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  1. MNCarpenter

    Packages up for grabs

    What are the 3rd pic down with the fishbone pattern on tail and most have a black main body one has a line up the middle
  2. I've been thinking on this and would it work to get a stainless steel dish strainer and remove the middle plug or drain stop. Then seal the hole with an eye bolt so there is a hoop to grab. Then drop it over them. Possibly catch them both in a net and let them go in one spot with a lil moss under the dome. My thought is this gives them access to better grazing than a mesh box hung on the side. Also the mesh is so fine I wonder how much food stuffs can penetrate it.
  3. MNCarpenter

    Cat nip leaves

    I have a few leaves I washed and am drying now I'm gonna move a single shrimp into a new tank I just finished cycling and see what happens. If it eats on it and survives I'll try it on my cull tank and go from there.
  4. MNCarpenter

    Cat nip leaves

    Ok so I have a pot with a cat nip plant that has recently started to go crazy. I have enough dried to out last my 2 cats and their weekly habbit. So I've been considering a potted mulberry tree but if the cat nip would be ok for my shrimp that would be even easier. I think it is closley related to Nettle but I'm not positive. If anyone has any info on the viability of feeding this to shrimp I'd love to hear it. Also if someone could possibly point me to a place I could find nutritional information on different herbs/leaves that would be great. Thanks all for the great community
  5. MNCarpenter


    I know this is an old post but hope to get some more info. Does this product have the same antibiotic and antiviral properties the actual leaves have? Also do the leaves have these properties even if I pick them green and dry them or do they need to change color and dry naturally.
  6. MNCarpenter

    Aquatic life ro buddie

    Well my RO unit showed up last night. Seems to be a solid unit. 34 pounds total. Another thing to keep in mind is how much pressure you have in your house. I was getting a very high waste to clean ratio. A pump can cost around 100 bucks. Lastly most good carbon filters have ratings for how many gallons they are good for at removing chlormines vs chlorine. One that comes to mind is 15,000 gallons chlorine 2,500 chlormines. I'm not clear if this means it's depleted after 2500 gallons of water with chlormines and can still do 12500 of chlorine or if it's toast after the 2500. Lastly has anyone replaced the di resin in the di cartridge that comes with the RO buddie?
  7. MNCarpenter

    Aquatic life ro buddie

    I know it is supposed to be removed however every chlormone kit I see for full sized RO systems run 2 carbon filters and single micron ones at that. So a single carbon cartridge may not remove them all. Now on Amazon for I think 64 dollers they have a full size 5 stage RO. It comes with a presure tank and drinking water faucet. I ordered one to see how it works so I'll let everyone know how it works.
  8. MNCarpenter

    Aquatic life ro buddie

    Have you guys thought it odd they have a 550 discharge valve thingy on the 50gpd RO buddie. From my understanding that it what controls the amount of waste. I have seen 350 on most other 50gpd models. Also I was told that the last 10 to 15 tds left is basically the ammonia and chlormines. Is this correct or did I miss understand what I was told.
  9. MNCarpenter

    Magic Powder or Bacter AE

    I was in the same situation but also have shrimp nature baby bio so I rotate them. I don't know if it's advised but I couldn't decide so I went with all 3. I was told that mixing bacteria products can cause problems so I try to stick with brands that list what strains are in them. And the breeder I got my shrimp from uses both magic powder and bacter ae in his ground up blend. Or had mixed them in the past with no adverse effects. If I'm not mistaking bacter AE has more strains of bacteria and id say they are overall a higher quality product.
  10. MNCarpenter

    HMF: Corner filter braces

    Cool most of the reports of the orange coloration were in sumps for reef tanks. Nice to be able to use something you already have.
  11. MNCarpenter

    HMF: Corner filter braces

    I see most people saying RTV 103 or 108 are best but GE I is also said to work but I'm seeing complaints of it turning orange. So any spsfic brand?
  12. MNCarpenter

    HMF: Corner filter braces

    What did you use to attach the acrylic to the glass? From my understanding sillicone doesn't adhear to acrylic very well. I believe the corrner HMF kits from Swiss tropicals use glass braces. Also anyone know how to add a corrner HMF to a running tank?
  13. There are lots of diffuser designs out there that use a powerhead to chop up the co2 bubbles and disperse them. If you don't mind the soda pop look to your tank you will be fine. All co2 does is make plastic brittle overtime so keep that in mind. If you do notice it causing problems you can always add a Venturi to the pump output and run the co2 after the impeller.
  14. What about wrapping window screen around it? Not sure if that would still let the scum through. Or I found putting an airstone about 4 inches below the surface cleared up the film in my IM nuvo fusion after I placed a sponge over my overflow to keep shrimp in. Still looking for a better option as a flat screen sucks shrimp tight to it and I can't find a good mesh guard just plastic fish savers. That's off topic but the added surface agitation cleared it right up. I was using an open air line at first but it clogs up fast. U mite as well just add a small DBL sponge filter for added bio surface area.
  15. MNCarpenter

    Reliable pH Meter

    I got an Apera 60 pH meter off Amazon. At first it was great but now about 6 months later it does not want to read below 7. I've tried recalibrating it but it's taking 10 minutes or more to get down to 6.5 area. I've always stored it in storage solution. Does the pinpoint work well as a portable meter? I'd like to check 6 different tanks and use it for mixing WC as well. If used in this fashion would I get a year out of the probe if stored properly?