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  1. A lot of caridina are born with orange/red eyes. The Orange Eye gene tends to suppress white markings. It will most likely end up a black King Kong looking shrimp as an adult.
  2. Tank tour after rearranging the whole room. Scott put in extra supports under the shelves for me so I could put the tanks in short-side out, and helped me move one shelf up higher. All the tanks are now off the floor except for the 10g cube that's too deep to fit on the small wire rack and the 30g extra plants/mystery snails/neo culls tank. Happy Jax, happy shrimp.
  3. This big momma that it seems like I was waiting forevaaaaa to hatch out her babies gave me xmas babies!
  4. Oh yeah, I notice this all the time. The closer to a wild pattern instead of a nice solid color, the more I see lighter/silver eyes. My bloody marys often have lighter eyes as well.
  5. They're just starting to breed for the first time. Some of the ones I have are from Andrew Wayne, and it's a project he's worked on for a couple years, so are pretty set in what colors and patterns they produce. The ones I have are just F1's so it's going to be a mixed grab bag what they produce. I see a few tiny solid whites- could color out as blue bolts later- some pinto striped backs on clear or tan-ish bodies. They're only a week or so old though. I really need to move them to a different tank. I love the shape of the 10g cube they're in, but the light is weak in that tank, the glass is scratched on the inside, and the curve of the glass makes taking pics really hard.
  6. Aura Blue x Blue Bolts and x Cheetahs. The ones with the more vibrant brighter blue are from Andrew Wayne and are the Aura/Cheetahs. The shrimp with the lighter blue and white are my Aura/Bolts. Aura Crosses 20190622_011840.mp4
  7. Update on the the other Aura Blue cross I did. These were with a Blue Bolt male. They're big enough that I pulled them out of the main tank and set them up in a breeder box till I have another tank finished cycled in a few weeks.
  8. More Aura cross babies. Super happy with these.
  9. Do you still have this for sale? I'd like to order food pack 2 pls.
  10. One month later plus a week. I also have some tiny baby Aura Blue/Blue bolts with some neat stripes on the back.
  11. EverStuff


    Hi, Welcome! It's good to see the FaceBook friends here.
  12. Hi, Welcome! It's good to see FaceBook friends here.
  13. I'm Jacqui Kaplan Jones on FaceBook

  14. Welcome!! There's been a few fellow FB friends trickling in. Good to see you guys coming here.
  15. Welcome!! Good see some fellow FB friends moving on over to hang with us
  16. Better pics tonight after feeding. I still have a few in the Ghost Bee tank that escaped the breeder box. I'll fish them out after they get a little bigger.
  17. A lot of them are turning a very orange color. I haven't been able to get a good clear pic of them. They are the moving-est shrimp. Almost as active as the OEBT babies I have all over the place. A few are looking more like they're gonna be a clear-ish with black markings. Some still have a light blue color with darker and white-ish stripes. 47 pics I took the other day and managed to get 5 not too crappy pics. I was trying to capture the the more orange ones to send pics to my sister. They're finally to the point they come and swarm the food when I drop it in instead of just grazing on whatever all over the tank. Tonight is a feeding night so I'll try and snap some more pics. Speaking of OEBT, this is my first time with them and they're finally old enough to breed. I have my first couple batches of babies. They're born clear?
  18. Neos do better in water with a GH of 6-8. They might be having a molting issue and dying to failed molts. Also keep in mind that even after you bring the GH up, those shrimp have been building shells with not enough calcium and may continue to have molting issues until they molt and grow new shells with the higher GH water. What are you feeding them?
  19. I have plans to throw a couple nicer aura blue males and a few ghost bee females back in with these as they mature. I also have an aura blue bred to a blue bolt and I might add those babies to this tank as well.
  20. So happy to see a hint of blue and a few white stripes on these little tiny peewees.
  21. Wow, these are beautiful. Keep going with this so I can buy some ❤️
  22. I went through a hell of a learning curve over the last year. Went from not knowing anything and learning as I went, taking advice and realizing that just because it works for someone else doesn't mean it will work for me and my tanks. Now I have berried females all over the place, and babies growing to adult size and starting to reproduce another generation. I keep a journal of what works for me and what doesn't.
  23. Ghost Bee x Aura Blue babies. I definitely see some white striping coming in. Now just to wait to see if they get a blue body from the Auras, or stay clear like the Ghosts. I'm also dreaming of the start of a zebra Ghost pattern if they stay clear. I have another berried female that I'm seeing eyes in the eggs. Should be hatching soon. Same cross.
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