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  1. MNCarpenter

    Failure to Breed?

    Be cateful i know for a fact nutral regulator has phosphates in it. Its not meant for s planted tank. Also the neutral reg will add kh so I'd really stay awsy from it. If you are just trying to drop the ph use acid buffer or citric acid. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  2. MNCarpenter

    RODI water problems

    So sense starting shrimp iv quit using a ph pen. If the Kh is 0 your active substrate will drop it. You could try putting a nylon filled with a cup of substrate of your choice and hang that in your wster while you aerate it. But with no kh the ph pen will not work well. I spent a good bit of $ and it still would take the ph meter 10 minutes to get close to the ph i thought it was supposed to be. But once you get your system down ph is the least important test. Gh +tds are the big ones. One other thing you coukd do is run co2 through your water for a bit. Either from a tank or even a yeast n sugar bottle would work Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  3. MNCarpenter

    RODI water problems

    Where is the 2.5 kh coming from? Are you using a gh/,kh remineralizer? You said it was just GH+ but id double check the container if your not keeping neos. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  4. MNCarpenter

    Failure to Breed?

    Iv wondered on this topic for some time. Is there a general rule of thumb for what to adjust to try and find the optimal breeding condition? Like does generally lowering the tds say 10 ppm a week or raise it? Lastly regarding active substrate does anyone know of a chart that lists the brand of substrate and the average pH it buffers to with RO water and 0 Kh Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  5. MNCarpenter

    DIY Air manifolds?

    I cant agree enough with the earlier post about adding extra valves. Im now having to either unhook my air system or add valves in place both bad options. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  6. MNCarpenter


    When spot treating was there a max amount per gallon you used? Iv also used it on one small spot of bba but never for such a large amount of string algea. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  7. MNCarpenter

    Quietest air pump

    My hygger is 3 feet from my head when i sleep. The bubbles bursting from the filters are much louder than the pump. Im running 6 jet lifters and 4 dual sponge filters currently and still bleeding off some air. I also have a fusion 500 running next to it while i wait for more threaded air valves to come in and it is louder than the hygger. Not by much but for how much less air its moving its kinda sad. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk Attached a pic for refrence sorry for the mess its busy season in my line of work.
  8. MNCarpenter


    I turned the air off for 15 minutes n used about 2ml of house hold peroxide.iv used doubble this dose for neos to treat bacterial infection. Just not sure about using it on caradina for alge. The shrimp were super happy to have the flow off. The tanks all have a ton of flow from the jet lifters. Can you have too much flow for shrimp? They seem to hide and stick to cover with the air running. Lastly do shrimp need light? Im already down to 4hr of light. Its a beamworks et light running the short way across 3 tanks. Whats the max dose that is safe for normal mosses? I know it will melt suwassertang and that type of liverworts n mosses from expensive experience. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  9. MNCarpenter


    Can this be done with shrimp in the tank? Im having issues with this string algea in 2 tanks and have tried plucking it but to no avail. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  10. MNCarpenter

    The Tank of Death

    My shrimp seem to like shrimp nature immunity and mineral uptake by dwarf shrimp. Every tank rushes the mineral uptake. Just found out about it when i was at a breeders place. Best of all its cheap compared to most shrimp foods. Best of luck on the next restart. Oh with your ro filter how old are the filters? The carbon may be exhausted even though the tds is ok. Maybe add a half dose of Prime just to be safe this time around. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  11. MNCarpenter

    Sulawesi Bandit

    Did you ever find any sulwasi Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  12. MNCarpenter


    191941 or 3rd from bottom with the spotted head pintos on the rock the moss is attached to Also the mesh right above it im interested in both but dont know what they are for sure. The sp610 does it have a common name Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  13. MNCarpenter

    Hygger air pump

    Just incase anyone was curious the threaded airline fittings need a 13/64 drill bit. A 3/16 is just a tad small and i dont thing trying to make the hole bigger by tilting the drill would work. So if your looking to build a pvc air system grab a 13/64 bit along with the valves Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  14. MNCarpenter

    White worm in tank!

    Can you post a picture of the bugger.
  15. MNCarpenter

    The Tank of Death

    If you have fed both tanks mulberry or both times could your leaf source possibly have pesticides on them. It may take more than one leaf before the levles build up. The RO water. Is it your own filter or purchased ro. Have you tested it before adding anything? Could something be slipping through? That seems like a long time to have lights on. Iv gone to 5 hours on and am dropping it to 4 soon to try b stop long strings of alage. Another thing you could try is starting the tank with prodbio bacteria. Their stary up kit has a vial each of biodigest and ammonia stop. Everyone aroud my neck of the woods swears by that method to start a tank. Do that 12 hours before you add shrimp and your good to go. If you want to wait a month id hold off on the amoniastop and add that a day befor shrimp along with another vial of biodigest.