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  1. HumanArtRebel1020

    To cull or not to cull? All input welcome

    so cute I love them
  2. HumanArtRebel1020

    Anyone giving away free or cheap shimp

    im in new York longisland
  3. HumanArtRebel1020

    Shrimp dying

    Depending on where you arenas well, you mightt need buffering substrate. Im in Ny and have pretty good water, then it ups the alkalinity after it sits
  4. HumanArtRebel1020

    Shrimp dying

    Has the bottom been cleaned recently ?? Substrate and plants collect so much waste in a month its unreal . Do you drip your water changes?
  5. HumanArtRebel1020

    Inactive shrimp tank

    love your set up!
  6. HumanArtRebel1020

    Breedin probs

    I was redoing my planted tank today which required removal of everything and I found the babies !!! They are so cute ! I had no idea the were there till the last time netting and cleaning. I only managed to find four but they are truly microscopic and adorable!
  7. HumanArtRebel1020

    List of fish compatible with shrimp

    Guppies deff. Event the babies, and event when they become curious juviniles. The juliie catfish 1 inch Corys Balloon mollys And id say small baby betta if raised with shrimp ( which ill be doing soon)
  8. HumanArtRebel1020

    What plant would work in my case!!

    Can i have some if your getting rid of some . How do you get your scape to look like this?.like what wood is that how did you get the plant on there ? Hows your water so clear and how do you not have any hair algea at all in there ? The hair algar is just too much for me , makes me want to get rid on the tank completely, it also ruins my other plants.
  9. HumanArtRebel1020

    Anyone giving away free or cheap shimp

    Looking to take in unwanted or mostly mixed bag of shrimp. Could be different kinds or culls. Someone who is in desperation to clear up lines or has an overload. Will also buy for cheap. I want somwthing new and different for the tank. Also does anyone know what to do with guppy babies. ?
  10. HumanArtRebel1020

    Breedin probs

    How come my female yellows never hold their eggs. This is the second time having a berried female on a fully cycles tank and she was about 3 weeks in and they are gone could too much juvie guppies be the problem leading to stress ?? For anyone who sees this im giving away guppies. They are 2 kinds of cobras mixed which gave me genetically dotted all over the body guppies which arenthe ones ready for new homes. Similar to speckled balloon molly look. Also will have some orange and yellows once raised. Let chya friendss know . Theyve been raised with other guppies and yellow shrimps and orange rabbit snails. Thx
  11. HumanArtRebel1020

    Pregnancy question

    How do i know when my girl is about to give birth
  12. HumanArtRebel1020

    National Shrimp Day Sales!

    The fact i missed this sickens me haha!!! Love your shrimpss
  13. HumanArtRebel1020

    DETAquarium Shrimp for Sale!

    And small stripes, second red pic
  14. HumanArtRebel1020

    DETAquarium Shrimp for Sale!

    Whats the one with the white tip on the tale?? So pretty.