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  1. Does anyone know When special orders come in? Are they specially shipped or come with everything else. My pet store gets things in on Thursday.
  2. My dad had a 5 gallon tank with a few cherry shrimp at his job. Over time, scuds started appearing in the tank. These two animals coexisted for years. Suddenly, the tank got a few duck weed speck on it. Then it got more. And more. And more. There was at least 1/4 inch of duckweed on the surface and the water turned cloudy and green. When he had time, my dad did a few water changes and saw no shrimp. only scuds. hundreds of them. He also pulled out the guppy grass to find it had been devoured by the scuds. Do any of you have an idea what happened?
  3. I have a Fluval c2 on a 10 gallon dwarf puffer tank and it filters pretty well. For your ten gallon aquarium I recommend you plant it and have a medium sponge filter. I don't have any aquariums larger than 20 gallons, but I am assuming that A few sponge filters and maybe a canister for your other tank? I'm no expert on any filter, so take my advice with a grain of salt.
  4. I got a nice small sponge filter off amazon for $2.51. Larger ones exist that are not much more expensive.
  5. What are the differences between Orange, Orange sakura, Pumpkin, Mandarin, and other orange neocaridinas?
  6. I use remineralized RO water: PH: 7 GH: ~125 KH: Don't remember but seemed normal. Nitrite:0 Nitrate: 0 The ember tetras are too busy to bother the shrimp.The only time the shrimp and the crayfish interact is when the shrimp is near the crayfish. The crayfish opens his claws and the shrimp swim away. The ghost shrimp doesn't show much interest in anything except food. A few weeks earlier, the ghost shrimp was berried but lost her eggs with a day. The other berried female is defiantly larger, properly older, and therefore more experienced. But I don't know much.
  7. Hi. I recently got 3 neon yellow shrimp(Neocaridina, 2 females and one male). They are in a 10 gallon aquarium with 7 ember tetras, a mexican dwarf crayfish, a ghost shrimp, and a single male orange sakura shrimp ( he was the last survivor of the awful reaccuring incident of eco-complete poisoning). It has been 16 days. One female has gone missing, and I found her berried. Same thing happened with the other. No more than a week had passed before both shrimp were berried (although one of the females had fewer eggs, all of which were a lot larger than the other shrimp's). When I went to sleep last night, both females were pregnant . When I woke up, the one with the larger eggs was no longer berried. With the amount of research I've done, I can be assured the eggs didn't hatch. Did she just drop them?
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