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  1. Set up my first tank using an HMF about a week ago. Big fan so far, but have a question regarding the water BEHIND the sponge. Since there isn't much water movement in this space I've developed a film on the surface. Is this a problem? I thought of adding a second airstone to keep the water behind the foam moving but not sure if it's necessary. I know a lot of you swear by HMFs so let me know what you think. Thanks.
  2. Anyone know where I can find good quality and not crazy expensive 60 liter tanks in the states? I've got an ADA 60P and love the size, just not the price tag! Any help is greatly appreciated! Tpshrimper
  3. Tpshrimper

    Mini pellia not growing

    I haven't noticed any increase in size in four months.
  4. Tpshrimper

    Mini pellia not growing

    Any advice on growing mini pellia? I got some from Han probably 4 months ago and cannot get it to grow in any of my tanks. Tanks are probably all medium light, no CO2, caridina parameters.
  5. Question for the forum. I've got this absolutely gorgeous BKK with a green backstripe. Bought her as a BKK extreme and the stripe slowly appeared as she got older. Is this indicative of some mixed genes? A simple mutation? She also just had her first batch of babies with what looks like some interesting patterns so I'm guessing she's not just pure BKK. Let me know what you guys and gals think.
  6. Tpshrimper

    New plants wiped out Taiwan Bees?

    I can't speak for the plant's, but I don't think I even own bug spray or pesticide. I can't imagine a scenario where I got it on my hands and my hands did touch the plant's but not touch the water as I used tongs. I do have dogs who take flea and tick medicine orally, but would that be strong enough just in a dogs coat to transfer to my hands to the plant's?
  7. Tpshrimper

    New plants wiped out Taiwan Bees?

    Potentially, sure. Have ordered from the site before with no problems so wouldn't have expected that though.
  8. So at this point I'm mostly asking this because I'm curious but I'll go ahead and give the long story. I ordered some new mosses from (what I assumed, and may still be) a reputable source. Don't believe they are on here. I was planning on starting a couple new tanks, so put the moss into my Taiwan bee tank to let it grow out before the new tanks are ready. I rinsed the plants with Pure RO/DI water thoroughly and put them in the tank. The only other thing I did to the tank was add a small amount of glasgarten shrimp dinner, from a half empty bottle I've used for months. Within 30 minutes the shrimp started acting extremely erratically. Like they do when a female molts, but x100. And ALL the shrimp were freaking out. Male/female, young and old. I tried to remain calm and not overreact besides removing the new moss. At about 90 minutes the babies/juvies started to die, and in total I lost about 30-40. Shortly after that, the berried females started to keel over, then even the males color started fading and movement ground to a halt. Had about 30 adults and at least half bit the dust. The shrimps front legs and grabber things would twitch unnaturally and they would then die within the hour. Was having great success with TBs for the first time and it came crashing down like a house of cards. At this point I did about a 40% water change and it seems to have helped but unfortunately the damage was done. Anyone have any thoughts on what could have happened? I couldn't believe how quick it all went down. This forum has been incredible for me over the past year, and typing this out to you guys has been pretty therapeutic. Trying to find the lesson here, should I have a quarantine tank for plants? Maybe put low grade cherries in there so I will notice deaths? Should I stick with trusted sellers who are on here and other forums? Hopefully I can figure this out, and someone else can read this and prevent this from happening to them. Thanks guys 🤙
  9. Tpshrimper

    Mosura TDS up

    Anyone know where I can find mosura tds up or something similar? Just looking to raise the TDS of remineralized RO without raising GH. Thanks in advance.
  10. Tpshrimper

    Malaysian trumpet snails?

    Worth adding to tanks? Have ramshorns currently but looking for opinions on if MTS are actually beneficial.
  11. I'm curious, which tiger shrimp are people breeding with crystals to get the really awesome looking red fancy tigers? As in tangerines/OEBT etc.
  12. Tpshrimper

    RO Water storage

    What do you guys use to store RO Water? I'm switching my regimine so I can make all the water I need on the weekends and store it, rather than making it throughout the week. Looking for the best container to store the water that won't create issues. Thanks shrimpers.
  13. Tpshrimper

    PH and aqua soil

    Little late to the party but I use SL Aqua soil in 3 different tanks and it always buffers to 6.4. Been using it for around 6 months and never had any issues.
  14. Tpshrimper

    Bacterial infection?

    I've got it down to 72, you think I should go lower? It's SL Aqua Soil. I've got a 17 gallon right next to it with pretty much the same setup (just more filtration) at 74 with no issues and a ton of baby red taiwan bees and berried mamas. This tank is MADDENING, don't think I'll do anything smaller than a 17 gallon again. The shrimp is acting fine, I'm going to keep an eye on him for 24 hours before I do anything drastic. At least this will be a good learning experience going forward.
  15. Tpshrimper

    Bacterial infection?

    10 gallon tank, do about 20% once a week. Leaf litter boiled, went ahead and lowered the temperature to see if that will help.