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  1. TigerBarb1017

    another dead shrimp Help!

    No video showed up, the link didn't work. I found a video on Marks Shrimp Tanks channel. I did a 3% h202 treatment last night and all seems well. I went slightly lower than his suggested dose to be safe. I put 1 mL per gallon.
  2. TigerBarb1017

    another dead shrimp Help!

    I had never dosed any medication into the tank. Could there be some kind of bad bacteria or viral pathogen in the tank left over from the cherry barbs? Should I maybe try a H202 dose into the water column? What about immune products like glassgarten betaglucan + immunglobulin type product? So many products out there for shrimp I never know what is necessary vs what is snake oil. I've tried to stick to the bare essentials. Anything you would recommend that may increase my success?
  3. TigerBarb1017

    another dead shrimp Help!

    Thanks again for the help wyzazz. You are my savior here . The tank has been running for 6 or 7 years. I had cherry barbs in there for 6 years and over the course of the past year they all slowly died off of old age. Once they were all dead I swapped out the substrate on Aug 25. I got shrimps on Sept 22. The substrate is Tropica Aquarium Soil. I am feeding both SL Aqua Baby Shrimp Food and SL Aqua Magic Powder. Very little because there are so few shrimps. I put the spoon into the baby shrimp food and dump it back in the bottle then flick off the dust from the spoon into the aquarium. I do this twice a day. I do pretty much same with the Magic Powder but only once every 3-4 days. I am using a HOB filter that I was using for the cherry barbs which I modified by putting a breeder sponge on the intake once I decided on shrimp. I will work on slowly removing the filter media over the next couple weeks as to not kill off a large percentage of my beneficial bacteria and shut the HOB down. I just got home from Petsmart. I bought a Nutrafin Nitrate test kit and the color barely changed. It's under 5 ppm. parameters are currently: pH 5.5 GH 5 KH 0 Ammonia 0 Nitrite ? Nitrate < 5ppm temp 70-74 normally no more than 2 degrees change in a day.
  4. TigerBarb1017

    another dead shrimp Help!

    Hi wyzazz thank you for your help. Last I checked my Ammonia and Nitrite were 0 but I'm not sure about nitrate levels. I am about to run some errands so I'll pick up a test kit on my travels. My temp is 72 average. Never dipping lower than 70 or higher than 74. Pictures coming right up!
  5. TigerBarb1017

    another dead shrimp Help!

    Everything was good for a week or so but I've lost a few more over the past week now. Seems like one death every other day. My gh, kh and temperature all seems to be on point. I'm down to 3 adults + however many babies are in there. Most I have spotted was 10 babies at once. Also I've spotted some planaria in the tank. There aren't many, they are far and few between but could this be a contributing factor to the shrimp deaths? I bought a planaria trap at my LFS but hadn't caught a single planaria in a few days. So I ordered planaria zero it's in the mail.
  6. TigerBarb1017

    SHRIMP LIFE My youtube channel!

    Hi Shrimp Life! Great channel. I'm subbed and have watched all of your videos. Keep on keepin on! 👍
  7. TigerBarb1017

    Little Shrimp Rack

    Lots of updates in the past week. Baby shrimps seem to be doing good. I've spotted 1 black shrimp. I didn't know this was possible to have black and red in the same clutch? Or else it's a very dark red and my eyes are playing tricks. Possibly a mischling? Can anyone explain how the genetics work or link me to a read about that? bad news is, I lost 2 more shrimp this week and I'm down to 4 adults. It's very discouraging. One looked like it was having trouble molting. I watched it die over the course of about a half hour. It was trying to flex it's shell at the top middle of the back where it usually splits. Then she laid on the substrate and did a twitchy jump every few minutes looking like it was trying to hulk out of it's shell. I'm still a total noob though so I don't really know. Does this sound like molting problem? Also I spotted a few planaria and woke up to a dead shrimp yesterday. Could the planaria be the cause of the deaths? I ordered Planaria Zero medication but it could take up to a month to arrive. Other than that I'm not really sure what's happening because my GH is now ideal. Thanks for reading.
  8. TigerBarb1017

    Tap water vs Remineralized

    Good point @wyzazz. I'll just buy some gh+kh and play it safe. I already have the ro unit so minuswhale.
  9. Hi I am looking to set up a neocaridina tank and have a question about water parameters. When I make a 3/4 tap and 1/4 ro mix my parameters are pH 7.5, 161 ppm, 7 GH, 2-4 KH. (I had to use a test strip for the KH so it wasn't a very accurate reading but it's somewhere between 2-4). This seems to fall in acceptable range for neocaridina. Is there any benefit to making my own mix with ro water and SALTY SHRIMP Shrimp Mineral GH/KH+ or should I just use dechlorinated tap and ro mix? I already have the ro unit.
  10. TigerBarb1017

    Newbie from Canada

    Thanks fellas. Unfortunately I lost about half of the shrimp due to a too low gh but I have diagnosed and corrected that problem with the help of members of this forum and it's only been about a week but I haven't had any more deaths and now have babies.
  11. TigerBarb1017

    Little Shrimp Rack

    I'm glad to say that I haven't had any more deaths. My gh was definitely too low and has now been corrected and confirmed with the arrival of my test kit. I'm now at 148 ppm and 5gh with the nutrafin test kit. Nitrates may have also been too high and should have been corrected through a series of small water changes. Would it be a bad regimen to continue doing 2 liter water change every day in a 20 long? That's what I been doing. One of my mamas has also given birth and I've seen up to 10 baby shrimps out and about at once so I'm hoping there were even more that are hidden. I swapped out the sand in a cycling tank for black flourite which I'd like to put orange pumpkin neos in. It doesn't seem to affect water parameters yet but I need to do further testing. My tap water seems ok for neos. 7.2ph and 5-10 gh and kh. ~180 ppm off the top of my head. Since I have RO already is it always recommended to remineralize it myself or should I just go with tap? Also I'm not sure what I want to do with these 5.5 gallon tanks. I'm thinking I should save them for cull tanks for if/when I can ever get some decent colonies going. Thanks for watching.
  12. TigerBarb1017

    Little Shrimp Rack

    Hi madcrafted. Thanks for the response and info on the stratum. I'm considering putting it in a large rubbermaid tote and doing frequent water changes with my tapwater to try and exhaust it. Will this work or is it more of a time based thing?
  13. TigerBarb1017

    another dead shrimp Help!

    I'm proud to report I have not lost any more shrimp since receiving excellent advice from you fellas and my tds is almost up to par. AND my berried mama gave birth! Thanks fellas.
  14. TigerBarb1017

    Little Shrimp Rack

  15. TigerBarb1017

    Little Shrimp Rack

    Hi danielchang0112. Thanks for the kind words.