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  1. Shrimpfoot

    High Nitrates

    I have just started feeding more powdered food maybe I will cut it down and continue to suck out the junk behind. Thank you for the response.
  2. Shrimpfoot

    High Nitrates

    I have started having problems with my nitrates rising in my 10 blue bolt tank with a hmf on it. So I was doing a water change to see if that would help then noticed behind the hmf there was about a half inch of brown detritus so vacuumed as much as I could out. Could this be the reason for my nitrate spike? Thanks in advance. Chris
  3. Shrimpfoot

    Low pH in blue bolt tank.

    Cycled the tank for 2 months, before adding some crystals and then some pandas and then the blue bolts. I am using a HM filter it is planted well no co2. I have about 2.75-3” of Amazonia for substrate. I use ro water reminerlized to a gh of 4 with bee shrimp gh+.
  4. Shrimpfoot

    Low pH in blue bolt tank.

    The newest set of blue bolts has been in the tank for 2 weeks.
  5. I have a silly question. If my ro unit is producing water with a pH of 6 and I have an active substrate like Amazonia will it lower the pH in the tank even lower? I ask because my tanks pH is now down to 5.3 and I have lost 2 shrimp. If it is possible would it be better to use half ro half tap water for water changes? Thanks in advance! Chris
  6. Shrimpfoot

    Low pH

    Appreciate everyone’s help I will leave it alone and just give it time. Chris
  7. Shrimpfoot

    Odd shrimp!

    I was just looking at my neo tank and found a dead shrimp, first one in months weird thing is that it’s head was blue body orange and tail blue. I had never seen it before, but I have a lot of babies in that tank and it is planted heavily. Has anyone ever seen this before or maybe did the shell just change color after it died? chris
  8. Shrimpfoot

    Low pH

    Not breeding and not foraging as much as my cherry shrimp do in my other tank.
  9. Shrimpfoot

    Low pH

    My other thought was that maybe I have to much Amazonia in the tank I have about 2.5-2.75 inches. chris
  10. Shrimpfoot

    Low pH

    I have a 10 gallon tank with blue bolts and bkk that is lightly planted. The tank is 4 months old with Amazonia light substrate. I have been watching the ph and it has stabilized at a low of 5.4. I use ro water that is remineralized with salt bee. I would like to raise the ph to around 6 with out raising the gh or kh. If this level is ok let me know. The shrimp seem fine but they are not thriving other water parameters: kh 0, gh 5-6, temp 72f, nitrate 5, tds 125. Any help or thoughts are appreciated greatly. Chris
  11. Shrimpfoot

    Cycling new tank

    Thank you for the reply that is probably what happened. Who reads all the directions anyways. LOL. Chris
  12. Shrimpfoot

    Cycling new tank

    The tank is doing great took almost 8 weeks for the cycle currently has a few crs and cbs along with black King Kong and some blue bolts all doing well.
  13. So I just did a water change 10% and only mixed the fresh ro water to a gh of 4 which was a tds of 75. Now my tds in the tank is 145 and the gh is 6. My plan now is to do another water change in 5-7 days with the same gh of 4 and I just ordered some tds up to keep the tds at 135-140. Unless some one has a better idea or thinks this is the wrong thing to do. I figure it is going to take a while to slowly bring the gh back in check. Chris
  14. I was doing my water change and I was testing my RO water after remineralizing with salty bees gh+ to a tds of 130. I decided to test that gh+ and it was at 8. I decided to test my tank because I lost 1 shrimp recently and the tanks gh+ has skyrocketed to7.5 a 8. Curious if this has happened to some one else and how do I fix it so the gh stays at 5ish. Thanks in advance. chris
  15. Shrimpfoot

    Cycling new tank

    I am cycling a new 10 gallon aquarium with ada Amazonia light, using a Hamburg Matten filter with plants already planted including Buce, scarlet temple plant, subwassertang, and 2 other species. I started off using the fishless cycle, but since week 4 now is week6 my ammonia has been stuck at 0.25 ppm. I have been doing frequent water changes using half ro half tap water. I have cholla wood in there along with katapa leaves alder cones and montmorelinite rocks and tourmaline balls. Is this normal for ada soil to take this long and I just need to be patient or do I need to try something else. I added a few endlers last week to see if that would help but no. Any advice welcome, thanks in advance! Chris ph 6.3 kh 0 gh 5-6 tds 147 nitrite 0 ammonia 0.25 nitrate 0-5 temp 72