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  1. BigJake

    Red Panda Offspring

    I don't believe so. I just moved them in with the Tigers about 3 weeks ago. These dropped about a week ago.
  2. BigJake

    Red Panda Offspring

    And this one looks like a No Entry. Sent from my LG-H932 using Tapatalk
  3. BigJake

    Red Panda Offspring

    They're very tiny. Sent from my LG-H932 using Tapatalk
  4. I purchased some Red Pandas from a reputable dealer a few months ago. They just dropped their first shrimplets and there are some(~25%) that look like CRS, mosura pattern. This shouldn't happen unless they've been crossed with CRS in the past, correct?
  5. BigJake

    Aura blue tigers or Aura Tibees

    My Aura Blue male scaled the wall and got in with my red pandas. The result of which was some crosses. Mine show a lot more striping than that but they are still small. I'll try to snag a pic tonight (won't be as good as yours). Sent from my LG-H932 using Tapatalk
  6. BigJake

    Tank Smell

    Problem solved. Removed everything from the tank and smelled it. There was an algae in the corners of 2 of the tanks that once I scraped a little it became obvious. Smells much better now.
  7. BigJake

    Tank Smell

    I currently have 3 40B's for shrimp. One has red Eco Complete (smells fine), one has Brightwell (stanky) and the last has Black Diamond (stanky). I usually do my water changes when my nitrates rise, which is rare due to my floaters, or when my TDS raises 5 points. Usually 10% every 2-3 weeks. All my non-shrimp tanks smell fine.
  8. BigJake

    Tank Smell

    I've always had a very healthy smell to my tanks. Be it shrimp or fish. Generally described as an "earthy" or "rain" smell. My tanks have recently taken on a very strong earthy smell. It's not an offensive odor, just very strong. I walked into the house tonight and instantly smelled it. After working in my tanks my hands also smell strongly of it. Anyone ever had this before?
  9. BigJake

    The Tank of Death

    Well, I tried saving the tank with some beneficial bacteria additives but no success. Lost the last three today. I'm going to tear the tank down this weekend and reset it. Is there any way to save my moss and anubias or should I just throw it out? Maybe a dip in potassium permanganate to kill any bacteria that may be on it?
  10. BigJake

    The Tank of Death

    And so it continues... I guess it's time to start over. I'll have to do an insta-cycle on one of my spare 10-gallons tonight for the remaining shrimp. My wife loves it when I set up tanks on the kitchen counter.
  11. BigJake

    The Tank of Death

    After the second failure I threw everything out that I was using for the tank. Leaves and foods. I didn't toss the remineralizer or Bacter AE. I did switch to Magic Powder though with the third batch just in case. The water I'm using is my own RO. Tests 4-6 ppm out of the tank. Also, just to clarify. I am putting food in the tank. They just never touch it. I've tried everything from Shrimp King to SL Aqua to Shrimp Nature to ... They'll eat a mulberry leaf. Just not much. They also show no interest in IAL, oak leaves or guava leaves. Sent from my LG-H932 using Tapatalk
  12. BigJake

    The Tank of Death

    I had 4 nerites in the tank for the three months. Sent from my LG-H932 using Tapatalk
  13. BigJake

    The Tank of Death

    I'm about at my whit's end with a tank that I can't get anything to live in. Setup is as follows: 20 Gallons 2 ATI #2 sponge filters Eco Complete black substrate Mopani wood Cholla wood Peacock moss Riccia Fluitans Anubias Dragon stone TDS 257 GH 9-10 KH 4-5 Temp 69-72F Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5-10 RO water remineralized with Salty Shrimp GH/KH The story: I originally started this tank late last year. I can blame my failed start on insufficient knowledge and some questionable shrimp. Original setup was the same with an AquaClear 30, spider wood instead of Mopani and Cholla. I cycled the tank in about 3 weeks and started with 20 orange rili shrimp. The were beautiful and active. However, I didn't know about necrosis at the time or I would have taken it up with the seller. They clear rili part of the shrimp was very white. They were all dead within a couple of days. Not knowing what was left in the tank (and a bit of frustration) I reset it with bleach. Got rid of anything that could carry anything in the tank. The only thing remaining from the original tank was the Eco Complete, a piece of dragon stone and the tank. I let the tank cycle for about 3 months after all the bleach was cleared. Lots of bio-film and everything seemed to be doing well. Ordered 20 yellow neos. Looked great for a couple weeks. Had a berried female. Then everything started slowing down. The shrimp started acting lethargic. Started looking milky. Started dying. All gone a couple weeks later. I drained the tank again, refilled. Let it go through a mini-cycle. Watched all parameters and ordered more shrimp a month later. 10 more yellow neos. Again, looked great for a couple weeks. Berried females. Now here we are a couple weeks later and they are dying. Maintenance: I usually let my parameters guide my water changes (Nitrate or TDS). Usually about 3 weeks between. 15% change. Lights are on from 9am to 4pm. Weekly dripped RO water for top-offs. Feeding: The shrimp in this tank have never shown interest in food. Seem to prefer bio-film before they get sick. I do provide a mulberry leaf. Not sure what else I missed. I'm looking for any kind of guidance. And to brighten things up... my PFRs munching on a squash bloom (who don't live in the tank of death):
  14. BigJake


    Is the BLACK Tiger OE in the hobby any longer? I've seen older pictures of specimens but I've not seen them listed for sell nor have I seen recent pictures. Did the OEBT and OERBT just dominate the market?