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  1. Thanks for the help, I will look in to Malaysian Trumpet Snails. Also, I am growing a grass carpet, will the snails cause problems for the plants/grass?
  2. I have a small 10g aquarium with some (~10, with one berried) Yellow Neocaridina shrimps. They seem to be fine, but all of their waste, bits of plants, and other miscellaneous debris settle on top of the sand. I don't think it is harmful, but it isn't very good looking. I was thinking that maybe some snails would help turn the soil a bit, covering up the waste and letting it decompose away from view. So, I bought two Nerite snails to see how they would do before I bought more. The snails seem fine and healthy so far, but they are not really serving their purpose. They mostly stay on the glass, and they contribute a lot of waste to the layer. So, I was thinking of using Ramshorn snails instead. So, my question is this: should I use Nerite snails or Ramshorn snails to turn the sand? Or, alternatively, should I go without snails?
  3. Okay, so I think I will probably get rid of my amanos when my lfs gets some yellow neos in. Hopefully the neos can eat some of the algae, too. Maybe my lfs will take the amanos back, if not, I can probably find a home for them. (I only have 3, so I will not be selling them) Thanks for the information guys!
  4. Is is possible/reasonable to keep just a few Amano shrimp to help keep things algae-free in a 10 gallon with mostly neocaridina? Will the big Amanos steal all the food?
  5. I am going to set up a new tank soon, and I plan to use dwarf hair grass as a carpet. If I do this, how should I vacuum the gravel? Should I just invest in an under gravel filter? Do I need to clean it at all?
  6. Wow! Those are amazing! So are they blue bolts x red wines? Or what? How hard are they to keep alive and breed? They look like they might be pretty fragile
  7. I recently came across some pictures of shrimp called 'Red Bolt' They looked like orange/red-ish blue bolts. I have never heard of these, are any of you guys keeping these?
  8. I like this idea, I have thought about it too. It would be great for the baby shrimp if it works.
  9. I think they are just getting used to the new tank. They will probobly start comming out in a few weeks. You should post a picture!
  10. Neet idea! You could also try and mix in bio-film that grows on the side of the tank too, or any other popular diy foods. There is a guy on YouTube, Marks Shrimp Tanks, I believe, who trys all sorts of stuff for food. You could check him out. I think I'll follow this.
  11. I have herd it it not a good Idea to start with caridina (crystal) shrimp, but I think in such a big tank they should be fine. Just make sure you get the water right and know what you are doing. Also, have the water at caridina parameters. Neos are more adaptable that caridinas, so that should work out. The caridinas might interbreed, but their babys will probably not be plain and ugly like neo mixes. Good luck!
  12. Those might not be shrimp tanks, but they are still beautiful, and so is the Beta! edit: oops, wrong place, sorry
  13. Ok, this is rather interesting, the lfs guy said that his crayfish are legal. He even said that fish and game come in sometimes to make sure he ins't selling anything illegal. So, if he didn't get in trouble for the crayfish, they should be fine. His crayfish appear to be CPOs. However, because of what that website said, for anyone reading this, it might be a good idea to ask your local lfs before getting any.
  14. Well, since my lfs has CPOs, I might see if the guy there has any input. Maybe you need a permit? Thanks for the replys, too.
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