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  1. Chappy,what have you heard about the Seachem line? Flourish, etc.
  2. I've kept an amano w my cherries for well over a year and it's been fine. She's not aggressive at all. Feeding time is not an issue. I agree that it probably depends on the individual shrimp. I'm ordering her a few playmates soon so we'll see how it goes. Good luck! Sandy
  3. Adorable!! I'm so happy for you!! Sandy
  4. Sounds great! Best of luck with it! Sandy
  5. Well, I've seen your wisdom but I'm sure the wyzazz is more fun. Thanks again for all the info! Sandy
  6. A marine? That's awesome! As for the nickname, the way my Dad taught it to me, it has nothing to do with intelligence, right? Ha! Is there a tattoo to match?
  7. Thanks, Guys. I understand about the Royals and the photos. I was just curious about the OEBT "commoners."
  8. Yep, my snail population, along with my algae, was thriving while my poor little neos died young. (Got bad info from my LFS as a newbie.) Trying to do it right this time. Thanks! Your azz is indeed wyz.
  9. I was definitely an over-feeder. Would that do it? I'm dealing with that fuzzy black algae that clings to plants in tiny bunches. Am in the midst of my own H2O2 treatment. I've been working on water chem before re-stocking my tank.
  10. In general, wyz, I thought algae was a product of excess exposure to light? What part do nutrients play?
  11. Thanks Sipa. Thanks wyz.I understand about the royals and the photos. They're gorgeous! I was just curious about the non-royals. The OEBT commoners! Lol!
  12. That's great! Good stock. Have you had any experience with the OEBTs and the color variation I mentioned? I've only read about them. They may be my first cards. Still researching. Any pics of yours?
  13. Wow! Beautiful. The first little neo I fell in love with was this color. Blue black or cobalt. One thing I like about the OEBTs is that their offspring can be a variety of shades of blue. Have you had to be very particular w culling and parentage to get these Royals? You've done a great job!
  14. Wow. Sounds like there are no easy answers. At least I know my shrimp are ok. I do think they feed on the small green buds on the tank walls and stones. I also have a few red circles. And neither of those strains bother me. I do hate those fuzzy black things that attach to my moss. I may try the H2O2 wash. And I'd better research that bacterial strain! I have lots of lily pads on the surface of the water so hopefully algae won't take over. Thanks so much to both of you!! Sandy
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