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  1. chan011

    shrimp Tanks

    figured. how did you divide it (silicone the dividers?) and why did you decide to break it down? im looking into dividing a tank and want to know your thoughts on it.
  2. chan011

    shrimp Tanks

    did you keep the tank that you divided into 3?
  3. curious to see how the bio bale works for you.
  4. Tank Parameters Ph: 5.5 to 6.7 Gh: 3 to 6 Kh: 0 to 1 TDS: 90 to 120 Temp: 68 to 72
  5. How are you connecting the air tubes to each section? I’m looking at doing something like this for my next tank since I have one Eheim pro 4 filter and woild ideally like to use the same filter in the new tank if i can. Thanks. Love the idea
  6. I heard these galaxy's dont breed as often as PRL's is that the case?
  7. i found this thread informative. any updates on your tanks?
  8. chan011

    30G Breeder

    i love the multi level tank and the partitioning idea. considering something like this down the line. by chance are you still working this tank at all? i know its an old thread.
  9. where did you get your red nanacy's from?
  10. any updates arron.poh? i've been looking for Nanacy patterns recently.
  11. 10 plants sold. 7 available. Each order will have about 3-4 extra small plants included
  12. Selling the rest of my crypt wendtii. These are about 4-5 inches tall and anywhere from 4-10 leaves per plant. I’ll try and throw in a couple baby plants that are about a couple inches tall with every order. Looking at $2.50 a plant and $7 shipping priority flat rate per order. Shipping from California
  13. Robi is a good man. bought some PRL's from him a couple months ago and will be buying more from him in the future.
  14. get the scuds? who knows. the only thing that it could have been from is some new plants that were introduced a few weeks before i noticed them. outside of that nothing has changed in the tank.
  15. i found this thread to be interesting. anyone have any updates to this topic?
  16. thanks i actually ended up breaking down the tank completely and rescaping it because i didn't realize my water perimeters were so wrong for caridina's. so far so good.
  17. this was the first time i had SCUDS and from I have read, they bury themselves in the substrate and lay their eggs in the substrate so it could be quite tedious to remove them manually over time depending on how long they have been there/if there are any eggs
  18. thanks. i ended up doing it. didn't use that much seltzer water 2L for 29 gallons. took care of all of killing everything. didn't have many scuds that I found in the tank in the first place. seems to work fine.
  19. bringing this back up in case anyone has any other information to add
  20. so culling out the males worked to build the population. this is good to know and makes sense. thanks for the update
  21. This is shot on a iPhone but does anyone use a 70-200mm or 50mm to shoot their shrimp pics? Dont really want want to invest in a 90mm macro when I probably won’t use it that much to justify the cost.
  22. contact plamski on this forum. he has some for sale. I've been talking to him about some myself
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