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  1. No molt issues for the grown ups, only for the babies. I see some of them having trouble molting.
  2. Some of them have clear legs. I know their young, but if you could pick up that trait along with others, it will might it worth while
  3. I'll be changing from 160 tds to 100 over the next couple of months. Babies survival rate is 0% :[
  4. if its freshly berried, thats not a big clutch
  5. I have a heater vs non heater and both tanks are still the same. Breeding slow this winter.
  6. Use Sl Aqua or UNS controsoil.
  7. -Got something good coming in next week. Need to pick up a 25G show tank eventually. -Never going to buy anything from kensfish again. Wouldnt rec them either. Tried returning an item, RMA, email, phone call->voicemail they wont answer anything. Been a month and thats horrible customer service. -Here are my less than 1 week old bb. Hopefully they survive this time around. Bought some baby food and been premixing them in water 2-3x a week. They been having molting issues in the past.
  8. -Gotta return the pump. In the end its not working out for me. UPDATE!! got the pump to work. Its great but kinda loud for the bedroom. -Canisters and inline heater will be put up and sold hopefully. -Get to breed these out :]
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