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  1. Frozen__waffles

    Frozen__waffles caridina journal

    Fluval 3, the mist is actually bacter AE that had just started to dissolve (oops). Substrate: fluval stratum, then I have a bit of cholla wood and a piece of coconut with java moss on it. params: GH is consistently around 5-6, ph approx 6-6.5. I’m not the *best* with checking all the params once it got settled out. I add a couple drops of fluval cycle and seachem prime every two weeks or so to make sure that everything is kept OK. EDIT: also I use nanopure water as I’m a chemist, so I’m not super concerned about TDS levels and the like. This is a tank that I keep at my work! I work in a small office with ~6 other grad students and 0 windows. One of my students once referred to it as “the cupboard under the stairs” and that was pretty accurate LOL. This little tank is just about the only thing green and living I see somedays other than on my walk in. I hope to have some shrimps breeding, and I really just want a pretty tank with pretty shrimp
  2. Frozen__waffles

    Frozen__waffles caridina journal

    Been forever since I started, but grad school got in the way and now I’m returning to the forums. My caridina tank is FINALLY at a point where I’m really happy with it. I had a mini-cycle and a dieoff about two months ago, which settled out fairly quickly after picking up some Prime and now my shrimp are happy again. I’m thinking of picking up some more (but I’m also hoping these guys will breed). I was actually fairly surprised how my shrimps survived, they didn’t seem to die inbased on the type because I still have some pintos and such in there. I of course forgot to take pictures until after I had fed them, so excuse the specks of food.
  3. I had it running fishless for about 6 weeks (when everything stabilized) , shrimp have been in since March 10th or so?
  4. Makes sense. I did around 15% water change today, I’ll ptobably do another on Friday. I have some fluval cycle, should I add it to help things along?
  5. I had had the cycle set up before I added the shrimp... did a fishless cycle and everything seemed to be working. Maybe adding them and the snail threw things out of whack.
  6. Hi! I realize this is my first post with my actual shrimp...whoops! Going to start a journal soon but life got in the way (dealing with medical stuff and driving 3hrs-one-way once a week to doctors appts while also working...) i have a shrimp tank with caridina set up (I got the caridina from u/mayphly). My shrimp seem to have been doing great except for this morning when I found a dead one. I’ve noticed this white fuzz in my tank. It didn’t appear until after I started adding Bacter AE so I’m wondering if it’s just a build up of biofilm (maybe I’ve been adding too much bacter AE?) or if it’s something to be concerned about? My ammonia was around .5 and nitrites around .25 last I checked before doing a water change today (after I fished out the dead bb) GH And KH should be fine as I’m using RO/DI water remineralized with salty shrimp GH+. (I don’t have those tests on me but can bring them to work tomorrow to check)
  7. Frozen__waffles

    Large shrimp rack - REDUCED!!!

    Are there any aquarium groups on fb near you? I’m near Houston and there’s lots of aquarium hobbyist groups. You could probably post to both Birmingham and Atl since you’re so close. There’s gotta be someone interested!
  8. I’m starting to look into getting some dwarf crayfish at the start of the summer. Does anyone have an experience with both of these species and can they tell me the differences? I know c. Diminitus is known to be more docile than Mexican dwarf, but I don’t know anything about the c. Texanus