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  1. Best Shrimp Filter? I reviewed the AquaEl pat mini filter
  2. Thank you so much for your in depth reply. I have a better idea now, but I will still have more questions. SO I might ask you a few more as they come along. Hope that is okay. Do you have any tips for people who want to start breeding as I want to add a few tips at the end of the video?
  3. Hi Guys, I want to make a YouTube video about genetics/culling on neocaridina so I have to do some research. If you look at the attached picture, I have some questions: 1. A cherry shrimp come from a wild shrimp? So how does it become a cherry shrimp? 1.1 If i want to breed red cherry shrimp into red rili, what do I need to do? 1.2 If I have done that how do I keep that line strong and maintain the color? 2. Lets say I want to breed green jades (what do I need to do to get them?) 3. Do you need to add new blood to your shrimp if you started with 10+ shrimp? 4. What colors breeds true (meaning if I have this line, they will most probably stay that color)? I have loads more questions, but I don't want to overwhelm anyone. If you dont know the answer, maybe you can point me in the direction of someone that does? Thanks in advance
  4. You can try this guy: https://ul.ecwid.com/
  5. Hi. I like your idea! Any feedback on how it works? I also made one, allot faster and also works great!
  6. So its getting winter and you might wonder if you need a heater? Hope this will help you! https://youtu.be/F0OHZdY66r8 So its getting winter and you might wonder if you need a heater? Hope this will help you!
  7. Hi Maurice. Yes, the Hikari shrimp cuisine in the video I got in JHB. There are allot more that you can choose from. Every time I have been there they are sold out. I will get some other brands when I come down to JHB/PTA or order some from Aqua Empire. When I start with the Cardinia specie, I will only use specialized food and leaves.
  8. You used the word "Lekker". Its an Afrikaans word which is my first language. English is my second... I'm from South Africa. I keep one neo tank togerther as those were the shrimp from my fist big cul. I culled them about a year ago and even then there were shrimp that looked like they came from a natural stream (wild). Now I sell my culled stock which I put alone in a separate tank. Out of the 9 Neo colors I have. I still like the mixed tank the most... The video with the tape measure is just to show the noobs how much to feed and not to overfeed. Obviously I don't measure it myself as I have been feeding for 3 years. Mulberry is easy to find here. The rest is not.. So thx, will keep a look out and see what I can find. Thx for the help!
  9. Hi Guys! Hope you don't see this as spam, as I am only interested in growing the hobby. Please check out my YouTube Channel and tell me what you think. I only started recently, but hopefully you guys can learn something as I have learned allot while making them.
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