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  1. Hey! Is Anybody selling snails or has some they need to get rid of and find a home for?? Looking for a little pop to my tank.
  2. Maybe some big leafed plants. Anubis the red one, nothing small or too delicate
  3. Tell them to knock it off. Make sure theyre not hungry, if its the ghost shrimp thats a problem i heard the do kill other shrimp and are agressive .
  4. My tank needs two more or 3 corys, ive had one lonely one.
  5. Im looking to trade a bunch of size small/medium baby java ferns and guppies for any other kind of plants, snails, shrimps or fish species !!! Lmk
  6. They sell the fluval one i believe your talking about on chewy for 3 dollars but it out of stock . Is the whole thing solid for does it have a opening at the bottom?
  7. Hey, What is the best brand of sponge filter that will fit on my aqueon HOB filter, the bottom piece broke off so its just the tube part with the slits just no extra length and slits. I need a sponge filter that will attach on and can get rid of all fish waste. As of now i dont event run it all the time because the fish get sucked up and die .
  8. Has anyone ever bought or bred Boas, Fishbones, or red devils?? How was it ? Where did you get them
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