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  1. It was my understanding that GH + KH + trace elements = TDS. But my PFR tank is GH 10 (179), KH 5 (89), TDS 215. Is this possible or is my TDS pen not doing it's job correctly? I use the API GH/KH test kit.
  2. BigJake

    Fry Problem

    Got them all out. Quite the fun afternoon project! Sent from my LG-H932 using Tapatalk
  3. BigJake

    Fry Problem

    A couple months ago I started cycling a 40 breeder for a PFR tank. It cycled great and then I picked up a few zebra danio's to keep it cycled. Well, it seems they liked it in there quite well because after I removed the danio's and added my shrimp I had a breakout of about 150 fry. In a week and a half they've grown from barely visable to around a quarter inch. I noticed some shrimplets (my first ones!) and now am worried about how long I have to get these fry out of there. I've heard danio's are not friendly to shrimp. Suggestions? Anyone looking for a sh'load of danio's?
  4. BigJake

    PH Drop

    Substrate is Brightwell.
  5. BigJake

    PH Drop

    I just did a check on my PH and found it to be 4.8. A week ago it was 6.3. This tank was set up about 3 months ago and cycled fine in about a month. Doing a full workup I've found it to have elevated ammonia also so I think it's recycling. I have a 20% water change dripping right now. Parameters as follows: RO water remineralized with Salty Shrimp GH. TDS 154 GH 5 KH <1 PH 4.8 Ammonia .25 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 Temp 69-71 I have another tank cycling but it is not ready. My crystals and TB seem okay. No deaths, all eating. Any suggestions to fix this?
  6. BigJake

    40 Gallon breeder tank divided

    I know this is an older thread but I've been considering a similar configuration and wanted to check up on how it's holding up. I'm a big fan of 40B tanks (have 3) but I do know they bow a little bit. When attaching this acrylic or glass to the sides/bottom my concern would be that this bowing would pull it apart over time. Have you (or anyone else with a similar setup) seen any evidence of this?
  7. BigJake

    Tiger Shrimp

    Hopefully not dumb questions. New to the hobby. In general is there a preferred Tiger Shrimp for cross breeding projects? Another question, I've seen mention that Tangerine Tigers are a different species than the rest of the Tigers. Is this true and do they interbreed?
  8. I just converted a shelldweller tank on my desk at work to a shrimp tank. As things are starting to warm up here in Utah I'm starting to get a little worried about the weekends. Our AC is shut off for the weekends. Outside temperatures will certainly be over 90 most days. I know when I've stopped in on the weekends it's been extremely hot. My tank is 20 gallons. Do I need to consider a chiller? Do you think fans will keep it cool enough? Or should I just bring it home?
  9. Really want to but I just have to be patient and wait for that last .25ppm ammonia to go to zero. I'm definitely in for the next batch. What are the parameters you're keeping these guys in? The CRS you sent are doing great!