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  1. DevinB

    Thinning out some plants!

    The smaller floaters are the Salvinia correct? I have a bunch of that in my one fish tank that I never planted and I never knew the name of haha. But either way I am interested in some water lettuce and anubias. Just curious as to how many leaves/how large are your anubias rhizomes that are up for grabs?
  2. Yes, it still works in 3 hour increments like the original but you can adjust everything else really. I was gone for a few days and had my little brother looking after my tanks and he accidentally double dosed flourish excel and melted a few of my buce but other than that all of my plants are doing good so far.
  3. I ended up going with the new finnex 24/7 CC as they seemed to address all the issues I have with the original 24/7. I just got done setting it up, will let you all know how well it works out for me
  4. Yea it does for the few days that the remote works for, and also not on 24/7 mode. The light itself is awesome but at least when I bought mine none of the remotes lasted longer than a week, I got tired of sending them back for replacement after the third time and just leave it on 24/7 now. Also I'm not "dosing" ferts by any means, I add in less than half the recommended dose of ferts once a month at water changes and occasionally I'll add a few drops in the middle of the month if i notice any leafs looking iffy. I'll definitely check out the beamswork, if finnex has fixed their issues with remotes I'd definitely buy one again. Thanks for the suggestion everyone, now to do some google comparisons
  5. Hey thanks, I have the 36 inch planted plus 24/7 on my 36 gallon bowfront and it does great at getting light down to the bottom of a tall tank, you dont think that the planted plus would be too strong for a shorter tank with such slow growing plants?
  6. Hey all, the tank I was using my OG dual bulb fixture with standard ten gallon plastic lid finaly bit the dust ( it had years of suffering my very very hard tap water as a guppy breeder before it became a shrimp tank). I had an emergency 14" metal dome shade clip on that I threw a 26 watt 5000k on over top for now but want to buy a nice led strip for plants, preferably an actual 18 inch or 20 inch for full light coverage and larger heat sink capacity. The plant stocking is my entire bucephalandra collection of 15+ species on lava rock and cholla wood and Fissiden fontanus on driftwood with my Red Taiwan bees. So doesn't need to be high light by any means just the best color spectrum with lighting to cover a 20 inch wide tank and preferably led. Also it's very low tech, I just add some liquid ferts once or twice a month.
  7. DevinB

    Cross Breeding Question

    That depends on what type of genes your trying to select for, as with all species of life, certain genes are carried dependant on if they are a recessive or dominant trait and if they are attached to an x chromosome or y chromosome. If your trying to do just some basic crosses, I've always found it easier to put a female of one in with the colony of another so I know that there isn't a rogue male in a tank knocking up every female. But I don't use breeder boxes unless I really really have to as it always seems to take much longer to get the "mood" established if both shrimp are stressed out.
  8. Just curious as to what this shrimp would be considered as I really like it's patterning, I have a few in my tank similar but not sure what color morph it is considered.
  9. DevinB

    Need help identifying plant.

    Hmm ok, it does look like pictures of bolbitis I am looking at. Thank you.
  10. Hi all, so I found this plant in the middle of a very thick clump of crypt wendtii in a tank. It appears to be a rhizome plant but I have definitely never planted it in any of my tanks.. must have came in as a tiny tiny piece on another plant, for now I stuck it in some Cholla wood and threw it in a shrimp tank to get some better light, just curious what it is. Thanks
  11. I would say probably not as they are part of the nightshade family. From Google. "The Solanaceae (nightshade family) includes such garden favorites as tomatoes, potatoes, and chili and bell peppers, as well as tomatillos and the less-commonly grown potato, chayote squash. These plants produce toxic alkaloids, which are found in the leaves, stems and green unripe fruit." And to the person above me, I would also be careful with avocado tree leaves. "There is a slight amount of persin, a fungicidal toxin similar to a fatty acid, in avocado pits, and the skin, bark, and leaves of the avocado tree." I don't know at what point it becomes toxic or if it would for shrimp. Persin is oil soluble so it ends up being stored in fat inside of animals and slowly builds up over time.
  12. DevinB

    Masapi shrimp... Change color?

    I'm not familiar with that particular species of caridina, but I have found that when my Taiwan bees are stressed in any way that they will usually show darker colors for a few days. If you want them to stay darker, I would try a darker substrate in your tanks if you aren't already using one.
  13. DevinB

    Too Much Dry Leaves

    I usually have one fresh medium Almond leaf and one old medium Almond leaf in each of my ten gallon tanks. I usually take out the "skeleton" of the old leaf on each monthly water change and put in a new leaf. I tried to keep 3 or 4 in each and noticed an increase in detritus worms and other undesirables, although I kept my leaf litter on the tank floor and not suspended like your branch is. I'd probably just keep the other branch somewhere it won't get any contaminates on it for later use if I was you. And thank you for this idea, I've never really thought about drying out an entire branch of new growth leaves like that, but I like the looks of it. Now to see if my Amish buddy saved me any of his apple tree trimming this year (I give dried out apple twigs to my chinchillas for them to rasp their teeth on and used to just throw away the leaves before I started shrimping so this should save me from having to order more almond leaves hopefully) Edit: also what kind of tank is that if you know off hand, or what the dimensions are so I could Google it? It looks like it would make a killer breeding tank for my Koi angelfish pair as I've always found it hard to find a tall enough tank for their finage to truly be shown off without going into the 36 gallon bowfront or 40 breeder territory which seems like a waste of space for a single breeding pair.. especially since they never stray far from the top back 2 corners or down near their breeding stone..
  14. DevinB

    What Happened here?

    A quarter inch of duckweed would be what did it I imagine. Everything other than the very top layer wouldnt be getting much light if any at all so probably was all rotting and caused an ammonia spike.
  15. DevinB

    White eyed pintos

    Yeah it's the whole eye,at least on the ones I'm trying to get to breed with each other. I had a feeling it probably meant that they were blind 😕 some others from this same brood of eggs have just one white spot covering both eyes. I'm trying to only breed the ones that have color separating in between them though