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  1. Anubias is great. Buy bare root plants and tie or crazy glue them to bits of wood,
  2. PS I also think you need more plants and hiding spots, the more you have the safer they feel.
  3. Yes they will. I have RCS in a tank with a very quiet well mannered male Betta and they are always out and about especially at feeding time.
  4. NickAus

    Mosquito and Mosquito Larvae

    I keep Bumblebee Gobys as Shrimp and pest control, they hunt baby shrimp, detritus worms, mosquito larvae when I put some in, they don't last long. I used to keep a Betta in the tank with the shrimp but he prefers his cube over the 2 foot tank, Some Bettas are fine with shrimp. This guy never bothers the shrimp, unless hes stealing food from them
  5. Sarege needs at least 4 or 5 more friends, What sort of substrate do you have? These guys prefer sand and are great diggers. Maximum size: 8 inches (20cm). These are my Clown Loaches, I am doing a water change and they want to be fed
  6. Hi. Your water is way to soft for live bearers, They need hard water or they will get sick. What sort of loach is it? These usually need to be kept in groups. Guppies and Endlers will cross breed, Make for some cool fish? I also think the tank is too small for a pleco.
  7. NickAus

    how the worms came in tanks

    Normally I would say feed less remove any un eaten food and do more water-changes making sure you give the substrate a good vacuum, But from what I gather that's a bad thing for shrimp. Some dog dewormers will kill them but as I have never used them I wont recommend them.
  8. NickAus

    I'm in over my head? But I'm doing it anyway!

    Nice a fellow wood worker, my workshop/shed isnt as nice as yours but I still love it, and its a woman free zone LOL Not long ago I did up the floor at my place.
  9. NickAus

    how the worms came in tanks

    How big is the tank? What sort of filter has it got. I have never seen them swim around but you could be right they are running out of food. Any chance of a video?
  10. NickAus

    how the worms came in tanks

    Worms can be introduced to the aquarium in various ways, through plants, new fish, fish food, snails, even nets shared between tanks. Detritus worms are not a problem but an exploding population indicates there may be a problem with overfeeding, tank maintenance, poor filtration, dirty substrate that kind of thing. Keep the substrate clean and free of excess uneaten food will help lots, maybe get some snails and most of the Detritus worms will soon die due to lack of food. You can get rid of them without any chemicals but it takes time and effort, this way they consume all the stuff they love to eat and die off slowly rather than a mass die off using product XXXX and fouling your water. Using a small plate or something like that as a feeding station reduces the amount of food in and on the substrate. Even a clean glass ashtray works.
  11. NickAus

    Enough Air in aquarium?

    That's an 800 lph canister filter on a 5 g Aquael cube, re plumbed and flow restricted to suit a Betta. Why did I do that? For extra water capacity. I am actually going to modify that 20 l water jug to act as a canister filter It will live in the cabinet under the tank..
  12. NickAus

    Enough Air in aquarium?

    I am the king of filter mods Here's a HOB I modified. I also once modified a 800 LPH canister filter to work on a 5 gallon cube, then I looked into how filtration works, you really dont need filtration in a planted tank provided you are not overstocked and dont overfeed, the plants should be able to handle the ammonia, a small sponge filter connected to an air pump is all you need.
  13. NickAus

    Enough Air in aquarium?

    Me too Heres a mod I did to one of those filters,