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  1. Human Shrimp

    How do you feel on scuds?

    This should be in "Crays and other inverts" but it got no replies there so I'm trying again in General Discussion. Im sure many if not all of you are familiar with the notorious aquarium pest: the scud. You probably hope to never see one in your tank, but what if you looked at a scud as an individual equivalent to a shrimp. The scud is in its own aquarium, it's not being a pest. Rather, it's just being a scud amongst other scuds. Swimming and crawling and eating vegetables. So if you looked at a scud as a pet and not a pest, how would you see them? Would you still hate them? Do you think they're cute or ugly? Fascinating amphipods, or boring inconspicuous bugs? Here's some footage from my scud tank to help (sorry for low quality and audio, there's a few people over): IMG_1536.MOV
  2. Human Shrimp

    Looking for new shrimp

    With all due respect, if this is your first aquarium I would really recommend something like some form of cherry (Dream Blues, RCS etc.) These shrimp are much more forgiving of parameters. I am not sure, but I believe there is a black coloration of cherry as well. Also, the size of your Fluval Spec III is fairly small, which means water Parameters aren't going to be very stable. Cherries are also more forgiving in this area.
  3. Human Shrimp

    Filter for baby shrimp

    So in my 5.5 gallon aquarium I have cherry shrimp, I plan to breed them, but don't have a sponge filter. I was going to buy one or put some cut pieces of sponge over the intakes, when I took a good thorough look and my aquarium, and I noticed hundreds if not thousands of Copepoda on the glass, wood, substrate, plants and even saw them going in and out of the filter intakes. There is a sponge inside the filter. If these copepods can explode in such massive numbers and move inside and outside the filter without problem, will shrimplets survive as well or should I still cover the intakes?
  4. Human Shrimp

    RCS health concern

    Gotcha, thank you very much for your help!
  5. Human Shrimp

    RCS health concern

    When I returned home, I found the shrimp appearing to be parasite free, do I still conduct the treatment?
  6. Human Shrimp

    RCS health concern

    when I came to treat the shrimp he looked perfectly fine, no more worms. Would it be a good idea to treat him anyways?
  7. Human Shrimp

    RCS health concern

    I don't have freshwater aquarium salt, should I remove the shrimp from the tank while I get some?
  8. Human Shrimp

    RCS health concern

    Thank you for the information, I'll get on this immediately
  9. Human Shrimp

    RCS health concern

    Just a quick note, I looked up Scutariella, but it doesn't look like what my shrimp has, my shrimp has a worm like creature on the tip of its rostrum, not on top of its head.
  10. Human Shrimp

    RCS health concern

    Here, got two pictures of the shrimp in question
  11. Human Shrimp

    RCS health concern

    I'll try and get a picture but it may take a bit to get a good one to work off of since he's moving a bunch
  12. Human Shrimp

    Estimate for breeding times

    Thanks, I'll raise the temp slowly over the next weeks and return with results.
  13. Human Shrimp

    RCS health concern

    One of my red cherries has a white thing in between the two segments of its rostrum, it looks like a little worm sitting between the two parts, none of my other shrimp have this. Is this a cause for alarm?
  14. Human Shrimp

    Estimate for breeding times

    Also, my temperature is actually at about 21 Celsius (61 F) I just forget I lowered it and got into the habit of not checking it and just saying 70 F because it was like that for 5 months. Everything else is good, just checked now. Sorry about that.
  15. Human Shrimp

    Estimate for breeding times

    I do not know their original parameters, I got them from "Big Al's Aquarium Supercenter" I don't know if you have them in America, but they are pretty popular amongst hobbyists up here. I got them because the were Fire Reds and Painted Fire Reds on sale and I didn't need to wait for delivery, as I'm sure most people just order. Anyways, I'm getting off topic, the tank was being readied for another fish and the shrimp were on sale. But I've had them for almost half a year now, shouldn't they have adjusted?