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  1. I sent a pm for some blue dreams. I didn't get a response though
  2. Do you have any more at the 35$ price
  3. Are super tigers hardy in neo parameters like tangerine tigers?
  4. What are the culls like for the sky blue?
  5. Was looking to possibly keep crystal reds and was wondering if I would encounter issues with my params from the tap and in my tanks. Tank: nitrates: 5-15 nitrites: 0 ammonia: 0 Kh: 1-2 gh: 3-5 tds: 145 Tap: kh: 1-2 gh:1-2 tds: 100 20-30% water change every 7-10 days with tap using a python. Tank is 20 gallons
  6. what would you be asking for 10-15
  7. Looking for around 10 orange sakuras to start a colony. If the price can be affordable
  8. do you offer smaller packs like if I wanted 10
  9. know youre a business, but would you ever trade 10-12 orange neos for 8kg ADA Colorado Sand
  10. Was wondering if anyone was interested in trading some orange sakuras for 8kg of ADA Colorado Sand. It's a nice tan sand that can pair well with your colony
  11. was thinking the blue rili from aquatic arts that seem like theyre blue on blue. But, i've also seen some black on blue
  12. Looking to sell 30+1-2 juvenile / young adult sakura to high sakura grade cherry shrimp. Can sell them all as 1 order or split them into 15 , 15. Price:1.25$ per https://imgur.com/a/4Y2mc Shipping: 15$. Shipped via usps priority in breather bags Monday - Wednesday. The box will be lined with styrofoam/newspaper and include a cold pack. Can ship without a coldpack for 12$, but I wont offer DOA depending on temperatures. DOA: A photo of the dead shrimp must be taken within 1 hour of the first delivery attempt. No refunds on shipping. total cost for 30 shrimp shipped is 52.5$. Total cost for 15 shrimp shipped is 33.75$.
  13. Do most rili shrimp like blue rili and carbon rili breed true but with different patterning? Right now I have 2 tanks, one with high grade one with low grade cherries, and was wondering if I sold off all the cherries and did a tank with carbon rili and a tank with blue rili if I would need to separate offspring at some point.
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