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  1. So what about my chemical filtration guys ? How would I incorporate this with sponge filters.. I would love to use bio rings and carbon . Is it necessary for a good shrimp tank?
  2. Do you have pictures of your red wines
  3. Whats the best uncostly powerful pump to run several sponge filters ??? Ill be using 25 ft air tubing, check valves, and a multiple line connector with about 8 connections!!!! NOT looking to break the bank!! Tank setups on a budget.
  4. Does anyone provide OeTigers ?? Blue or black or royals...I notice they are so difficult to find these days. I want these for my 55.
  5. Thanks guys if anyones selling a fluval 306 for the lowlow lmk also do ramshorn eat pumpkin wyazz?
  6. Definitly going to look !! Thanks for the help!
  7. Looking for sulawasi shrimp varieties USA. Also looking for tiger spike chopstick snails, blue eyed gold neon tetra , and stem bunch plant packages.
  8. My tap water is just very alkaline and stays at 8.8 water change or not, it’s the final result of my cycled sitting water . Looking for lower ph. Kh is pretty average but is group category for keeping mollies guppies and invertebrates. Could I use the soil and it will permanently bring it from 8.8 to lower? I want plants as well so I do need soil .
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