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  1. edwin_the_elder

    Bee shrimp GH

    I'm not really sure but I think its fine to have a GH of 5 with a TDS of about 150 and I use Salty Bee Shrimp GH+. My CRS and Taiwan Bees are doing fine
  2. edwin_the_elder

    Blue dreams and green jades on tan substrate?

    Generally all my shrimp show deeper colours on dark substrate. Probably has something to do with their natural instinct to want to blend into their surroundings to avoid predation
  3. edwin_the_elder

    Aquarium salts in shrimp tank?

    Oh! The white ring behind their head is okay! It doesn't always necessarily indicate a failed molt. More often than not it indicates that they are going to molt soon. Mine always refuse to molt with the lights on despite there being numerous hiding spaces. I always wake up to fresh molts and fully coloured shrimp in the mornings However, in my experience, if the white ring gets wider than 2-3mm it could indicate that they're having real trouble moulting. Also, your GH and KH seem okay for Neos!
  4. edwin_the_elder

    Plant I.D Help :D

    Hey guys! I need some help identifying this plant to see it its truly aquatic or just semi-aquatic (cos the stems look a little too thick for a stem plant) My friend identified it as pogostemon quadrifolius but there doesn't seem to be much info on it! Anyone else with suggestions on what it could be? Please let me know Thanks in advance!! Some Photos of Mystery Plant
  5. edwin_the_elder

    Aquarium salts in shrimp tank?

    I also used some BorneoWild products for a period of time. I used a product called Stout to ensure proper molting and thickening of shells. Another one that comes to mind is BioFilm which should serve the same purpose as BacterAE by allowing the baby shrimp to eat - either the powder itself or the biofilm that these products encourage.
  6. edwin_the_elder

    Aquarium salts in shrimp tank?

    Personally I like to add BacterAE at least once every week to improve the digestive system of my shrimp and to ensure the babies have some food. I also use Purigen (not sure if it can be considered as an additive tho) to make sure that I'm protected from any sudden Ammonia spikes or high levels of nitrates when I'm late on a water change - so to just provide stability and pristine water. Also, 25% seems like a lot to change at once. I would suggest 10% every 2 weeks or 20% every 3 weeks. In both cases the new water should be dripped back into the tank.
  7. edwin_the_elder

    Aquarium salts in shrimp tank?

    Nope! Just good clean water with a thriving bacterial colony is all you need for healthy shrimp 99% of the time Your shrimp should be getting all the nutrients they need through a proper balanced diet too! Additives are for when you want to have a fail-safe when your water quality isn't pristine or when your shrimp aren't getting what they need from their food
  8. edwin_the_elder

    Aquarium salts in shrimp tank?

    Personally no? But I don't think it would benefit them much. I have head of some people keeping cherries in 1.004 SPG but only after they were acclimatized really slowly. There are plenty of other additives that you could add to your tank that could be beneficial for shrimp
  9. edwin_the_elder

    Need help on id these shrimp

    Well its a little difficult to tell but if they have a blueish hue? If theyre both black and white then they should be a BKK and a Grade A/S Panda. Either way its definitely a steal for a couple of taiwan bees This chart should help!
  10. edwin_the_elder

    Are these shrimp ok?

    Hey! I'm no expert but it looks a little like Chitinolytic bacterial disease or brown spot disease. It's usually caused by: Poor water conditions Unhealthy or injured shrimps Too much Nitrates chemical imbalances substrate turned bad From what I've seen its quite treatable. I took most of this info off another forum called SKF! This thread has information on loads of shrimp parasites and diseases. Hope it helps! https://skfaquatics.com/forum/topic/5052-shrimp-diseases-and-diagnosis/?do=findComment&comment=70743 P.S: I hope I'm not violating any posting rule and if so, please feel free to take this post down mods
  11. edwin_the_elder

    Tapatalk app

    Mines working fine 😕 You could just try surviving on the mobile web version for now
  12. edwin_the_elder

    RO Unit

    Wow! That's really high TDS to be keeping Caridinas in 😱!! I guess this is really an extreme example of stability being more important than trying to achieve the illusive "perfect parameters". Have you tried measuring your TDS out of your tap? And are you mineralising your tap water?
  13. edwin_the_elder

    Help/advice needed

    Yeah I understand what you mean. That's really quite perplexing 😕 But I think like madcrafted mentioned... TDS should only be used as an estimate of your water conditions and for water changes with RO water. However, if you wanna really be sure that your water's fine, just make sure that your GH is stable. This is because certain minerals may contribute to a higher TDS reading but not to GH to in your case, the TDS might be dropping by quite an amount, but your GH might be stable. If you can get your hands on some, I suggest keeping some tigers to test the parameters before you head out to get the more sensitive strains since tigers are generally more hardy.
  14. edwin_the_elder

    Help/advice needed

    Well that's usually okay if you're topping off not more than 5-10% of your water. But since you have plants in there and you haven't been doing top offs or water changes, the plants removing minerals coupled with the fact that you just diluted your mineral content would lead to a drastic drop in TDS.
  15. edwin_the_elder

    Help/advice needed

    I see. Did you top off you tank with RODI water?