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  1. Tpshrimper

    TPShrimpers racktastic adventures

    First new tank is cycling on the rack! Big moment. Exciting stuff. This is a 20 long, inert substrate, fluval 206 I had laying around on one end and a sponge filter on the other. Wanted to start up the rest of my tanners, but my genius self ordered blue HMFs from swiss tropicals instead of black. The fiance was not cool with the blue. Those are on the way back and I'll get those tanks started next week. I use a little bit of hybrid method for cycling. I use the SL Aqua cycling method and throw in a vitality pouch as well. Then I throw in about 25-30 ramshorn snails just to help out. Dont change any water for 5 weeks, then I do 2 or 3 50% water changes over the last week. 6 weeks total. I'll load this puppy up with hornwort in a couple weeks as well and let that soak up the nitrates that are produced. This hobby is great because you can come up with weird methods that are your own. I'm off for the rest of the week, but look for an update post next week as I move my existing tanks and start up the rest of the tanks on the rack. Keep on shrimping.
  2. Tpshrimper

    TPShrimpers racktastic adventures

  3. Tpshrimper

    TPShrimpers racktastic adventures

    What's up shrimpers?? In the process of setting up a new shrimp rack so figured might as well start a journal. Been doing shrimp for about 18 months now. My passion for the hobby has only grown and the MTS is REAL. I will add more details later this evening but wanted to get this thing started. My knowledge base has expanded exponentially over the past year and a half and I'm ready to crush this rack. Did a ton of research and went with a boltless uline widespan rack. It seems to be excellent and uline customer service is top notch. One of my pieces was bent and they overnighted me a new one. Went 3/4 inch plywood with waterproof stain/seal to place on the wires. Went surprisingly well considering I'm not what one would call "handy" or "good at building things". The plan as of now is 9 tanks total. Top will be blue dreams in a 20g, red cherries 10g, green jades 10g. Middle will be my existing 17.1g for blue/black and red tbs. Then 10g tangerine tiger/Crs culls/yellow goldenback neos (yea I know it's a hilarious tank but it's working at the moment!) Then 10g OERBT/OEBT. Bottom I am thinking one 10g for black spotted head pintos, and one 10g hopefully for some red steels I produce from my red tb tank. Just upped my numbers of red tbs thanks to barbee and grabbed some red tangtais from eder. Substrate will be sl aqua for caridina and either substratesource sand or eco complete black for neos. Filtration is literally every type thanks to my collectoritis. Canister on 20 long with sponge, HMF for all 10 gallon tanks, and my 17s have sponges and HOBs. For some reason my TBs have been crushing with that setup. And got an alita for all the air. I also have a 22 long upstairs with Crystals that I will leave there. Maybe my best tank, just a ton of berries and babies currently. Neos and blue tigers gh/kh+ to 200tds Tbs gh+ to 70, TDs up to 130 Tangerine mix tank gh+ to 100ish, tds up to 160 Pintos will do gh+ to 70 and TDs up to 100 Crystal's gh+ to 100ish (I realize that's confusing but it doesn't take much time, i enjoy working on the tanks and water params, and it works for me!) I'm heading out for my bachelor party tomorrow so most of the work setting up or moving the tanks will happen next week. My future wife likes the tanks and let me put the rack basically in the family room of our house so pretty sure I picked the right one 😎👌. I'll throw some photos of my current tanks at the bottom. Ill try to update this as much as possible as I love reading when other people do these. Let me know if you awesome people have questions, advice, suggestions, think I'm an idiot for how I do things (probably accurate) or anything else you want to see. More to come! Keep on Shrimping, TPShrimper
  4. Tpshrimper

    Can’t get temperature down?

    That temperature is more than fine. You can probably remove your heater too, its unnecessary unless your house is super cold.
  5. Anyone else have advice on this?
  6. Tpshrimper

    Shrimp Clearing

    I will personally vouch for the quality of the goldenback neos. Got some from Barbee about a month ago and they are excellent quality and doing great. If I had my new rack finished I'd be ordering from him again!
  7. I know that red cherries will display deeper red coloring on dark substrate. Is the same true for blue dreams and green jades? Or will they display deep coloring on tan substrate as well? I've heard some conflicting reports, and want to clarify before I set up new tanks. Thanks guys 🤙 Tpshrimper
  8. Tpshrimper

    Alita air pump question

    How do you like the hygger? How's the noise level?
  9. Setting up a rack, will start with 7 tanks but may add an additional 5. Roughly half HMF and half oversized sponge filters. Will the alita 6lpm be sufficient or should I go with the 15lpm? Thanks!
  10. Tpshrimper

    Salty bee vs salty shrimp?

    I'm going to test it and will report back
  11. Anyone with experience using blue wizard have proven gh/TDs math? As in what TDS gives you 1 degree of GH? I've found some old posts that say 150tds gives about 4.5 GH but looking for others input. I'm going to test out this weekend but figured I'd ask the community first! Thanks!
  12. Tpshrimper

    Worm ID help

    Trying to figure out what kind of worms these are, never seen anything like them. They are decent size and burrow in the substrate. I'll occasionally see them swimming in the water column. They do not have triangle heads like planaria, but they are much bigger than any detritus worms I'm familiar with. They crawl like inchworms. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. When in doubt, look at the ones who zoom around! There's your males.
  14. Getting ready to order a new re mineralizer, is salty bee premium an upgrade over salty shrimp? Seems like salty bee is the hot new thing so looking for opinions. Thanks!
  15. Tpshrimper

    ShrimpFarm Project

    Great video! Keep them coming