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  1. The ones I sent the link too. They do lay a lot of eggs, however they Need brackish water for the eggs to hatch. My pH for all my tanks are not that low anymore. All are lower then a pH of 6.0 and have never had a lose yet. I would recommend These snails to everyone.
  2. I have had These guys in pH of 4.7 for weeks with no issue. Even Ramshorn snails. Although the Ramshorn snails I have end up as Shrimp Food when they get on the glass where I can grab them with my pinsets. Squish 🙄
  3. https://www.garnelenhaus.com/garnelenhaus/dusky-nerite-anthracite This is what I have for my Aquariums. I love These Things!!
  4. I have heard through the grape vine here in Germany that GlasGarten had been working on a better formula for the Bacter AE. However; I believe my sources to not 100% credible. If so, that will be good for shrimp keepers. I would strongly suggest that you purchase oxidations units for your aquarium while doseing Bacter AE since it reduces the amount of oxygen in the aquarium (the bacteria used in AE consumes oxygen). In reply to your dosage the fingernail clipping size is around the amount I would suggest. Maybe reduce the feeding schedule for the AE to once a week. This could also be why you are getting the algae problem also. I had a very bad episode with hair algae as well. I stopped using AE, and injected Flourish Excel as prescribed on the bottle. Removed as much algae as I could by hand. A few weeks to a month later it was gone. I hope this information finds you well.
  5. Hello, I have had this Problem in the past myself. However; with GlasGarten environmental soil. Provided is a link to my discussion Forum on TPT. https://www.plantedtank.net/forums/88-shrimp-other-invertebrates/1197882-b4-i-add-twb-i-have-ph.html There is not much Information on it. It might help though. In regards to the GlasGarten bacter AE. I would strongly recommend that whatever doseage you are using to reduce it to 1/4 of current amount. Purigen should not have any Problem with the water Quality in fact it controls ammonia, nitrites and nitrates by removing nitrogenous organic waste that would otherwise release these harmful compounds. I actually over use it on my main Aquarium. 250ml for 60liters. I would also like to Mention that at this current time. I rebuilt my main Aquarium just 12 days ago. Picture posted is an old Picture of the Aquarium overgrown. The second Picture is new Setup and current pH. other Parameters NH4, NO2&3 still have readings. No Shrimp deaths yet. with 40+ in the Aquarium along with fish.
  6. You may want to check out Breeders and Keepers Shrimp Magazine. Vol. 2-3 will cover some of the concerns you have.
  7. I'd reset also. If I was Living back in the states instead of Germany. I would hook you up with some TB's for free. Having a loss like that is sad. Especially during a breeding Project. All that time and effort down the drain. It is good to hear that you are still wanting to continue shrimping!!
  8. No I do not use undergravel filter. Depth wise- for a 60l Aquarium I use a 9l bag. Make sure the substrate is more then 4cm high though. I recommend buying the bigger granules, not the powder type. Bigger granules seem to hold ph more stable.
  9. Hello Nicpapa, I use GlasGarten environmental soil and love it. I would suggest using it. You will not be disappointed. I have used it for 1 year now and my Aquariums still hold a ph below 6.0 with RO water remineralized with SS GH+. As far as cycle time, and the amount of Aquariums you have you should have no Problem seeding the Aquariums you choise to use GG soil in. Kind regards, JonRon
  10. Thank you for the Response. I have been breeding Aura Blue, Caridina serrata for over a year now. I have not had one look like this. Even after 0-3 weeks of hatching. Are all of the Aura Blue's you purchased like this? Where did you purchase them from? I will provide a link where I have found a Shrimp that Looks like yours. However it is a crossbreed with an Aura blue and blue bolt/Panda. The site is in German. but states this. "Here is a picture of a TaiAura, where a Panda male and / or Blue Bolt covered an aura female. I think that is only the first tip of the possible and also with the red dot surely such interesting crossings are possible." https://www.garnelen-tom.de/zwerggarnelen-shop/Aura-Blue-Raritaet I hope the Information I have given can help. Kind regards, JonRon
  11. Are you able to post some newer Pictures. With more Quality. To me that Shrimp does not look like an Aura blue. I have attatched Pictures of Aura blues I Keep.
  12. Hello. I have a ton of flame moss. What is your Location? I am Living in Germany.
  13. I hope Mayphly will give me some insight since he went this route in breeding Aura's and Pintos.🤞
  14. Hello, Starting off by saying earlier this year I had successfully breed a few of my Taiwan bees with Aura blues. If I am not mistaking this offspring is called f1. If this is true, my f1 AuraTi’s have now created my next line of f2 AuraTi’s. I am aware that most of the patterns and coloring of the shrimp will develop more in the f3 generation and thereafter. However, I have a few in my aquarium that I am very intrigued with and would like to gather some insight from you all and see what you think. A majority of the shrimplets (f2) carry zebra stripes, along with spotted head. I also have a few that are looking more solid in color like white, light blue, yellow. Yes, Yellow! My camera does not do its justice. The pictures posted are the ones I need insight on though. Are these solid blues ones extreme black king Kong’s? What about this red one that also has blue on its shell. Would this one be A dragon of some sort. Lastly, the last shrimp photo. Would you consider this a galaxy, or just something not fully developed yet? Pictures posted in order from F1 mothers, Blue Shrimp, Red/Blue Shrimp, I guess the unknown Shrimp.
  15. I have to call Bunks on the Avocado stuff. Yes they do have persin which is a natural pesticide produced by the plant to Keep Bugs from Eating the Avocado plant. However, inverts are not harmed by this i.e. snails. ect. I have been feeding my Shrimp Avocado seed powder for some time now six + months and I have had Zero issues. Also I have not killed any of my fish either.
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