmorillonite Clay, Brewers Yeast, Beneficial Bacteria, Spinach, Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Acorn Squash, Salmon Pellets, Earthworm Pellets, Black Soldier Fly Larvae This is a great food to mix with Tank or RO water, and dose your tanks with. Because it is a powder it spreads all over the tank and promotes the growth of biofilm and is readily accessible to your baby shrimp! Snowflake is made from Soy Hulls & Barley Pellets are made from... ...well Barley! Both of these are long-term grazing foods that will not foul your water, they immediately promote the growth of bacteria and biofilm that shrimp love to consume. Here is a quick (poorly taken) video of me adding Shrimp Dust Complete to my tanks.
  10. wyzazz

    40 Gallon breeder tank divided

    I drilled a hole (using a step bit, in reverse) into the foam that was a little smaller than the 3/4" PVC and shoved it through. The foam is sturdy enough to hold them up. Using a canister filter you will need to attempt to rig something up to PVC fittings.
  11. wyzazz

    What is this growth on my Neos?!

    That is Scutarielia, a common shrimp parasite. You can treat using a salt dip. Be careful not to use table salt with Iodine! Dosage: 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of clean tank water (not tap water). Duration: 30sec to 1 minute. You might need to repeat this a couple of times until the parasite disappears, so keep the infected shrimp in a breeder or hospital tank (could be another cup of tank water).
  12. Try something like this packed with buffering substrate if you don't want to break down your tank completely. https://www.discobee.com/products/discobee-ugf-box Personally, I think you should start up another tank and prep for a tank reset anyway though.
  13. wyzazz

    Yellow neos stop breeding

    Time of year, temp, barometric pressure all play a role. Every tank is a unique ecosystem and every strain of shrimp is different.
  14. Personally, I'd reset! It's not worth the risk! Clean the tanks out with dawn, clean and reuse the sponges, then I'd set everything back up and run carbon anyway to see if you can soak up anything that the plants might have sucked up. I'm not sure if you could clean anything up out of the soil. I know a few folks here (TGOE & ShrimpLife) that I could wholeheartedly recommend for Taiwan Bees. And there are several more on Facebook that I could recommend to you. I'm also kind of local to you (I'm pretty low on stock right now) but do have some easy to grow plants, floaters and even some Neo's, CRS and Stardust that might help you to start out again. I could even offer up a sponge to jumpstart a cycle for you. As for soil, I've never used ADA but have had great success with Brightwell, Controsoil and especially Akadama! None of the aforementioned leech ammonia.
  15. wyzazz

    Red Panda Offspring

    They do look a bit like CRS, but they are still very small as well. Give them some time to mature a bit before calling it. Have you tried messaging the seller to see if they were crossed with anything yet?