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  1. aotf

    Changing Tiger Shrimp Params

    Ah, then best of luck! If I were you, I would expect some losses and try to keep them well fed (without spiking nitrates) to encourage breeding ASAP.
  2. aotf

    Changing Tiger Shrimp Params

    How big of a difference is it? Generally speaking, you’ll see losses doing that. Not all immediately but over weeks and months, they’ll die off. Your best bet is a slow transition (spanning weeks). If you do plop them in new conditions from the start, it’s a waiting game to see if they breed before they die. The shrimplets will be much more adapted to the new parameters. Instead of all that, just buy shrimp raised in the parameters that you want to keep them in. OEBTs are often raised in caridina parameters so that should be easy to find (they’re just expensive, unlike the neo parameter raised OERBTs from a certain someone on this forum).
  3. aotf

    More missing shrimp

    Are you familiar with the parameters for shrimp? Shrimp are not fish and are often more particular about the parameters they want. Something that seems "safe" for fish may not be for specific shrimp. I would urge you to post your parameters when you find out what they are since this might help with future shrimp ventures. Also, as you're finding out, fish stores tend to be very bad places to pick up shrimp. They're either imported from overseas or bought from a local seller. Either way, they tend not to cater their water specifically towards shrimp, so the shrimp have to deal with moving from their home parameters to fish store parameters (which can be doubly rough if they are shipped from overseas), live there unhappily for a while, then get transferred over to a new set of parameters in the buyer's tank. They don't enjoy this. Many neos have died and will die during that double transfer. The best thing you can do is drip acclimate them very slowly and make sure your tank parameters are exactly where they should be for that specific shrimp.
  4. aotf

    More missing shrimp

    Parameters? Tank info? They died (bullying from the betta or bad parameters) and their tankmates had a delicious snack! Yeah, shrimp eat other shrimp.
  5. aotf


    Very nice mixed pinto tank and starter good tips. Any experience with planaria taking down adult shrimp? Thanks for the videos!
  6. aotf

    [WTB] Shadow Panda & Pintos

    I haven't seen @Shrimpscales around in a long while but people rave about their orders from him and his shadow panda pictures were awesome.
  7. aotf

    Let me show you my algae

    Let me show you my algae snails* Interesting look, what is it?
  8. aotf

    Crystal Red Question

    Your pH might also end up being high as a result of the carbonates in the water, what is it in your tank? I had a tank that sat at kH 1-2 for a while and the pH sat at 6.8-7.0. Not enough to kill caridina immediately but I lost over 50% of the caridina I put into the tank over the course of a couple months. It also depends on where your caridina come from. If the breeder is keeping them in "harder" water (by card standards), then that works out great. If they're in traditional kH 0, pH ~6.2 water, you might be pushing it.
  9. aotf

    Breedin probs

    Yeah, 3 weeks is about the length you'd expect for neo incubation. Babies tend to be invisible for almost the first week, then you might notice them lounging around or even swimming (...but maybe not with guppies).
  10. Can't help on the specific diameter you need but good chance Han can help you out: http://www.hanaquatics.com/ss-filter-guard/
  11. Where did you get your stocks? That’s really impressive. I’ve tried moving shrimp from neo to card parameters and back several times and most of the time they all just die off within a couple weeks. Best case scenario, most of them die but some manage to berry and the shrimplets survive in the new parameters. It’s a stressful race against time as you watch your shrimp die off one by one.
  12. If you drop your TDS to 150-180 and your pH to mid 6, sure! In that case, use SS GH, no KH. Otherwise no, they will die. Some fast, some slow, but your colony will very likely dwindle away.
  13. aotf

    Pregnancy question

    Time (3 weeks for neos, 4 ish for cards) and the fact that the eggs will change from uniform brown/yellow/green to whatever you’d expect a baby shrimplet smashed into a tiny transparent egg to look like (visible eyes, striping, light coloration, all dependent on the variety).
  14. Warming water also decreases the amount of dissolved CO2 the water can hold. Just figured that’s also part of the equation when it comes to your plants not pearling anymore, not sure how though.
  15. Blue Steels? Not F1 though. That will likely be a mess.