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  1. Unfortunately, I’m much farther north than Irvine. I wish you the best of luck in finding new homes for your snails, though! Maybe posting in local classifieds would help?
  2. Now that I’ve added some pretty messy mystery snails (8 of them) to my 20 gallon blue dream tank, I was wondering how often and how much I should change the water? Is 50% twice a month good? I know if you change the water too often or too much at a time, it can stress the shrimp, but I want to make sure everything stays at a safe level for them.
  3. Okay, thank you! My pH is sitting at 7.8, so I think that’s good. If the pH were to dip too low, how would I go about raising it safely?
  4. Hi all, I’m trying to figure out where I should get my parameters to sit in order to keep both my Blue Dreams and my mystery snails happy. The snails need their pH, GH, and KH a little higher, but I’m not entirely sure what range the neos prefer. The Internet is slightly contradictory when I tried to take a look, so I figured I’d ask the experts.
  5. Hi, I’m looking to buy some mystery snails, specifically blues, ivories, magentas/pinks, purples, and some dark green jades. If you happen to have any snails or egg clutches in these colors, I would love to see some photos! I haven’t been able to find any locally with the correct colors or nice coloration. Thanks!
  6. Shrimp seem to be doing well. The culls are living in my 10 gallon at home. Unfortunately, the red and blue hybrids died during the move, since the container they were in had a snail who died during transit and caused an ammonia spike.
  7. @aotf Thank you! It took all day to move the tank. I drained some water into a bucket, caught as many shrimp as I could, and then vacuumed the substrate a bit to make sure it wouldn’t kick up gross stuff. I left a little water in there for the tiny shrimplets I couldn’t net. I made sure to keep the filter media wet and added a bit of baterial starter in case. I’ll go back to the office to check on them today. I culled extensively when putting the shrimp from the bucket back into the tank. I’ve never culled before, but I did my best to pick the shrimp with the brightest and darkest colors and make sure there were some males in there too. The lower quality blue dreams will come to the tank at home, in the off chance they spit out some bright ones later on (they have those genes). There were some oddballs I wanted to ask about. I know sometimes the babies seem clear when they’re very young, but there was an adolescent with almost no color. There were also some reddish shrimp, as well as what look like very pale blue bodied red rili. All the “oddballs” were adolescents. I pulled them out and they’re going to go into a five gallon spare tank I have to see what happens with them. My question was, are they colored this way because somehow a red cherry has contaminated the gene pool? I did have one hitchhiking red cherry get into the tank from my house, but I took him out before adding the blue dreams. Or, are they colored like so because of random genetics, and the fact that they don’t breed entirely true?
  8. Moving day has arrived. Tomorrow we move the shrimp. They are going to go into a bucket with the old tank water, the tank will be drained with around an inch left and then moved.
  9. One of my snails photobombed, but this picture is clearer than the last.
  10. Whatever this was is back... all the males appear to have it. Hopefully this photo is better? I’m still not sure what it is, and if I should be concerned.
  11. Yea I’m considering using his product if I have time to get some, LOL. Things have been crazy busy lately for me.
  12. I might just try something else, rather than use fen ben. I haven’t seen any planaria at all lately, though. It’s strange.
  13. Awesome! Thanks so much. I've been hesitant to treat because other products linger in the tank for so long, so it's a relief to hear yours is gone in about a week!
  14. I'm interested in this product- I just wondered, how long until the tank is safe for snails again? I want to take my snails out and then put them back in, but I wasn't sure how long it would take.
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