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  1. My earlier reply was using tapatalk. The signatures are not shown there. Today I saw this post on full blown browser and I noticed this: "We now only wholesale SL-Aqua ". Well, this answers and corroborates my earlier guess. With that said, I've used both AL Aqua and ADA products. May be not as much as you might have but 4 years is still a reasonable amount of time to judge which product works better. The only product I liked from the house of SL Aqua is Blue Wizard. Legendary stuff. Not that the other products are bad, they just don't stand out as super performers. I always saw better growth with ADA and both the soils die after 12-18 months. Price wise, I found both to be at par. Anyway, this discussion won't go anywhere. I just felt that your comparison was too much inclined in favor of SL Aqua so I mentioned that.
  2. Well then you read it. I stand by what I said. The review is more subjective than a true comparison. I don't subscribe to any of the products mentioned but to me, I didn't find that review worth anything since it doesn't add any objective comparison with no tangible points of measurement. PS: Why do I feel like I must like the review or you'll get pissed off?
  3. Isn't this too lopsided opinion? Almost disguised marketing for aqua soil. Things like "I've faith in aqua soil" doesn't portray an objective assessment. I'll be wary of such analysis.
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