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  1. I saw him put up a new auction for the OERBT’s, so I figured maybe he might’ve sold the Aura Blues or my email might’ve been lost. I love the OERBT’s I got from him, so I was hoping to maybe get a few of the Aura Blues to start with, but I don’t want to double email him and bother him if he prefers not to sell them in sets of less than 10 shrimp. I don’t hold anything against him as these kind of things happen, but it was just disappointing to me. Thanks for your input! Maybe if I see the Aura Blue auction come up again I’ll shoot him another email.
  2. I tried reaching out to HTN inverts to see if he’d be willing to sell a set of 5 instead of 10, and he hasn’t gotten back to me yet. I’m not sure if he’s typically difficult to get in touch with from your experience. The auction’t not on Aquabid anymore so maybe someone bought it and that’s why he decided not to email me back. Maybe I’ll buy the set of 10 if he puts it up again in the future, but I was a little disappointed that he didn’t even respond saying that he’d prefer not to sell them except in sets of 10. Any other sellers you might recommend that I could look into while I decide and/or wait?
  3. If you look under Marketplace and scroll down look for Shrimp Life’s post about Homebred Green Jades for sale. It includes prices and several pictures of the shrimp. I purchased them and even though they’re young and small (which is better for acclimating and adjusting to a new tank) they still had pretty vibrant colors.
  4. I actually bought my OERBTs from them. They provided a TON of extras and so far I have not lost a single one. I actually noticed a berried female a few days ago, so I’ll definitely look into them again. It looks like they just put up an auction for some.
  5. That’s true, but my thinking is that RCS have been in the hobby for so long that they’ve become genetically stronger than other types so they can handle a wider range of parameters and stress. The blue dreams ricksza got may be very high quality ones that are very blue and produce very blue babies, but as a result would be genetically weaker so they wouldn’t be able to handle stress or changes as easily. It can be a pretty fine line between parameters being okay for one type of shrimp and lethal to another. His RCS may be surviving, but if there’s something wrong with the tap water they may be surviving more than thriving, if that makes sense. It’s sort of like how different racial groups are prone to developing certain diseases, or how some individuals are more susceptible to getting sick than others . Although two different people may be exposed to the same disease, one person may become sick and the other may be fine, and a lot of that has to do with genetics and lifestyle. It sounds like ricksza is doing everything right and seems knowledgeable about shrimp keeping, so I’d think it’s got to be the water because that’s the only thing he can’t control.
  6. It sounds like you’re doing everything right, but if I had to guess I would think it’d be the tap water as treatment of tap water is the only thing that’s pretty much out of your control and it can be difficult to determine how they’re treating the water weekly or monthly. I’d definitely agree with your idea of using RO water and remineralizer since that will give you complete control of what’s going into your water. When I was in Washington, I had no success with shrimp keeping initially until I watched videos on YouTube and realized that tap water can be a bit of a risk. I found out that the tap water there was very chlorinated, which was most likely the cause of my lack of success. The more you can control in your tank, the better chances you’ll have of success. It can be a pain to get RO water if you’re not using your own RO unit, but it’s definitely worth it. I have to go to Walmart or Kroger for my water unfortunately since I live in an apartment complex and don’t have access to a hose faucet to hook an RO unit to, but all my shrimp are doing very well. Hope that helps!
  7. The only thing I can think of is that your local water treatment may have either allowed certain chemicals or metals into the tap water that you used recently or they may have added increased doses of chemicals to treat your tap water recently. I’ve heard that tap water isn’t always consistent and that the amount of chemicals, hardness, etc. can vary. I’m not too familiar with the process of water treatment, but when I was helping my girlfriend set up her tank we used her tap water to fill it up and there were no problems initially. Then, I changed about 20% of the water about a week later to show her how to do it and replaced it with tap water and the Amano shrimp and a nerite snail ended up dying within the next day. It sounds like you treat your water to dechlorinate it, but that’s the only thing I can think of since it sounds like you’ve been doing everything pretty consistently for quite a while. In my experience, having massive die off of shrimp in a short period of time usually means something changed suddenly that shocked the shrimp. RCS are probably genetically stronger than blue dreams, for the most part, so maybe they were able to handle whatever sudden change occurred. No new plants or shrimp that were added recently?
