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  1. HumanArtRebel1020

    How True Bloody Mary Breed?

    Sellers would always add shrimp of a simiar degree of color for more shrimp . Like putting a regular tiger with tangerines , then they just cycle around . I feel like in between generations theyll add others. Im not sure how BM came to be but i feel like now BMs are their own thing. I dont think people should add in different breeds in, then classify it as true when you know damn well that ishh looks and most likely is a cherry. In the end your really looking at the producer behind the selling if they really care about the shrimp their selling.
  2. HumanArtRebel1020

    How True Bloody Mary Breed?

    You should only buy from people who show 90% deep bloodd reds in their tanks .
  3. HumanArtRebel1020

    How True Bloody Mary Breed?

    This is weird but when i first started shrimp i seen bloody marys and they were shiny deep blood red . Now i see people posting pics of literal cherrys saying BM.
  4. HumanArtRebel1020

    Male or female? OEBT are so hard to tell...

    The first photo is female. The second is a male. In the third picture the one in focus is a female and the one infront of it is a male. The reason i say male for 2nd pic is because it does appear to be one but it is cleaning itself and fanning so 50/50.
  5. HumanArtRebel1020

    Giving up with oebt

    what brand/ kind of tank is this? where did you get this batch of shrimp?? They are stunning
  6. HumanArtRebel1020

    Giving up with oebt

    This sounds like wayy too much food to be feeding . Your a great shrimp owner for getting a bunch of different healthy foods ! maybe mix small portions of two or three and feed every other day . Why are you using distilled water? is it cycled? theyll deff die no matter what if you do not DRIP acclimate your water changes they are already sensitive shrimp in themselves. The enviorment seems well with optional lighting. I think the feeding all these different things every day may be a bit too much depending on how much you provide. 10 percent would be a gallon .
  7. HumanArtRebel1020

    cloudy water

    Plants are a great option. Also a water change . It will make the water cloudy at first but it will clear up with the filter running . I love that you have only one lol. I have a ten gallon too with two yellow shrimp (M+F). The female reins like a boss between all the guppies its cute. She looks like a bird in a tree tbh the way my tank is set up .
  8. HumanArtRebel1020


    What are these leaves good for ? Just realized i have a fully mature tree in my front yard . Experience or various studies ?
  9. HumanArtRebel1020

    Sellers in the UK giving you all male?

    I HATE this!! They do it on purpose so you have to buy more
  10. HumanArtRebel1020

    Feeding without copper

    Yes i am ! So i wound up ordering mini cubes blood worms and mini cubes spirulina and brine. Also a blood worm flat pack which is so large i didnt think it would be this large . He refused this at first because when i first got him i fed him live WW. He ate three so im sure these will work for him soon.
  11. HumanArtRebel1020

    What am I doing wrong in my Shrimp Tank?

    If things are dying, the enviormemt isnt well . Should be a continuous flourish. I would also stop the dosing for plants like he said. Same thing happened to my moss i was so upset . I had a bunch of left over plants i didnt have a spot to place them yet. I managed to find one little piece of of it flourishing so now i keep it in a breeder box for my baby shrimp im raising under constant light to keep the water warm. Its now Bright deep green and nice and gree like crazy over a couple months. I deff think where the white light is placed so close in range to the plants could be killing it . If everything is dying the shrimp know that and will just start dying too .. deff get some ferns in there. Ground plants are so natural . Its like survival of the fittest. Shrimps wont survive in wasteland. Maybe you need some fish up the carbon and or oxegen levels
  12. HumanArtRebel1020

    Best F i l t e r s?

  13. HumanArtRebel1020

    Feeding without copper

    i tried flakes with him hes not interested, or in home made food from somebody. he likes white worms but I have a hard time culturing them. Im weary of feeding frozen worms like that because parasites. Looking for something high quality aka a food with the best necessary ingredients and high amount of nutrients. wafer like maybe or a lot of WW.
  14. Do you sell them?? could these work without the salty shrimp if your ph is lets say 8.5 range which would be more alkaline right?
  15. HumanArtRebel1020

    The case of the missing shrimp eggs

    However my other younger female shrimp currently had just revieved babies and she is a yellow as well in a tank full of guppies. I collected 6 after a sudden birth thinking she dropped them. If this is your first batch of shrimp babies they will be TRULY seemingly difficult to spot. The only reason I found 4 at first, then 6 was because I fully cleaned the tank removing all plants and seen some dot (the shrimplet) float out of flow to the black substrate lol. I prob discarded of the others while cleaning and had no idea .