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  1. wyzazz

    Noobie in need of some help please

    It's fine, they get the "racing" stripe every once in a while. It makes them faster! 😁
  2. I wouldn't. Shrimp are highly sensitive to certain chemicals. I'd create a hardscape with natural stones and go from there.
  3. wyzazz

    Accidental green shrimp?

    She's got nice coloration and although I'm not a fan of backlines, some folks certainly are! I'd move her and see if you can something from breeding her with something with some green tint or a Blue/Yellow Neo.
  4. wyzazz

    Bulk Indian Almond Leaves

    I boil or soak them in really hot water first to prevent an excessive leeching of tannins. They are not dirty though.
  5. You could attempt this but not with ADA or any other soil that leeches Ammonia. You could do it with SLAqua, Controsoil or Brightwell if you wanted to. Generally, I just reset the tank and call it done.
  6. wyzazz

    Shrimp for a nano aquarium

    Nope problem. If I don't have something for you I'm sure someone else here will! 😁
  7. wyzazz

    Shrimp for a nano aquarium

    I do breed them myself. I should have more in 4-6 weeks. Let me know what your parameters look like when you get that test kit and we can see if they might be a fit for you.
  8. wyzazz

    Shrimp for a nano aquarium

    I should have some more in a few weeks. Shoot me a message and we can discuss parameters and such. I keep some in a 1.5gal tank at work along with some Cherries on city tap water. The ones at home are in remineralized RO in Neo Parameters.
  9. wyzazz

    Shrimp for a nano aquarium

    Lime Green Neo's, Orange Neo's, Black Rose Neo's? Orange Eyed Royal Blue Tigers?
  10. wyzazz

    Bulk Indian Almond Leaves

    I purchase on Ebay from this seller. https://www.ebay.com/sch/hadijamosstap-0/m.html?ssPageName=&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2654
  11. wyzazz

    TPShrimpers racktastic adventures

    Looking good!
  12. I'm actually not completely sure what brings out the sparkling more, I think it's really just older, more mature shrimp that get it. I've got Ramshorns and MTS in all of my tanks. I'm at pH 6.3, gH 4-5, kH 0-1, TDS 132.
  13. Looking good Man! Here is where I am at with my Stardust project, I'm getting some nice blue tints out of the juvies now after culling for a few generations!
  14. Some tanks more than others, but it's not too bad.
  15. I use 30 PPI foam, 20 PPI will allow shrimplets through. I don't typically clean behind mine but once every 3-4 months.