  8. Welcome to the forum! Where your shrimp addiction will only get worse 😂 hope you have success with your new Crystals!
  9. Are you using tap water or remineralizing your water? Also, do you typically do 25% water changes and add the Flourish or is that something new you are trying? If you can think of anything new that you might’ve done or added to the tank that might help to narrow down the possibilities. Sorry to hear about your losses 😣
  10. @Shrimp Life I had never really thought about looking for details such as that, so I’m glad that I’ve been updating on this to hear feedback. The shrimp made it this morning and the packaging was actually very good and 15/20 came in alive. They look really nice and young, but we’ll see how it goes now that they’re in the tank. The 2nd seller did say he still has a lot so I will probably stick with them if I ever want to buy anymore. The priority shipping thing was my main concern with going with that seller, but it didn’t seem to affect the shrimp he sent (at least for this order). Most of the sellers/vendors I’ve been dealing with up till now have been pretty good at worst, so this was definitely a learning experience for me. I’ve been out of the hobby for over a year, and it looks like the shrimp hobby’s expanded pretty significantly in that time (for good and bad). Also, I was super into the aquarium hobby from a very young age and I grew up pretty much being the only person I knew that was into the aquarium hobby, which taught me to research and experiment on my own and learn by trial and error. I never had anyone to really ask about my aquarium questions except for the fish stores, so I’m very fortunate and grateful to have found a community of people as crazy about this hobby as I am. I just have to remember to use it more often 😅 Thanks for the feedback and advice!
  11. Hi all, I started another thread on how to ship Cardinal shrimp and the methods experienced keepers of these shrimp recommend or prefer to get a better idea of how to find a good seller, and how I can possibly ship them in the future. I decided to make a new thread documenting my experiences with sellers/breeders of these shrimp since they seem very popular, very hard to find, fairly expensive, and require strict shipping conditions more or less. I’ve scoured through all the shrimp websites I could find (probably around 10), and although I could find sellers who sold Cardinals, most of them were sold out. Aquatic Arts is by far 1 of my 2 favorite vendors of shrimp, snails and fish (Flip Aquatics being the other), and they actually sell the Cardinals, but they were sold out and I assume they won’t stay up on the site for long once they restock. They follow excellent shipping protocol and display genuine care and concern for their animals and the customers. If you’re willing to wait, I would highly recommend them above anyone else. Another good vendor that sells these shrimp, but is currently sold out, is Blue Crown Aquatic. Most of their shrimp are imports (not sure about Cardinals), but so far I have been very impressed with them. That aside, I’m impatient and wanted to get the shrimp settled before it gets to cold here in the Midwest, and before exams start (I’ll have at least 1 exam a week so getting lots of time-sensitive packages would add additional stress). I tried out 3 different vendors so far: an Aquabid seller by the name of Invertz Factory, a website called BreedInUSA.com, and an EBay seller by the name of Aquariumprofessionalcare0. To keep this short, all the Cardinals from Invertz Factory came in DOA. He provided overnight shipping and a heat pack; packaging was good imo, but I felt the package and volume of water in the bags were too small and the package may have heated up too quickly (just my thoughts). Seller was difficult to communicate with, but ultimately gave me a partial refund and told me he won’t be shipping any animals out until he researches and finds the problem (very good practice as a seller). I offered to provide info or feedback to help him figure it out, but he never replied. BreedinUSA.com shipped only priority USPS, which worried me, so I only ordered a few to test how they fared with their shipping method after learning that Cardinals need at least 80 degrees F water temp and preferably overnight shipping because they’re very sensitive and difficult to ship. 2 days later, all the shrimp +1 extra arrived alive and very healthy. Seller provided at least double the water volume in the bag as the last seller and put lots of java moss. I may order more from this seller and I was told he has at least 50-80 shrimp still in stock, but probably more because they’re always hiding, so he still has a very good sized stock. He said his shrimp are hardy because he adds new shrimp every year to strengthen the genetic pool (really liked that). Aquariumprofessionalcare0 had a 97% review rating with overnight Fedex shipping, but he required a signature, so I bought 20 from him. I asked if he could either hold the package for pickup if he shipped them out during the week, or if he could plan for a Saturday delivery. Long story short, he barely communicated with me and several days later, told me at the end of the day on Saturday that he had shipped the shrimp yesterday (Friday) and to make sure I was home to sign for the package. I freaked out because I had left for a couple hours to run errands and to get a new tank as one of mine decided to spring a leak overnight. I basically had to do everything myself by calling Fedex to find my package, and found out it wouldn’t be delivered until Monday (3 days in transit). Told the seller that he put restrictions on the package that wouldn’t allow me to change the delivery option and he told me he’d call Monday morning to get them to hold it for pickup since I knew I wouldn’t be home Monday morning to sign for it. I didn’t trust the seller, so I put a signature release form on my door and the shrimp were delivered this morning. Fortunately, only 5 seemed to have come in DOA but they looked like they were dead for a while and the water reeked, so I immediately put the 15 shrimp that were alive in the tank. Honestly, the packaging was very good, and the shrimp look nice considering they’re probably very stressed out, but the lack of communication is huge for me, considering I spent over $200 on these shrimp and since they’re extremely sensitive. Overall, I wouldn’t say that the sellers I tried were absolutely terrible (there were positives for each one), but I wouldn’t recommend the 1st or 3rd sellers as they didn’t communicate very well and didn’t seem very empathetic of my concerns. Ironically, the seller who shipped priority without a heat pack proved to be the most reliable. If you’re looking for Cardinals right now, I’d recommend BreedInUSA.com. Seller seemed very nice and genuinely engaged in the email conversations I had about the shrimp. Sorry for the long post, I went through a lot to get the Cardinals I have now (more so than any other type of shrimp I’ve received) and I left out a lot of the process. Hope this helps somebody!
