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  1. gavinspop

    Raccoon tiger shrimp for sale

    Oh ok. May I ask where you got them? Wondering if they're wild or tank bred by a breeder.
  2. gavinspop

    Raccoon tiger shrimp for sale

    Hello, I have never seen these shrimp before. Are they a caridina? I'm just trying to figure out if they will cross breed with BKK, Wine Reds, and Blue bolts. Thanks! Nathan
  3. gavinspop

    WTB Mulberry Leaves

    I have mulberry leaves for sale if anyone wants some. My shrimp are going nuts over them. $8 shipped for an envelope stuffed with leaves. Paypal is njvierra@yahoo.com. Nathan UPDATE: 3 packages shipped yesterday. Each envelope had 25-30 full size Mulberry leaves.