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  1. Hello Cwhittwell I have dealt with both of these sellers and have been extremely satisfied with them ,great shipping and packing and gorgeous healthy homebred shrimp free of disease ,you can see count on both you will happy with any type you purchase and I live in central Florida and shippments have always arrived on time and all shrimp alive,good luck
  2. Im in search of Zebra Babaulti shrimp, if anyone keeps them I would love to purchase some thankyou
  3. Budgets $200 plus whatever shipping any pics really looking for solid blue with black on head .Juvies no adults or young adults, could even be lighter in color
  4. Looking for blue bolt mosuras,flowerhead or extremes
  5. Hello Ryan ,Im very interested,looking for OEBT,currently in Neocaridina parameters gh 8 to 10 ,220tds ,7.4 phhave bought a few from others in caridina water parameters but all slowly died when they molted gh to high so ive been looking for some already successful in neo waters so if your gh is same Im interested, thanks for your time
  6. Thankyou so much for the pics sorry I missed out super gorgeous blue mosuras,next time wont miss it
  7. Hello how are you ,any pics of the blue bolt mosura and the red wine mosura if you get a chance thank you
  8. Bought some from Grant and have some in Neocaridina parameters 7.4 ph 220tds 10gh and there berried and doing awesome also have some at 6.0ph and 6.5ph also doing great there almost indestructible
  9. Hello I have some Painted fire reds, 2 year old colony parameters ph 7.2 tds 250 gh 9 kh4 temp 74
  10. Hello everyone,I'm looking for some small clumps of buce for some shrimp tanks thankyou.
  11. Green leaf aquariums located. In Florida but ship anywhere. They always run sale bought from them a number of times and always been happy there the most affordable online $5.99 to 9.99 tissue culture there brand and Tropica also aquarium plant factory great deals of the day pricing and free shipping and discount codes online I've always gotten healthy good plants and great deals from them goodluck
  12. Hello I have some ,they are fire red culls ,orange sakura culls blue dream and some yellows also have mixed going towards wilds .How many were you looking for ? If instead let me know I can do 15+extras with shipping for 25
  13. Hello would also love to get some of your Red Tibees sent pm and thanks again
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