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    Fantasy Blue Dream, Blue Bolts, Wine Red, Red Zebras.....looking for high grade shadow pandas!

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  1. ILikeAsianBooty

    Black in my red king kong

    looks like a 1 stripe red ruby, wouldnt consider it dragon.
  2. ILikeAsianBooty

    New tank set up

    some moss or fissiden would look nice on the wood. plants will grow well with osmocote...I wouldnt dose with ferts unless there shrimp friendly. also what lighting are you use? that may affect the plant selection.
  3. ILikeAsianBooty

    King Kong

    I'd ask the seller if they breed true, otherwise they will throw off random colors and patterns. I've heard of BKK throwing out all kind of colors and patterns though.
  4. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    Got a few of these blue guys in the tank, solid no stripes.
  5. ILikeAsianBooty

    The Journals of ThegardenofEder

    Pic 1/3/5?
  6. ILikeAsianBooty

    The Journals of ThegardenofEder

    If you have the Nikon already, I'd use that. Would give a more crisp picture.
  7. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    Their blue and white strip, like the one on shrimpspot banner, but darker. I believe its mix wine red x ebb. Was thinking they may change color while growing. Found out after some research its a blue pinto, but doesnt breed true.
  8. ILikeAsianBooty

    What am I doing wrong in my Shrimp Tank?

    My neo tank is KH 4, GH 8 dunno if yours is too high. Also, looks like your plants is receiving too much light. Stop the dosing and go natural. I use to dose also in my planted tank, but once I stopped my population expolded. If you really want to dose, I'd go for a shrimp fertilizer. Could be one of the reasons for the deaths or not enough food.
  9. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    Anyone know what these new guys are?
  10. ILikeAsianBooty

    Fissidens Splachnobryoides

    try TPT havent seen it tho
  11. ILikeAsianBooty

    Cycling new tank

    Well people cycle tanks dif ways to reach a similar result. Looks like their tank is almost done with the cycle. If it was me I'd do the w.c and add some bacteria. In my mind, that's the last bit of ammonia leeching.
  12. ILikeAsianBooty

    S>Blue dreams (juvies) USA only

    Hello everyone, Trying to clear my neo tank abit so im selling some here if anyone is interested ~Home bred and hardy pH 8.8 TDS 210-280 Random scooped..grade will vary ~ Local pickup 94533 -$10 10+2 55 shipped coast to coast 15+2 65 shipped cost to coast Shipping M-W only DOA guaranteed, send pic within 2hrs of dropoff Additional pictures below; https://imgur.com/a/MR3iuHK
  13. ILikeAsianBooty

    Cycling new tank

    recc 100% w/c ro+remin
  14. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    -Found some new babies, also found 2 wine red shrimplets dead. Dunno why..maybe from the w/c. Gonna check wp tmr. -Getting some different variation in color and patterns. 3rd pic, got a few of those guys. Black zebra should be releasing soon also. -2 shrimplets in the last pic
  15. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    -Oh, my blue bolt is releasing its clutch, hope this baby doesnt have the brown spot disease