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  1. HBdirtbag

    Hygger air pump

    I tried one of these, and it was way to loud for my tastes
  2. HBdirtbag

    Hygger air pump

    I have one of these, it is DEAD silent, literally quietest of all my air pumps. I originally had it powering 4 10 g tanks, with things turned down a bit. Now I have it powering two 5G tanks and nearly have the valves fully closed. It's going to be powering a 30G tank for me i'm about to setup. Can't tell you how quiet this is. And i'm 100% anal about noise. Whenever buying new pumps I usually order 3 (of the same pump)...figure out which one is the quietest and send the other two back (thanks amazon prime). I can't express how sensitive i am to the loudness of my tanks. I've got 5 tanks running in my office and you walk in and my office is dead silent. The two 5 g's this is powering are right next to my desk and i cant hear it. I can see it, i can touch it from my chair...but I can't hear it at all. On a very rare occasion something else on the shelf it's on may start rattling, but a tap, and it's solved.
  3. the tank runs Co2, so i am not looking for a bunch of agitation. That said....this tank sprung a leak on me over teh weekend...... so no worries anymore as I tore it down...good news....don't think I lost any shrimp....pulled out about 300+
  4. i ended up finding some very light weight mesh material my daughter brought home from school. It's light enough to not hold the plunger below the surface and still let it float. I did catch 2 amano's in it after 48 hours, but I blame them for it...dumb asses probably climbed over the screen.
  5. +1 for Han's filter guards
  6. HBdirtbag

    new SL-Aqua Liquids: Blue Wizard, TM-1, and Purify!

    Hey Eric, Know this is an old thread. But i'm slowly moving over to using only SL Aqua line. I've recently up 3 tanks via SL aqua cycling method and things have completed and good to go. I've gotten a new order of: Purify TM-1 Blue Wizard Anything to worry about when using these products in conjunction together? Blue Wizard - 10ML to 100L of water raises GH 1 point? How many ML in a pump? I'm generally filling 5G buckets.
  7. Hey guys, i need to put a surface skimmer in my 55G tank. It's a 24" tall tank and gets some scum on the surface during the day. I've been using an eheim 350 like pictured below. Every few days I empty shrimp out of it (usually 5-15 shrimp, have only found one death), but would like to come up with something that would prevent the shrimp from entering. I've tried to stack it with sponge inside, but it weighs down the tube to much so that it can't float. would be curious what other people are using as a solution. I've got this unit on my 120P Fish tank, thinking about moving it over as it's clear and I can see inside, but it's not that powerful.
  8. HBdirtbag

    Stardust shrimp?

    wanted to touch on this thread as I just came up on a colony of stardust, however, it appears to be all males. What have people successfully crossed these guys with?
  9. HBdirtbag

    Love nerites

    Nerites are great, till they cover your driftwood with eggs. I had a gorgeous piece of wood (no giggles) that they coated, spent like 2 hours with a pocket knife one day scrapping them off.