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  1. No I don't use for the moment, now I make a new tank for the selection and I will try your help! Ty so much😊
  2. Hello everyone, finilly I write too. For almost a year I have been lucky enough to have beautiful Masapi Shrimp More and more times, I compared my specimens with pictures of the web, and I wondered why mine were not so dark. I started to make a selection, but even the darker ones after a few days came back transparent, except for the beautiful white stripes above and the dark ones below. Today I saw an amazing thing: I have a pregnant Masapi in a bathtub that is because I had to help in the ventilation of newborns and I noticed that every time the caridina noticed my presence, in the absence of hiding places it blocked and changed those very slowly, up to go from transparent to black. Now I ask myself, can any of you confirm my theory? Others have found this thing?
  3. Hi guys. Sorry for my bad English, but I'm Italian and I'm learning to speak eng alone. I read your forum from a lot of time and now I decide to write too. My name is Giuseppe and I'm 25 years hold. In Italy don't exist a lot of person interesting at shremp so I hope that in the future we can have a big community like this. The only big forum that we have is not so follow, so I hope u accept me here. Actually I have 3 tank with 30 liters. I have red cherry, blue dream and Masapi. All my tank is breed with walstad metod(same Masapi) and for the moment them live and riproduce great. In the future I want transform my garage in a shremp room. So, ty for your attention and spry for my English.
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