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  1. Shrimporama

    Old TPT member, coming back to shrimp

  2. Shrimporama

    Yellow Rili's!

    I love them! Keep going with them. I just got a gorgeous red rilli baby in my Bloody Mary tank. A bit bummed because for a year all breeding true Bloody Mary’s.
  3. My very limited experience is the taitibee seem to be slow growers too
  4. Hi Rowdy have any other shrimp died like this? I had 2 weird deaths like this in a tank a long time ago. I suspect it was poor immune health. How are your water parameters? Any Temperature fluctuations or pH fluctuations? I could not pinpoint the problem in my tank, but I started to feed bee pollen and spiralina powder weekly and occasionally bloodworms. I have not had any problems since. I know this is not a clear cut answer, but stress of any kind over time weakens the immune system.
  5. Shrimporama

    New member from the Netherlands!

    Welcome to the group. Send some pictures of your tank
  6. Hi David welcome to the group. Lots of experienced shrimp lovers here. Be sure to look at the archives in the genetics and breeding area of the forum.
  7. Shrimporama

    CRS with red eyes!

    This looks like a tiger hybrid to me, not a PRL. But I am no expert. Pretty shrimp though
  8. I am so sorry. I agree, the safest is to start over.
  9. Shrimporama

    Name that pleco.

    Thanks for trying. Very pretty
  10. Shrimporama


    Any left?
  11. Hi Shrimpers I set up a tank with black sand labeled for aquarium and reptile use. Bought from a LFS that sells shrimp. They say they use it in their shrimp tanks. The tank is cycled so I moved tank to it’s permanent place. After moving tank I added a magnetic glass cleaner. Low and behold some black substrate is now on the magnet. Clearly there is some iron in substrate. If I had not added the magnet I would not have had any idea. Do you think this is/will be a problem? Planning for Buce/ mosses. All water parameters are otherwise where I want them. Half of me says ignorance was bliss...but now I’m concerned. I called the fish store, told them this is for some rather uncommon shrimp and the owner told his employee that it’s on me what I choose to do.... what BS! But that can be for a rant of a different time. In Neo tanks that I have had well planted with some laterite mixed in substrate and it wasn’t an issue.... I may be answering my own question, but seeking some input from the forum. Thanks All
  12. Love the red spots. Interesting. Wonder if clear areas will remain.
  13. Anyone have experience with solar powered pond pumps? I need one for outdoor water feature and also for a backup for my pond. Reading many varying reviews so thought I’d ask here. Hope that ok...
  14. Shrimporama

    Baby aura blue tigers

    Very, very pretty! Are these your babies or did you buy them?
  15. Shrimporama

    Questions about one of my ghost shrimp

    Actually this whitish milky tail could be a bacterial infection. Anyone else like to chime in?...@Chappy
  16. Shrimporama

    Questions about one of my ghost shrimp

    When she is ready she will move her eggs to her swimmerets. My Amano,s do all the time in my plant tanks. No babies cause I don’t keep brackish tanks. Go to the archives as at least one shrimper has successfully raised Amano shrimp.
  17. Shrimporama

    Questions about one of my ghost shrimp

    Welcome BlakeWiles to the ShrimpSpot. the small circular cluster in the segment behind her head, is what shrimpers refer to as a saddle. It where the eggs are stored before fertilization. Like an ovary. So looks like you have a mature female. I have not kept ghost shrimp before but I think they require a brackish environment to hatch.
  18. Shrimporama

    AuraTi questions

    Really beautiful patterns JonRon. I have a hybrid black tiger/pinto tank that throws similar rusty red/brown patterns. I call these my root beers. Some have red/white tiger patterns while others black/white bands. The F2 and beyond get truly bright red. I’m starting to separate out the reds into their own tank. The blue babies end up extreme BKK to pinto patterns. I love the beautiful patterns that come out of this tank. Some of the f1 moms are not the prettiest as far as opacity, but they throw pretty babies. A couple of the red babies have bright red squiggly Lines on their heads. Can’t wait to see how your colony matures. Shrimp Rock!
  19. Shrimporama

    Sulawesi shrimp varieties!

    When do they arrive. Do I have time to cycle a tank?
  20. hi all I have a Micmol aqua air light on a 10 gallon tank. I am wondering what settings would be best. I have wave moss, mini moss, fissendens "fox", short and narrow java fern, and a red moss "callagossa becarri. The tank has been set up about 4 months. After it cycled I added 2 panda loaches until I decided which shrimp I wanted. Its quite bright on the factory settings and was great to cycle the tank with, but I think its too much light for the plants and it seems too be a bit much for the shrimp as they hide when it comes on. Any suggestions would be much appreciated Thanks
  21. Shrimporama

    Hallo from Italia

    Welcome to TSS. Lots of help and enthusiasm for shrimpies here
  22. Shrimporama

    justme's shrimp story

    Beautiful tanks. Welcome to TSS
  23. Shrimporama

    Newbie from New Jersey!

    Welcome to the shrimpspot. There are lots of friendly shrimp fanatics here with lots of experience.
  24. Shrimporama

    Help with identifying please?

    Very pretty shrimp