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  1. If anybody knows anything please let me know where to get Orange Eye Black Tigers please! I feel only personal breeders might have them! Im USA NY
  2. can you show the male oebt culls vs the regulars that you said were 7? is they are regularly 7 would they be less now? and are they also on sale now?
  3. he should give full doa refund. basically he boiled the shrimp.
  4. try aqua swap on reddit, or pearling plants .com
  5. So what about my chemical filtration guys ? How would I incorporate this with sponge filters.. I would love to use bio rings and carbon . Is it necessary for a good shrimp tank?
  6. Do you have pictures of your red wines
  7. Whats the best uncostly powerful pump to run several sponge filters ??? Ill be using 25 ft air tubing, check valves, and a multiple line connector with about 8 connections!!!! NOT looking to break the bank!! Tank setups on a budget.
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