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  1. thenamespo

    TPShrimpers racktastic adventures

    What are the plants/moss you use?
  2. Don’t necessarily go by TDS all the time. Tds could mean anything. What about ammonia, nitrates etc? any spikes there, because like I said anything can raise tds like feeding and leftover foods
  3. Something in your water is causing your shrimps to die. are there any spikes
  4. What’s the pH of your tank
  5. thenamespo

    Sulawesi Shrimps

    So when it’s 120 tds you know the water is ~8 pH?
  6. thenamespo

    What shrimp is this?

    All my tanks are 10g on the rack and I have a 20 high that I’m cycling for some Sulawesi shrimps
  7. thenamespo

    What shrimp is this?

    Yeah, I don’t really have much to display. I don’t scape my tanks. Just have moss and shrimps. That’s why I should’ve put it the other way. You planning to do all 10g?
  8. thenamespo

    What shrimp is this?

    I’m looking to get a similar rack, rn I have a rack I built but I built it to put my tanks the long way instead of how everyone else has their tanks on the rack. So I could only fit 8 10g. And let me know when you do find a vendor. I’ll try SL this time around as well.
  9. thenamespo

    What shrimp is this?

    I’m using ADA rn and was planning to switch to controsoil until I saw everyone here using SL. Where do you plan on buying it? What rack are you looking at buying or are you building your own like most here?
  10. thenamespo

    Sulawesi Shrimps

    I’ve seen your yt vids! Very nice looking shrimps. I recently started using Sulawesi 8.5 and taking your advice of letting it sit for a week. Do you just add one scoop to a 5g bucket when you remineralize your RO water?
  11. thenamespo

    What shrimp is this?

    That’s crazy, I would be devastated if that happened. I have 8 tanks rn and looking to get more but I also don’t want any low quality shrimp. 3/8 of my tanks are CRS/CBS/PRL. Even tho they look nice in large numbers, I rather keep higher end shrimps like fancy tigers/fishbones/boa. Why did you decide to switch to HOB filters btw? And that’s crazy how a 2.6g is allowing them to breed. You hear everyone say oh water params in small tanks will have huge swings being detrimental to shrimps. But that’s good man, you seem to be doing everything right this time around
  12. thenamespo

    What shrimp is this?

    How long you been keeping shrimps? Virginias not too far from where I am. my Zebra tank hasn’t been breeding for me. What’s your water params for them
  13. thenamespo

    What shrimp is this?

    You live in the US? should share some of those pics
  14. thenamespo

    What shrimp is this?

    Thanks! What shrimps do you keep?
  15. thenamespo

    What shrimp is this?

    Oh I was just asking, been ignoring my zebra tank lately because of issues with it and noticed a couple of them with that pattern. Was just seeing what it was