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    Fantasy Blue Dream, Blue Bolts, Wine Red, Red Zebras.....looking for high grade shadow pandas!

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  1. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    Theres one hanging around the bottom edge of the 1st picture
  2. ILikeAsianBooty

    OEBT with brown spots!? I'm worried

    Had the same problem recently in my bd tank..sorry to say, but I flushed down a mother..she started to ulcer and I couldnt risk my whole tank going down.
  3. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    Mother, and soon to be mother :] Got a lil planaria action going on. Dont wanna nuke the tank since theres too many snails atm and it hasnt exploded yet. Removing them 1 by 1 and reduced feeding.
  4. ILikeAsianBooty

    DETAquarium Shrimp for Sale!

    Do you have any black legs bkk or extreme/high shadow pandas?
  5. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    Update, atleast 2 berried females and 1 that just released clutch or waiting to be berried.Can't wait to see who the daddy is. Also 3 of my ebb are confirmed females :] Waiting for them to mature, may take another 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately, my zebra is a male..may look to source BKK/BZ Both are females in this picture Looks like she just released tho, I do not see any shrimplets yet or males swimming around crazy like earlier this morning.
  6. ILikeAsianBooty

    Frozen__waffles caridina journal

    Hi, welcome! Whats that mist? co2? Looks like its not getting dissolved enough judging from the surface bubbles...what are your specs btw? substrate, tank, parameters, goals of the tank, etc?
  7. Beautiful blue bolt.. I had CRS in 8.6ph tds 180 and after a month they all died lol..failed project. Hopefully yours do well, its a first I've heard of such a thing. Havent been around long enough though.
  8. Yeah, OP definitely has to start somewhere. Imho eventually the gene will plateau is where im trying to get at. In order to achieve an higher grade they would need to introduce a higher/new gene. I'm not sure if thats their goal, but yes overtime low can =med grades..high?? depends on their genes and selective culling.
  9. ILikeAsianBooty

    National Shrimp Day Sales!

    Man those nashi are expensive x.x. The last pic is black zebra no? Are they for sale?
  10. It will only increase overtime to a certain point. You need to introduce a higher grade to increase the overall quality and cull..
  11. ILikeAsianBooty

    Shrimp Gender Opinion

    1st looks female to me, saddle forming..could be wrong im asian (sorry if anyone got offended).
  12. ILikeAsianBooty

    The Journals of ThegardenofEder

    Android > Apple Ayee, beautiful blue bolt man! Try playing around with the pro setting, its where I got my best shots on the 9.
  13. ILikeAsianBooty

    Preorder my shrimp food

    is it $12/9 shipped? Btw, whats in the pellet?
  14. ILikeAsianBooty

    Greetings from Virginia

    Welcome! Cant wait to see the pictures!
  15. ILikeAsianBooty

    My Organic/Bio Shrimp food is a hit!!!

    Your so far away. Shipping would be too killer to try out