  12. So an update for anyone interested in good and not so good places to look for Cardinal Sulawesi shrimp: I found a seller on eBay who had a good rating (97%) on almost 200 reviews. Ironically, his screen name is Aquariumprofessionalcare0, and he offered Fedex overnight shipping (I really like Fedex the most as they seem to be the most reliable imo), but required a signature for delivery. Because of his good reviews I bought what was left of his stock (20 shrimp) and promptly emailed him asking if a signature was required if I could have it held for pickup if sent during the week, or if a Saturday deliver was possible. All he replied was, “I’m not sure if Saturday delivery is possible. I’ll check.” Didn’t hear back from him the rest of the week, but under the order it said “ETA Wednesday, 9/11” so I figured he was just planning to ship it Tuesday for Wednesday delivery and mark it hold for pickup. Yesterday (Saturday, 9/8) I received a message at around 6:30 pm my time saying “I shipped your shrimp out yesterday so make sure you’re home to sign for delivery”. I panicked because I stepped out for a couple hours earlier to go grocery shopping and find supplies for one of my tanks that sprung a leak. Long story short, I messaged the seller telling me to please keep me updated since this was not only an expensive order, but an order containing very fragile shrimp. Found out that instead of being delivered on Saturday, the expected delivery is tomorrow (Monday, 9/10) and I most likely won’t be home for delivery because I have class. I tried to call Fedex to change to hold for pickup, but they said due to the seller’s restrictions, only he can change delivery instructions. I messaged him last night and this morning asking if he got a hold of them, and no response. I said ironically earlier because he obviously doesn’t care about me as a customer or the animals he’s selling, and he’s definitely not professional in handling an obviously concerned customer. Still haven’t got the shrimp yet, but his interaction with me so far has left a bad taste in my mouth. I think I’ll have to ask sellers questions before ordering to get an idea of how they ship and do business. Unfortunately, I see a lot of sellers that won’t reply to you unless you purchase one of their products. It’s sad that the shrimp hobby has grown so much that there’s people who value business and money over the hobby. Hopefully the shrimp made it, but I think communication is key especially when shipping fragile and expensive animals such as these.
  13. Love this response! That’s pretty interesting considering many of the bigger shrimp sellers use breather bags, but maybe it has to do with keeping the customers happy by using a more expensive and fancier bag to make people think that they’re getting the top quality shipping supplies for their shrimp. I would imagine anything covering the bags would affect the oxygen exchange, so that’s a very good point. Thank you all for your responses!
  14. That’s interesting. Until now I’ve thought that breather bags were by far the way to go. Does anyone have any ideas of instances or situations where using a breather bag might be better? Maybe for fish, longer shipping times or if you put more shrimp in a bag to ensure adequate oxygen is provided? The breather bags do seem pretty fragile, so I can understand the concern for risk of rupture during transit. The oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange of the breather bag sounds appealing, but I guess shrimp don’t take up much oxygen and if transit takes longer the build up of wastes would kill the shrimp faster than the loss of oxygen. I’ll definitely look into Poly bags in the future. Also, I’ve read that it’s not recommended to double bag or wrap the breather bag in anything that can tightly adhere to the inner bag because it prevents exchange of oxygen, which can lead to a hypoxic environment. I guess the breather bags act as a sort of membrane that has microscopic pores that allow oxygen and carbon dioxide to easily pass through, so by double bagging you can block these pores. That’s my understanding of how breather bags work from a biological standpoint for anyone interested! Thanks for all the input! I’m learning more and more 👍
  15. I can definitely understand that. With animals, especially sensitive species such as these, I know there is no one true correct answer and/or one true wrong answer (in vet med we learn how things are “supposed” to be when diagnosing diseases but there’s always rare, or uncommon individuals that don’t follow the rules). I mainly wanted to hear opinions on specific things that the first seller may have done that was questionable (for me it was the small box and small volume of water, which I thought may cause more risk of temperature fluctuations and rapid temperature rise/falls) or anything the second seller did that is good practice (larger volume of water, plants, and the arguably the Poly bags), or vice versa, if I have success breeding and want to sell in the future. Yup I’m excited now that I have live Cardinals! It sounds like finding them for sale and shipping is the most stressful and difficult part of keeping these guys. I wish I ordered more so I don’t have to go through the shipping again...but learning about Kordon breather bags vs. Poly bags is useful information that I’ll definitely look into! Thanks for sharing!
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