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  1. I've been thinking the Super Red Crystal shrimp are a stunning looking shrimp for a while now, curious to whether or not anyone has tried cross breeding it with other caridina's? I feel like it could produce some interesting results with it being bred to have little to no white (compared to CRS or CBS)?
  2. Looking for a good place/person to pick up some super red crystal shrimp!
  3. So I would probably get michling looking shrimp? Like patchy?
  4. Really want to try a project that involves me crossing my royal blue tigers with something. Curious to what crossing them with fancy tigers would produce?
  5. Wow no one has cross bred with red tigers? Interesting lol
  6. Looking to pick up some red tigers and golden back yellow neos if anyone has any for sale!
  7. Wow thats interesting though. Didnt expect that look to come from that crossing. Looks almost like a super tiger? Curious to whether if anyone has crossed with red tigers?
  8. Been researching a lot on cross breeding shrimp and one combo that has me curious that I havent seen anything on is Orange eye blue/black tigers and Red Tigers? Anyone know what this combo would produce?
  9. Wow thanks for the pictures! What water parameters are you running with these guys? Curious to what kind of ph range these guys can handle as my current tank runs at around 7-7.2.
  10. Just realized I posted this in the marketplace! Not sure if this thread belongs here but I do want to know where to buy some so lol
  11. Just wanna know more about these shrimp dont really know much about these or ever hear about them (probably because im from the US?) but whats the grading on these guys? Ive seen they come in various grades but dont know what each grade is or what it entails? What parameters do these guys like? Anyone know where I can get some in the US? Would love to see any pics from people who own them too!
  12. So it's possible for the black rose's to have that backline then? I would love to somehow breed a black rose with the backline, I feel like that would be one stunning shrimp lol
  13. Hi I was just wondering if anyone knows if the Bloody Mary or black rose shrimp can express the backline? Like found in yellows or painted fire reds? Always liked the look of the backline
  14. Ok will do thanks! Are they sensitive when it comes to water chances and fluctuations in water parameters?
  15. Awesome thanks! I was mainly just worried if they would be ok with the substrate I have (aquasolem) because its a substrate that is supposed to lower hardness and ph but the thing is, my rocks are overpowering it keeping the ph high.. So they should be fine with the substrate as long as the water params are right?
  16. So I set up a Dennerle scapers tank a while back and I have been going back on forth on what to stock it with. I originally bought the aquasolem thinking I was gonna do some shrimp but never got around to it because the rocks I scaped the tank with (Seiryu dragonstone) keeps my ph high (around 7.4). Ive been looking around trying to deicde what to do and I came across the cardnial sulawesi shrimp.. Anyone know if this tank is suitable to keep and breed them? Any info on these guys would be great! Dont want to buy them and have them not do well in my tank.. Thanks
  17. Ok thats what I thought. But I cant seem to bring the ph down still, so do I need new substrate? Because I feel like the substrate is now bringing the ph up lol
  18. yes I have dragon stone but my LFS uses it in their shrimp tanks and was told it wont affect PH. Unsure now
  19. Hi so I have a dennerle 10g scapers tank with aquasolem substrate and when the tank first got set up the substrate naturally lowered the ph and the tank was low 6's. As time went on I did water changes with spring water (thinking it was RO water) which made my ph (kh and gh) go through the roof. I figured out that the spring water was causing this so I started using strictly RO water to get the levels back down. The thing is, Ive done multiple water changes (usually around 50% at a time because I wanted to get the levels back down asap as theres no shrimp in the tank) and the Ph wont go down. Its like stuck at 7.4. Ive even added oak leaves and peat the other day to help lower and still have seen no results. Any ideas? I almost feel like the substrate is now buffering and keeping my PH high. No sure what else do!! Any help would be great
  20. Cant seem to really find any online! Anyone got some for sale here?
  21. I really have been thinking about mixing red pintos and blue bolt shrimp. Any ideas of what outcome I would get from this? I know they'll cross breed most likely but what would the offspring look like from these two opposite colored caridina shrimp? I am not a huge fan of the mischling look that shrimp have. I guess I am a little confused on the topic of selective breeding or cross breeding shrimp lol
  22. Wow sounds cool! Could you share some pics of the offspring you've gotten?
  23. Will some of the offspring look like mischlings though? Or will they still look good or like one of the parents? Thanks for the help
  24. Mainly just wondering if I can keep them together like you would keep blue bolts and king kongs and red wines?
  25. Hi everyone so I'm getting back into keeping shrimp after a couple years off and I was just curious, what would happen if I kept blue bolts and pintos together? I really wanted to keep black and white pintos with blue bolts but I'm unsure if it'll create ugly hybrids or not? Let me know thanks
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