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    Fantasy Blue Dream, Blue Bolts, Wine Red, Red Zebras.....looking for high grade shadow pandas!

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  1. ILikeAsianBooty

    15% off Aqualex all month during November

    That would be great!
  2. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    -Gotta return the pump. In the end its not working out for me. UPDATE!! got the pump to work. Its great but kinda loud for the bedroom. -Canisters and inline heater will be put up and sold hopefully. -Get to breed these out :]
  3. ILikeAsianBooty

    15% off Aqualex all month during November

    Is there free shipping hahaha. When ya getting the bio balls
  4. ILikeAsianBooty

    SHRIMP LIFE My youtube channel!

    Congrats on the shoutout from Mark!
  5. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    It might not be strong enough for a hmf, but its blasting the crap out of the sponges where its noisy lol. Odd This is the fusion 700.
  6. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    Yeah, right tighty left loosey.
  7. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    Yeah, I tried adjusting the tubing length and putting it near the nearest outlet but still the same. Maybe im doing something wrong.
  8. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    Hmm it's not pumping enough for a 10in lift. Might have to just use my old setup
  9. ILikeAsianBooty

    High GH help!

    wow tds above 700 O_O im with @aotf . How are you testing
  10. Let the guy do a substrate swap straight from the bag with a shrimp tank lol. SL Aqua > ADA Want plants ADA -> SL
  11. ILikeAsianBooty

    5g Blue Bolt Tank Journal

    We ready for dem 10000 of pics :]
  12. ILikeAsianBooty

    Newbie from Canada

    Welcome :]
  13. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    -Jehmco LPH26 should be coming next week. Hopefully that thing is bearable in my room. - One of my females molted in a tank with 10:1 and she got shredded, eventually died :[ Lesson learned. -Mosura flowerheads coming in eventually, last shrimp im getting are blue steels I think..... Updates on my tanks~ EBB tank, momma also berried up again. My bb x bkk mosura tank Mosura only tank Blue dream tank, usually sell them pretty cheap Lastly, my BB only tank. I sold all my wine red/pandas from this tank.
  14. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    Water line from the top of the sponge is about 2in. I've personally seen them hide inside the sponge very deep thus I came to this conclusion. I've inspected entry points from cracks and havent been able to find any yet, will double check again...
  15. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    -Momma berried up again. Lost some color in the molt. -Tank cycled in less than 2 weeks. Test kit all 0 except for ammonia 0.25ppm -Threw in some babies to test out the new tank. -Still working on that air pump and will see if its really necessary tbh. -Also, I do not rec 30ppi HMF. I'm going to try out a 45 ppi in the tank and see if there is any difference. The problem with the 30 is my babies kept swimming across and ended up on the other side of the divider. Some also got stuck inside and died.