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  1. I’ve had a tiny 1.5 gallon planted tank since August this year. Everything was great other than one shrimp died in the first few days (looked like failed molt). They were eating and growing, but never reproduced. I was thinking maybe they were just young still. One shrimp was Berried one night when I went to bed and I was so excited but the next morning she dropped the eggs. Then they started disappearing (I assumed dying and being eaten as I searched the tank thoroughly each time). So I lost 2 about a month ago. Then they were doing well for a month and suddenly another died last night. Now I’m down to only 2 shrimps. The remaining 2 are both females and still seem healthy? parameters during the last two deaths a month ago: Ammonia = 0 ppm Nitrite = 0ppm Nitrate = 5 ppm Gh = 7 Kh = 2 Tds = 200 Temp = 20-21 Tds is a little higher now but everything else is the same. Out of desperation I moved the last two shrimps to my 10 gallon, hoping it will fluctuate less than the 1.5 gal. I don’t know what else to try! I drop acclimated them super slowly and they’re looking ok, but I want to know what I’m doing wrong! They’re not old, only had them for 4 months! i use tap water, but I store it in a big container so it’s room temperature so I’ve been using the same water for the last month at least. Tank was not heated but the new tank (10 gallon) is heated to 22-23. EDIT: forgot to mention, in the 1.5 gal they were alone, in the 10 gal I have 2 male guppies (strangely I lost 2 of my guppies the same time I lost my two shrimps), a rabbit snail, and an Apple snail.
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