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  1. If you drop your TDS to 150-180 and your pH to mid 6, sure! In that case, use SS GH, no KH. Otherwise no, they will die. Some fast, some slow, but your colony will very likely dwindle away.
  2. aotf

    Pregnancy question

    Time (3 weeks for neos, 4 ish for cards) and the fact that the eggs will change from uniform brown/yellow/green to whatever you’d expect a baby shrimplet smashed into a tiny transparent egg to look like (visible eyes, striping, light coloration, all dependent on the variety).
  3. Warming water also decreases the amount of dissolved CO2 the water can hold. Just figured that’s also part of the equation when it comes to your plants not pearling anymore, not sure how though.
  4. Blue Steels? Not F1 though. That will likely be a mess.
  5. It really depends what you’d like to get out of it. I wouldn’t cross back to full tiger, i think you’ll just get less and less bee over time. If you want to take a stab at your own fancy tiger (not even sure this is how they’re bred) you could probably back cross to CBS. If you want to go into parts unknown, you could cross with other TBs. Tibees already have tiger in them so I don’t know that the results would be that good in the short term but as with any breeding projects, you’ll probably have to go to F3-4 before seeing cool colors and patterns (and not just more of what you already have). disclaimer: I have not done any of this myself, all of my ideas are secondhand
  6. Those definitely look like they have tiger to me, that’s not just CBS. Any chance they come from some TT? That’s what it looks like to me at first glance.
  7. aotf

    Mini pellia not growing

    Ferts? Temperature? Lights? Where is it in the tank? High flow/low flow area? Do you have other plants in the tank that are growing? Mini pellia shouldn't be too demanding, just slow. In low light it'll grow stringy but it'll keep growing.
  8. aotf

    Mini pellia not growing

    Is it literally not growing at all or just way more slowly than you'd like?
  9. Ah, makes sense. Only heard good things about Flip so far. I actually got some TTs raised in card parameters from Joe Aqua and adapted them to neo params. I lost most of them but the survivors started breeding like crazy and I have a colony in pH 8 water. Now I’m trying to move them BACK to card parameters and they don’t like it. Derp.
  10. That’s even more impressive! Good looking BB, too. Where did you get them? Sounds like a hardy stock, I managed to kill off half of mine because the pH was off by half a degree. Pretty sure they wouldn’t make it in my neo tanks for more than a week.
  11. Thats an impressive parameter difference! How are they doing in the long term? I’ve transferred a couple TTs from the neo to card tank already, they all handled the new tank fine at first but died off after a couple weeks/months. I’m worried they’ll survive the drip acclimation and just kick the bucket within a month or two but I really don’t know if there’s anything I could do about it.
  12. Why would that be the case? Those strains were also just developed by breeding and culling. It would be much faster than redeveloping a line from low-grade but that's just because someone else did the work before-hand.
  13. I’d like to move a couple TTs from a neo tank to a card tank and was hoping to get tips from people who had also moved shrimp across dramatic parameter changes. Ideally I would move a couple young adult females who are already saddled and have them survive long enough to berry and have a clutch of babies (2-3 months?) although I know I’m just asking for trouble. I could also move some juvies but then I lose control of the sex of the shrimp I’m moving and the timeline gets much longer since I have to wait for them to mature. I’m familiar with the basics of moving shrimp to a new tank (drip acclimation, marching params when possible), I’m asking more about tips specific to moving between neo/card parameters since the differences are so large.
  14. aotf

    Greetings from Virginia

    Hey madcrafted, welcome to ShrimpSpot! Getting a little tired of the crowd at TPT?
  15. kH range for neos is usually said to be around 3-5, although they tend to be fairly tolerant. 1-2 is a little low, I'd just bump it up a degree or two over the next couple water changes. No one has asked yet but what is your substrate?