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  1. Peep your last topic post for my comment
  2. if you interested there a facebook group that has an auction reddit group and someone posted a skittles mix. reds, blues, green jades, yellow, and orange 20 plus 3 the bids at 38 right now . Ends 5/13 at 11pm!!( tomorrow). LMk ill post link
  3. Hello guys! Im starting a new larger tank and this will be a first time for using and setting up a canister filter. Does anyone know how to make it Shrimp safe??? From what Ive been seeing it seems like a giant tube for intake and outtake with nothing on the end stopping the shrimps from going up . Also any canisters that come with all parts like full tubing that will reach ect?? What do you guys use in your canisters and where can you get it cheapest!? Looking for the most deals AS POSSSIBBE. Thanks!!
  4. Im starting a new tank journey. Looking for mid ground plants medium to tall. Also red plants and low plants that look good in crevices. Looking for "carpeting " plants too. If you can post pics here that would be great.
  5. Hey guys, Looking to see if anybodys selling or does sell plants for freshwater tanks. I am In NY and Im having a tough time finding a Tropica dealer as well... Does anyone know where I can get Tropica plants as well?? Thanks
  6. PM me nexttime you have the black and white ones !!
  7. Where can I buy sulawasi shrimp, open to all variety options. also what other shrimps do well in higher ph??
  8. Anyone know where I can find really pretty guppies, im looking for a female or two and a male that come with is fine as well.
  9. Hey! Is Anybody selling snails or has some they need to get rid of and find a home for?? Looking for a little pop to my tank.
  10. Maybe some big leafed plants. Anubis the red one, nothing small or too delicate
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