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  1. 35ppt

    cloudy water

    Still have not been able to resolve the cloudiness. Have run purigen and carbon. Perhaps I need larger quantity? I am using the HOB from my pico tank, so it is quite small. I do have a AC50, which is way too big for the 10 gal, so I'd have to take shrimpy out of the tank to try that. I had a plant only tank that got cloudy, and lots of pwc and a total wc did not resolve it, so I know that doesn't work. Would certainly not be a great option for a shrimp tank, anyway. So adding extra plants only works if it's nitrates, right? Because I'm testing zero. I do have a golf ball size moss, or some java ferns I could add.
  2. 35ppt

    cloudy water

    Yeah, I thought about adding plants, but I don't have enough to make a difference. And, my nitrAtes are zero. I did run some carbon before I got the purigen, but I don't have enough room in the HOB to run all that media. I'd have to remove the ceramic rings or sponge, so I guess I'll try that next. Meanwhile, shrimpy seems to be doing OK, I think I saw a fresh molt in there. I was just about to move a few more shrimp in there to keep him company, but need to sort out this water issue asap. pretty tank, vinniemabuna
  3. 35ppt

    cloudy water

    Have had purigen in my filter for 2 days and the cloudiness has not resolved. I checked the purigen and it has not turned brown. Do I need to do PWC until it clears up, or something else?
  4. 35ppt

    cloudy water

    Thanks, hadn't thought about purigen. I've never used it before so I don't quite know what it's good for. I'm guessing it's the carrot, as it's the only change of late, but since it was so small and I've never had an issue before, I'm not sure. I also don't vacuum a lot because of the small amount of plants in the tank, so perhaps it's that. NitrAte tests 0ppm. So the purigen or peat would work for organics, but not for bacterial?
  5. 35ppt

    cloudy water

    10 gallon. Yup, one shrimp in my tenner. I've never used the sera peat before, so I dunno which contaminants it actually helps with, and how to actually use it and how much it affects pH. My KH is 3-4.
  6. This is my 'established' tank. Has been running fine for over a year. One rcs, blasting sand, small hob and double sponge. Very lightly planted. With just the one shrimp, I rarely feed, although I did have a tiny piece of carrot in there last week. It took several days before shrimp decided it was ready to eat, and I took it out as soon as feeding slowed. I've never had an issue leaving fruit and veg in my tanks before. Not sure how to proceed to deal with the cloudiness. I do not have a uv unit, but I do have sera peat and a fine mesh bag. Would that work in this case? My hob is really tiny, I'd have to remove existing media.
  7. 35ppt

    LOST AGAIN....

    there are some past threads on this. Search for egg tumblers. I believe you might also use a mesh net and IIRC some gentle aeration.
  8. 35ppt

    cycle in low density tanks

    Good point. The 10gal is lightly planted but the 29gal is heavy. NitrAte is zero on the 10gal, and I will of course be checking the 29gal now that I've shrimped it.
  9. I set up a new plant only 29G tank a few months ago. Somehow I forgot about the fact that there is no nitrogen cycle, and I put 2 ghost shrimp in there. I do not have another cycled tank I can move them to. I do have a 10G with 2-4 RCS in it. I set this tank up a few months ago with fresh substrate and switched to remin. RO. I used the established filter from the old tank. Shrimp seemed fine at first, but eventually I noticed the numbers just droped one by one. I really have no idea why these shrimp are dying. So I don't want to put the ghosties in this tank. However, I did take a sponge from the RCS tank to try to seed the ghost tank. But I don’t even know IF the RCS tank has a cycle going at this point with that amount of shrimp in it. There has to be a minimum amount of nitrogen to start & sustain a cycle, right? I don’t even know how to check a tank for cycle, now that I think about it. Even kind of wondering if you can keep a small amount of shrimp in a large volume of water without a cycle. Just thinking about the small jars and bowls people keep with shrimp + plants and no filtration. So I really don't know what to do about either tank - the 10G with 2 RCS or the 29G with 2 ghosties.
  10. 35ppt

    water change time

    I have heard that about the nitrate reagent, but not GH. I will certainly retest; my reagent is less than a year old, and I do give a brief shake before use, generally. Now I will be more vigorous. Another data point: GH was 8 on Oct.12th, and that was confirmed by a second test.
  11. I have been using SS GH+ on my neo tanks for a few months. I do not keep an accurate note of the water level to do RO topoffs, so I really haven't done any. My params at today's water change: TDS 178 pH 7.6 GH 12 (ran this test twice for confirm) KH 3 and the previous water change (18 days ago) TDS 170 pH 7.6 GH 9 (ran this test once) KH 3 Should I go ahead and add my remineralized water at 120TDS/GH4, or some RO, or what? I've kind of forgotten where the numbers should be, TDS in particular. What TDS should I aim for on the tank? Or do you aim for a specific GH? I never really understood how people pick a target number; it seems to be based on experimentation? I'm also a little surprised that the GH is up that much in 18 days.
  12. 35ppt

    source for round glass; working with glass

    oh nice, hadn't thought of that those were the 2 online sources I found, too, lol. Did I miss finding them in the craft/home improvement store? No stained glass supply stores near me. A lab watch glass would probably work, but again, no lab supply local. I just need a few, so I'd rather not pay shipping for glass that may not even fit/be clear enough.
  13. I need a few pieces of (clear) round glass for a project. About 5" diameter. Probably a little bigger than a coaster would be. I've found mirrors that size (at craft store). Can't see through them I've found 10" glass circles (used for centerpiece displays). Too big! Nothing that small. Sources? Also, would like to learn what options there are for treating glass edges, to make them look nice. In particular, I am using a sheet of glass as a tank cover, but would like to get a sandblasted/frosted type edge to it. Or even a smooth edge.
  14. 35ppt

    KH, and more

    Yes, I meant for future water changes. Working with small volumes makes this more complicated. Whatever I mix up, I only need 1 gallon a week. And have yet to find any ,dosage amounts for crushed coral. Baking soda was about 1/8 tsp for 10 gallons I don't have room to store more than a gallon or 2 of water for changes
  15. I am switching to RO, and doing a tank reset. Since I picked SS GH+ , my pH is now 6.0 and I need something for KH. I have added some baking soda, but that will at some point get used up. I went to the LFS and ended up with live sand taken from their display tank. Hopefully this is essentially the same as crushed coral? They said I do need to keep it 'live' to get the carbonates. Specifically, how do I keep it 'live'? Can I rinse the salt out and keep it in fresh? I won't use it right away, and there is more than I need for now. Before using, I would rinse a lot with RO water, and I assume when my rinse water shows 0 tds, all the salt would be out. Random followup question for you salties - if I happen to let it dry out, and you make it live again by putting in an existing salt tank? I have 3 tanks. One has a tiny HOB, so I guess I will have to get something with room for the crushed coral. I was thinking of using a marina breeder for an air driven HOB; which size would work for a 10gal tank? I've got the large now and it seems way too big. The other tanks are 2-3 gal, running only sponges. Hanging a mesh bag in the tank does not appeal to me, so I suppose I have to keep an aerated bucket with the crushed coral in it? Any ideas how long it takes the carbonates to go into solution? Otherwise, I am thinking of using seachem buffer, but not sure what the dosage is. I am looking to get 1-2KH and only use a gallon a week.