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  1. Grant, forgot to write to you yesterday... All of the shrimp arrived alive and well, I wanted to thank you for the extra ones you sent, as always excellent service!! Thanks!!
  2. Ordered from Robi some Blue Steel Heads and received them in excellent condition and exceptional quality. Thanks!!
  3. Interesting, what substrate are you using? This is related to substrate (which kind and age) and how often are you doing water changes...
  4. Hi Victoria, if you can provide us with more details on the setup it'd be easier to try and help you. But with the information you provided, all I could tell you, is that you have mixed too many species of shrimp with different water parameter requirements and most probably they might be eating the shrimp that might've recently died like you say or on the really weak ones.
  5. Very difficult to know unless you have detailed genetic history from the specimens you are trying to breed, which most of the times is next to impossible. I am of the thinking that you need to experiment with a few males and females and try to record the desired characteristics from each pairs' offspring and experiment from there on. It is a very long process but many if not most times a very rewarding one...
  6. Dang!! That's some resurrection, 2014!!! Good read anyways!! Interested in hearing from more successful breeders nowadays to see if they're doing something similar as back then...
  7. I would cull the deformed ones at once. As for the less colored ones if they are almost fully grown, then cull those too if you are looking into keeping the deep red coloration of Bloody Mary's which I would assume you are...
  8. Valek, apparently F. splachnobryoides is not an aquatic moss. Back in 07-08 they did experiments on it and came up with the conclusion that this is more suited as a paludarium moss. If you want to read about it... https://www.plantedtank.net/forums/33-plants/51604-fissidens-splachnobryoides-1.html
  9. You need to test again after 24 hours of aerating the water to have a better idea. Is your pH testing pen calibrated correctly?
  10. The pH of highly purified water is not accurately measured by test kits, or by pH meters. There are several different reasons for this, including the fact that highly purified water has very little buffering capacity, so its pH is easily changed. Even the acidity or basicity of a pH test kit's indicator dye is enough to alter pure water's measured pH. As for pH meters, the probes themselves do not function well in the very low ionic strength of pure freshwater, and trace impurities on them can swing the pH around quite a bit. Found the above on a reefer forum, they also suggested aerating the water for a while...
  11. Let us know how that goes, it's definitely intriguing, two months battling that problem must be hard... Good luck!!
  12. If you have an extra empty tank/container, place the piece of wood in the tank/container do a water change on your main/original tank and run everything. Since you state that the tank gets cloudy in a couple of days you will have a clearer idea where the culprit is, before you go and disassemble the wood piece. A couple of days in a separate container shouldn't be detrimental to the moss or buce.... Just a thought...
  13. Are you using any kind of aromatherapy / aromatizer in the room? I could only guess that the fan you have cooling the aquarium could be blasting something into the water this causing this bacterial bloom. I would either try not having the fan on for a while if that doesn't work, then just take the wood out...
  14. For 32-33 bucks at Amazon there is a light made by Nicrew and I've had one for almost a year now with no problems. I don't have a fancy ramp up timer, just a cheap rotary on/off timer. Apparently there is one that states its 20-27" extendable you might want to try that one, it also has quite a few good reviews...
  15. I've used Salty Shrimp KH/GH+, or SS GH+ depending on your needs. They are proven products and readily available almost anywhere nowadays...
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