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    Blue dreams, orange rili, red rili, yellow neos, orange neos,bloody Mary,fire red cherry shrimp,

    Blue steel, German spotted head pintos,pandas, YKK,mid grade blue bolt,wine red x red panda,yellow titibee.
    Comming soon. . . High grade Galaxy fishbone with boa Gene from Joe's shrimp shack.(5-12-18)

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  1. MNCarpenter

    Reliable pH Meter

    I got an Apera 60 pH meter off Amazon. At first it was great but now about 6 months later it does not want to read below 7. I've tried recalibrating it but it's taking 10 minutes or more to get down to 6.5 area. I've always stored it in storage solution. Does the pinpoint work well as a portable meter? I'd like to check 6 different tanks and use it for mixing WC as well. If used in this fashion would I get a year out of the probe if stored properly?
  2. MNCarpenter

    Sera Super Peat pellets?

    So when I was first starting I used prodibio and crushed coral in my media chamber to keep neos. I have had nothing but problems with shrimplet survival. I think it's from the pH being lower at the substrate and I places of little water movent. Combine that with how little new born shrimp move and it is a bad combo. I wonder if having peat or active substrate in only a few places could cause a simmilar issue? Now however the only thing I use peat for is dropping the pH of tap water in my aging bin for my non shrimp tanks.
  3. MNCarpenter

    Enough Air in aquarium?

    I can't say enough good things about the jetlifter from Swiss tropicals. He was at out local aquarium show last month and for what he sells them for it's not worth your time to make a diy one. If you have the top of the outlet just above the water even with 4 hooked to a fusion 500 air pump(smallest with dual outlets)I can run it at about half output and get good flow in 5 gallon tanks with matten filters. I turn them up during top offs and after water changes just to stir up the tank a bit but I think I could easily run 3 more tanks off this mid sized pump
  4. MNCarpenter

    WTB Mulberry Leaves

    Is there a specific type of mulberry tree to get? I found a dwarf everberring tree that stays under 6 feet. They advertise it as being good for container gardening. Was thinking I could move it inside during the winter. Lastly how much can u take before it hurts the tree? https://www.gardensalive.com/product/dwarf-everbearing-mulberry