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  1. Hi, well I had a problem at my house due to lack of communications.. I have a few tanks that I was breeding taiwan bees in, and I made the mistake of trusting my family to take care of them while I was out of town for a few days... My mom decided to flea bomb the house while I was away without asking how that may effect inverts, and I wasn't home to saran wrap up all of the tanks and move filter media into a safe spot until the air cleared... So needless to say I came home to a bunch of fish happy to great me in my planted tanks, and the red decaying corpses of LITERALLY all of my taiwan bee shrimps in the rest of the tanks...... I'm pretty peeved at the moment, as I have lost in the thousands of dollars worth of shrimps... I didn't have nearly that much invested into this hobby but still lost multiple hundreds of dollars of actual money and hundreds upon hundreds of hours of time spent on breeding projects.. Never the less, I plan to buy some shrimp and start fresh now that I have more experience. But here is where I need help.. What should i do to my tanks to clean out the poison that ruined my shrimp...? Is it a lost cause to think that I could maybe use a bunch of carbon to absorb out the pollution? I'm assuming whatever insecticide that bug bombs use is very unfriendly to shrimp, though all of my snails in these tanks are still alive..Should I scrap out my tanks completely...? I'd rather not throw away the 200 dollars of ada soil I have in these tanks if i can safely remove toxins without a full Mulligan... Any help appreciated, though I know I'm probably coming across as an incoherent nutter... Sorry still a bit in shock...
  2. Flipaquatics has babaulti shrimp and they have been very good to me anytime I have ordered TB shrimp from them. No problems whatsoever with shipping or quality of shrimp in my experience with them. https://flipaquatics.com/collections/all-shrimp/products/caridina-babaulti-striped?variant=3873075724328
  3. Hey all, my tds meter bit the dust, and figured I may as well upgrade to something a little more 2018 and see what you guys may suggest in the lines of a tds or tds/ph meter. I have 3 tanks so not having to permanently mount the probes inside the tank is crucial, if I have to store the probe in solution that is fine I just really want something I can easily check multiple tanks with. I have my water changes down to a pretty standard schedule so I should be fine "eyeballing" it for a little while until I can find the proper tool for my needs. Ph is secondary to reliable tds and price for me as I have plenty of ph test solution on hand, but if there are any decent meters that do both that aren't overpriced I would definitely like to hear opinions on those as well. Thanks for your time
  4. You can definitely save the anubias as it should be pretty easy to ensure that it is well cleaned off, moss will be a bit trickier since it does such a good job of holding onto mulm and bacteria. If you must save some of the moss I would just cut a few small pieces off of the tips and start fresh. As for dipping, I would suggest h2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) if all your looking to do is kill bacteria and algae. It kills all bacteria and algae very well in my experience, and when it breaks down it just turns into h2o and a free o molecule, so you dont have to worry about your plants absorbing any possible non shrimp safe chemicals since its just water and oxygen.
  5. I am pretty much a noob( about 1 and a half years into breeding Taiwan bees) but I personally keep 2 10 gallon tanks with 2 hob breeder boxes on each tank for selective breeding. One houses my reds and red bolts the other houses blacks and blue bolts. I do selective breeding in the boxes until babies are spawned then remove the parents and let the babies grow out enough that I can take pictures and identify them to their parents (about 1/4" usually) and then will do my next project in the second breeder box while the first grow out. The rest of the shrimp in the mean time breed naturally in the main body of the tank. It works pretty good for me at the time being, I can continually selectively breed while also letting nature take its course and lead to some diferent patterns and more diverse genetics. I also add new stock to each tank every 6 months to make sure there is genetic diversity. Edit for clarity: I only selectively breed from previous breeding projects that I have the pictures and info to know their genetics, or twice a year I will buy new shrimp and add them into my selective breeding program.
  6. Finally got a half decent picture with one of the panda shrimp in it to show the contrast now that this guy is at adult size. Just curious as to what this shrimp is considered, he has a typical 1 stripe bkk pattern with 4 tail stripes. But his shell is clear and only his flesh is black, he has been this way since I first noticed him as a wee younging a little more than a month ago and he has always had a clear shell other than the white on his stripes. Ghost king kong? His parents were a male bkk 2 stripe and a black zebra pinto female.
  7. I ended up ordering the 20"-24" nicrew deluxeLED for 26.99. I actually have 2 of the 11 inch nicrew orignalLED that I use on 5 gallons and kind of forgot about that company haha. Will update with how it works out for me.
  8. Yeah, I contacted the store I purchased the light from and am still waiting to hear back, although my receipt says I have until November 7 to return it so hoping that it isn't an issue. I was looking at the beamswork 6500k da as was suggested above but the smallest unit I could find was 24 inches and it is a 20 inch tank so that would have 4 inches of overhang. Do you know of any models that they sell that are 18-20 inches?
  9. Just wanted to update this thread on how the finnex planted 24/7 cc worked out for me. It has been just under one month since I received this light and this morning the light started flicking in between diferent lighting modes uncontrollably and then on and off. Now it completely stopped working and emits no light, suffice it to say that this is a terribly made light as I've come to expect from finnex. Now comes all of the fun hassle of dealing with returning this light and likely having to buy an entirely new fixture for the mean time so that I dont kill off all of my buce.. I will never buy another finnex product again after this, and am rather upset that I let myself believe that they actually addressed the issues that they said they fixed from the previous 2 models of this light.
  10. The smaller floaters are the Salvinia correct? I have a bunch of that in my one fish tank that I never planted and I never knew the name of haha. But either way I am interested in some water lettuce and anubias. Just curious as to how many leaves/how large are your anubias rhizomes that are up for grabs?
  11. Yes, it still works in 3 hour increments like the original but you can adjust everything else really. I was gone for a few days and had my little brother looking after my tanks and he accidentally double dosed flourish excel and melted a few of my buce but other than that all of my plants are doing good so far.
  12. I ended up going with the new finnex 24/7 CC as they seemed to address all the issues I have with the original 24/7. I just got done setting it up, will let you all know how well it works out for me
  13. Yea it does for the few days that the remote works for, and also not on 24/7 mode. The light itself is awesome but at least when I bought mine none of the remotes lasted longer than a week, I got tired of sending them back for replacement after the third time and just leave it on 24/7 now. Also I'm not "dosing" ferts by any means, I add in less than half the recommended dose of ferts once a month at water changes and occasionally I'll add a few drops in the middle of the month if i notice any leafs looking iffy. I'll definitely check out the beamswork, if finnex has fixed their issues with remotes I'd definitely buy one again. Thanks for the suggestion everyone, now to do some google comparisons
  14. Hey thanks, I have the 36 inch planted plus 24/7 on my 36 gallon bowfront and it does great at getting light down to the bottom of a tall tank, you dont think that the planted plus would be too strong for a shorter tank with such slow growing plants?
  15. Hey all, the tank I was using my OG dual bulb fixture with standard ten gallon plastic lid finaly bit the dust ( it had years of suffering my very very hard tap water as a guppy breeder before it became a shrimp tank). I had an emergency 14" metal dome shade clip on that I threw a 26 watt 5000k on over top for now but want to buy a nice led strip for plants, preferably an actual 18 inch or 20 inch for full light coverage and larger heat sink capacity. The plant stocking is my entire bucephalandra collection of 15+ species on lava rock and cholla wood and Fissiden fontanus on driftwood with my Red Taiwan bees. So doesn't need to be high light by any means just the best color spectrum with lighting to cover a 20 inch wide tank and preferably led. Also it's very low tech, I just add some liquid ferts once or twice a month.
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