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  1. DevinB

    Aquatic life ro buddie

    Had mine slightly over a year and still getting TDS 5, it takes about 30 minutes to fill up a gallon in my experience. Overall I'd buy another one as long as you don't need have a bunch of tanks, it was super simple to piece together and has held up pretty solid.
  2. I was meaning more along the lines of specifics as I haven't had to buy any new filters in a while/don't know what specific brand/model are seen as best at the moment.And I was hoping to get opinions based on essentially the best option for each if starting from scratch as after the new filters cycle I plan to break down my current filters completely. For the ten gallon I will probably run a sponge for bio and extra surface agitation but would like a good mechanical filter to replace it's current mini canister, the 36 gallon either a good hob or canister and I'll probably run a bubble wall for extra surface agitation. Edit:Also the 10 gallon is moderately planted and 36 I would say is heavily planted. Both no co2, but water movement is main factor I'm concerned with. I guess I was a bit vague in op.
  3. So I finally got tired of the buzzing coming from two of my current filters and am looking for a good shrimp safe update and am not sure really what's best options. The two tanks I am looking for replacements for will be a ten gallon standard tank set up for Taiwan bees, and a 36 gallon bowfront tibee/neo tank. Give me your opinions based upon what you think would be best for my shrimp for each please and thank you.
  4. DevinB

    Bacter ae

    I use bacter ae in all of my tanks at least twice a week, and I dose it by dipping a wettened toothpick into the container of powder, then tap it on the rim of the container to drop the loose powder. Then I just swirl it into the tank water so it spreads around and sticks to my moss. I've noticed a significant increase in babies surviving since starting using it in this manner (roughly a 15% increase per egg clutch) As for overdosing it.. I had a mishap in my 36 gallon just a few weeks ago.. I keep a (probably 2 Tbsp) container made for dipping sauce (stolen from Applebee's... Don't tell on me..) that I keep a mix of bacter ae, shrimp baby food, and some mineral powders and bee pollen in my shrimp room. When I was taking some pictures during feeding time I accidently knocked the entire container into the tank... Other than a massive feeding frenzy that lasted 2 days and a very very slight recycle (corrected within 24 hours) everything was fine and I noticed no deaths at all in a tank of 150 or so shrimp. I did a 10% water change as soon as it happened and again after 3 days to be safe just because of the mineral powders, but I don't think I even needed the second WC to be honest..
  5. DevinB

    Preorder my shrimp food

    I like your list of ingredients up until the avocado pits, as avocado pits, skins, leaves and bark all contain Persin which is an insecticide that is known to kill goats that eat the fallen leaves and whole fruits.. just curious if you could give me your reasoning behind using it, and if you make any food without it. I would definitely preorder a bag of pellets if I could get it without the avocado.
  6. DevinB

    Ten gallon tb tank journal

    Update: one of the orange eyes grown up, and a few white eyed juvies. Terrible pics as usual..
  7. Update on this, they are pretty much 3/4 the size of the adults now and still seem to be keeping the orange eyes. I finally got a decentish picture of one of them today as it was getting ready to molt, you can see that where his tail and abdomen meet there is a clear ring, all of the others have this as well but all the rest of the white stayed white. Now I have a generation of some that are about a month and a half old that all have white eyes.. the one with all white tail I call mime because he has a white smilie face and white eyes.
  8. DevinB

    Increasing shrimplet survival rate

    When I feed Bacter AE,or any other powdered food for babies, I usually dip a toothpick into my bottle of top up water I have sitting around about the depth of my fingernail (slightly over a 1/4 inch probably) and then shake off the excess water and just lightly roll that in the top of the powder then swirl it around in the tank to make sure it spreads around evenly. I do this every other day in most tanks, but my tanks that have alot of babies I do this every day switching between different foods. They don't need alot of food at a time but they need it fairly often when first starting out.I always put in the food for the adults about 5 minutes before hand so that they are occupied and don't just gobble down the powder food before the babies can find it. Are the newest babies surviving still? Have there been any more since?
  9. Just wanted to update this thread, I culled out most of the males from this tank and did some selective breeding over the last few months. And I am glad to say that I have this tank fully worked out and now have 15 female babies that survived to breeding age, and since they started breeding now have probably 75-100 babies ranging in size from freshly hatched to a month or so old.
  10. DevinB

    FREE Stuff for Shrimpers!

    Pm'd about some heaters and thermometers
  11. DevinB

    Sirius Green Pollen Food

    My shrimp are loving the pollen, you can see the slight fog come off the outer layer as they sink and I always watch 5 to 6 shrimp instantly chase it right to each piece. And the babies always get their share since they disperse nicely as they sink.
  12. That's definitely one of the better threads I've read in regards to cross breeding. I'd personally say take the advice in that thread, then maybe do some crosses that other people wouldn't normally do. Me personally, I bought shrimp off of 6 different respected breeders then started messing around with them. My first real "breeding project" ended up with orange eye black king kongs by accident. Could always just buy a 10 pack of all of your favorite types of shrimp, throw them in a tank together then pull out the babies you like and selective breed all your favorites. I'll probably catch heat for saying that, but why not experiment..? You can always cull out tanks and separate them if you end up with the monkey/frog hybrids like in the movie beerfest lol..
  13. Is it proven that orange eyes literally can't have white on them, or just speculated? Because these little ones all are showing orange eyes and every single one has white stripes so far. There's even a few that look like they will be snow whites with orange eyes. =/
  14. Awww I see.. all of my baby shrimp in this tank have orange eyes so far, which is weird because not a single adult shrimp I have has orange or red eyes only black. But these ones are probably 5 weeks old so far and are definitely still orange eyed, not sure how long it would take to show red instead of orange, but they for sure have white bars/ stripes on them..All the other babies I have from this tank are looking like blue jelly's as babies but orange eyed, none are really looking like they have much of their tibee parents genes as they aren't showing any patchy spots or tiger stripes just typical taiwan bee patterns with orange eyes.
  15. Mine have white on them in either 2,3 or 4 bar patterns and all have either 2 or 4 white dots on their tails. So these are going to turn clear as they age? Or will it just slowly disappear in the next generations?