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  1. TheShrimpBrothers.

    Brightest blue cherry shrimp?

    In my opinion Blue dream will be the brightest true blue, with blue dream velvet and velvet blue being bright but lighter shades of blue.
  2. TheShrimpBrothers.

    Blue dreams and green jades on tan substrate?

    It can vary, but as Edwin mentioned darker is the safer route. As an anecdote I've experienced: Some OEBT from breeder A, coming from dark substrate. When put into a tank with light substrate lightened up considerably. Some OEBT from breeder B, coming from dark substrate. When put into a tank with light substrate they barely lightened up at all. So it can vary. But if you have a heavily planted tank and there are lots of hiding places that are darker, that would probably help with a tan substrate. Just my two cents! Good luck with the new shrimp tank 🙂
  3. TheShrimpBrothers.

    Shipping shrimp in hot Florida weather

    TheGlassBox said it all! Hold for pickup and you should be good to go. But I can be an impatient person, waiting for better weather is probably the most responsible 🙂
  4. TheShrimpBrothers.

    Heat killed my bloody marys

    They should give you the option.... That's strange that different POs fine different answers. Cooler weather is a plus though! I really hope you have better luck!! Sidenote - sent you a PM if you're still looking for mosses 😁
  5. TheShrimpBrothers.

    Moss wanted

    Sent you a PM if you're still looking 😊
  6. TheShrimpBrothers.

    Heat killed my bloody marys

    Ouch that sucks I'm sorry! Post office holding would be better than the truck, but that kind of heat makes even insulation not that helpful. Perhaps the seller could include some cold packs? Otherwise a shipping option that delivers before 10am would help a lot. Sidenote- sent you a PM.
  7. TheShrimpBrothers.

    Ro/Di unit

    5 stage isprings can be found for about 160 on ebay and sometimes amazon. 75 gpd.
  8. TheShrimpBrothers.

    Some help with plants rooting

    I use flourish in all of my shrimp tanks. Excel too. Never had any issues. Just keep the doses on the lower end and you'll be good!
  9. TheShrimpBrothers.

    How True Bloody Mary Breed?

    Interesting. I agree people shouldn't mix unless they are doing breeding experiments, and then they should not sell those as true. I would never add another variety into one of my colonies!
  10. TheShrimpBrothers.

    Favorite vendors?

    Curious as to what your favorite vendors for shrimp are? Looking for neos mostly. Thanks!
  11. TheShrimpBrothers.

    WTB Sulawesi shrimp

    Hope you found some!
  12. TheShrimpBrothers.

    Which moss?

    My fissidens nobilis is one of my favorites! It has barely grown at all in 2 months in my low tech tank, so a great option for basically zero maintenance. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  13. TheShrimpBrothers.

    Card tank sanity check

    Coming in late here, but I second the Akadama if you can get your hands on some. Traditionally used as soil for Bonsai, it will lower your Ph considerably. However pinpointing the source of the KH is going to be important. Maybe take out some rocks and test in a bucket or something over a few days to see if they are in fact leeching?
  14. TheShrimpBrothers.

    Next Dollar per gallon sale?

    Just stopped by Petco here in California and they are having their dollar per gallon sale currently!